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The story behind

Just Nice Things was started in March 2009 by two ladies, Helen and Sheenie. It really was a ‘once upon a time, in a land far, far away’ time before the explosion of beauty blogging.

One has way too many bottles of nail lacquers and an English degree, and the other is a qualified journalist who’s previously dabbled as a make-up artist (and has a qualification in it).

The blog has led one half of Just Nice Things to share a roof-top pool on national television with a former British politician and disgraced cabinet minister (that’s Helen and it was Michael Portillo) as well as several backstage visits to London Fashion Week. All while juggling a full-time day job.

At present Helen has taken a backseat on the blogging front as Sheenie continues to run Just Nice Things. Sheenie is also behind two foodie blogs, Eat with Sheenie and Cook with Sheenie, which features the famous Butter Chicken recipe and writes for new digital food magazine and website Halal Gems.

Thank you to everyone who visits our blog, reads it, comments on it and continues to come back. Every visitor is valued and appreciated and this blog could not continue without such support.