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Batiste repackaged

Batiste Dry Shampoo has had a bit of a make-over. The cult classic dry shampoo has been repackaged on the outside but what’s inside hasn’t changed. Did you know Batiste has been refreshing hair for more than 40 years? It’s no wonder it’s the UK’s number one dry shampoo to use between washes, banishing oily roots but also for adding volume and texture to freshly washed hair. There are now seven different Batiste Dry Shampoos to choose from: Original, Blush, Tropical, Cherry, Fresh, Oriental and Floral Essences at £2.99 each for 200ml.W hich one are you a fan of? Find

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Mattress Next Day: Supreme Memory Foam Topper

Today’s post is about my absolute favourite pastime – sleeping. Essentially a good snooze boils down to what you sleep on, not just for a well-earned rest but for comfort too. It’s no wonder that I adore my own bed and don’t want to share it with anyone. Earlier this year the spare room was totally gutted, renovated and redecorated. However I’ve been debating about what to do about the bed. The frame is in a superb condition and I replaced the headboard with a great find on eBay but the condition of the mattress bugs me a bit. You

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Win a winter sun escape with alpharooms.com

It’s no lie that winter is here. The past few days have been absolutely freezing, none more so than the night I was waiting for the train to get me home which was cancelled and had me waiting 45 minutes for the next one. I swear I lost all feelings from my fingers from the cold snap as I shivered on the station platform. There’s no doubt that winter here is miserable and whenever I can, I will escape to warmer climates. My favourite time to go away is in the new year after mourning the end of Christmas. I

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