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A personal note from me…


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Hello, everyone.  I’ve been somewhat absent on this blog due to health reasons and graciously, Helen has been working extra hard to keep these pages ticking over (thank you so much, Helen).  I don’t usually divulge about my personal life on Just Nice Things but it’s reached the point where it means I have to take a back seat on commitments and put my health first.  I wrote a piece about this on my personal blog, which you can read here

I’m going to be fine but I have to endure taking some pretty strong drugs for the next few months, which wipes me out for days sometimes and sucks out the energy from me.  It is very frustrating and beyond my control especially as I miss blogging passionately.  I set time aside at weekends to catch up on blogging but then I’m knocked out and unable to muster up the energy.  It’s amazing I make it into work five days a week!

Consequently I have cut back on social events, both for blogging and in my personal life.  The only blessing is it’s only short-term and I can’t grumble over that.  Having said that, I am doing my best to stick to every-day routines so I won’t be vanishing off Just Nice Things completely. 

I have a backlog of unfinished reviews and photos to complete for blog posts, and hope you can all bear with me as I work at the speed of an old lady to get them done!  I promise I will…starting with one today.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the kind words of support on Twitter and the emails many of you have sent me.  They’re the best medicine.



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