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I am thrilled about today’s post because it is a guest post from a friend, a beauty blogger and an inspiring and hugely talented make-up artist. Tanzina from MakeupAtoZ has very kindly created a look that is easy to do yourself. Let me know what you think in the comments box below. I am definitely going to have a crack at it!

Hi Sheenie’s lovely people, I’ve been meaning to do a post on here for a while and here it is! Yay! Oh let me start by introducing myself, I’m Tanzina and I am behind MakeupAtoZ. It is through blogging and such I’ve become quite chummy with Sheenie whose is so lovely to me. She always says nice things about my make-up so I decided to do a step-by-step make-up look for you to recreate yourself. Here we go!


The look I created is a Glittery Cranberry Look, concentrating on the pinky berry colour palette which I thought would be really suitable for the Autumnal season. I decided to stay away from the typical berry toned lips and opted for a bright pink. Most of all I wanted to incorporate products from the Illamasqua ‘Sacred Hour’ collection and other bits I picked up from them in my recent haul.


Let’s take a look at the products list first. I used:

·         Illamasqua Reflection Palette (£34)
·         Illamasqua Beguile Pigment (£16.50)
·         Tom Ford Burnished Amber Palette (£62)
·         MAC Brown Down eye shadow (£12.50)
·         Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (£17)
·         Anastasia Brow Duality (£16)
·         Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer No.8 (£38)
·         2True Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof (£1.99)
·         Pixi Pencil Liner in Black (£11)
·         BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara (£16)
·         Ardell 117 Lashes (£5.49)
·         Illamasqua ‘Peaked’ Velvet Blush (£18)
·         Illamasqua Eurydice (£16.50)


I filled in my brows with the Anastasia Brow Powder and highlighted under the brow slightly with the Anastasia Brow Duality. Then what I did was start by applying Pericipe from the Reflection palette all over my lid. I topped that up with Beguile pigment and then used Acute from the palette to deepen the crease. Using a deep berry tone from the Tom Ford palette (you can use any berry tone you have) I applied that over the crease colour and slightly above it. Then I blended away.


Next I added Acute under the bottom lash line, and in the 6th picture you can see me add the berry tone on top of that. I then went ahead and added pencil liner in my water line, lined my eyes with liquid eyeliner and added mascara. In the final slightly out of focus picture you can really see the glitter and also the set of lashes I added. The finished eye look is below.



After concealing under the eye and around the mouth using Kevyn Aucoin, I decided to finish the lips. Now this would be the stage foundation wearers apply foundation, you want to clean up under your eye and then do the base to avoid fallout streaking all over your face. For lips I opted for a gorgeous matte pink, I think this quickly becoming my favourite pink – Illamasqua Eurydice.


So the finished look. In this picture I contoured my cheeks with MAC Brown Down (a matte brown shade) and added Illamasqua Peaked on to the cheeks. I usually hate cream blushes but I really do like this one as it isn’t tacky and the finish is gorgeous.

I dab it on with my fingers, slightly blend out with my fingers and then buff it in with a synthetic brush (they work best with cream products). I have pictures of the overall look below, basically it’s just an excuse for me to publish pictures of my face!


makeupatozpiccranberrylook4I hope you liked this make-up look I created for you all and do let us know if you will be creating this look for yourself. I’d wear this out in the evening, adding a bit of glamour and sparkle to our cold autumn days.

If you’d like to keep up to date with my blog you can follow me here and also I post more make-up looks over at my Facebook page or my Instagram so do say hi! Thank you so much for having me, Sheenie and I’d love to see you have a go with this look!

Tanzina x

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Damn! This week have I got a hottie for you on 20 Questions. In fact, I can’t cope! It’s Priya of Beautywowza, mistress of two blogs – the aforementioned and also style and fashion blog Portrait of a Dreamer. Priya is one of my all-time favourite bloggers and I have the pleasure of getting to know her outside of blogging too (oh my!) so pay attention to her because I don’t just pick any one for 20 Questions for the heck of it…


Why did you start your blog?
I started Beautywowza after falling extremely ill and being diagnosed with a chronic illness. My skin suffered after being put on such harsh medication that my search for more natural skin care began.  I would often advise the models I worked with on what skincare they should use and after being inundated with ‘what should I use’ ‘Whats good for this problem’ emails, I decided to put my favourites, best finds and advise all in one place, a blog.

How long have you been blogging for?
I have been blogging for going on 5 years now. WOW, long time!!

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I enjoy the freedom of being able to talk about what I love in my space without being dictated too.  I also enjoy the lovely feedback emails I get from my readers who are so supportive, It’s extremely humbling.

What frustrates you most about blogging?
Blogging has become such a wide thing now, and unfortunately there are many individuals who think starting a blog is just a way to get freebies…it’s beyond that!  Starting a blog and building relationships with brands and PR takes time. Another thing that grates on me is samples that end up on eBay. If you’re lucky enough to be sent samples from a brand or PR company, selling them on eBay really isn’t the way to go about getting your blog noticed.

How much time a week do you spend on your blog/reading other people’s blogs?
I spend as much time as I can and really do love reading other blogs to see what other bloggers are currently talking about and recommending. Having a full-time job means a varied amount of time weekly gets spent nurturing my blog and reading others.

What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?
Don’t sell PR samples you are given on eBay. It takes time to build up contacts, so be patient and just write your blog for you, before you know it a following will build up.

What other interests do you have?
I am the classic fashionista with a shoe obsession. Looking, buying and wearing shoes is a hobby in itself for me.   I also love photography and eating out. I love food and am always wanting to try out new restaurants and cuisine.

How many bottles of nail varnish do you own?
Oh God, have a lot, nearing 100+.  I am extremely good and try have clear-outs on a regular basis but any beauty blogger will tell you it’s extremely hard to sort through such pretty things, being ruthless is in my nature but not when it comes to my precious beauty products.

Do you set yourself a shopping budget, or do you purchase on an as-and-when basis?
I am extremely lucky enough to get sent a lot of samples which keeps my blogging fingers busy, however if there is something I want I feel no way to go and get it, I don’t set myself a budget as I see it as an investment for myself and readers.

What is your favourite make-up brand, and why?
This is an extremely hard question as I love quite a few brands. I tend to use products that suit my skin so I don’t particularly stick to one brand. At the moment I absolutely love Estee Lauder’s BB cream, Laura Mercier’s new Baked Bronze Blush and Barry M’s new Lash Vegas mascara. All staples in my make-up bag at the moment.

Do you ever leave the house without wearing make-up?
Yes, all the time, I am very much a lover of skin and taking care of your skin. I can happily walk out of the house without any make-up on and feel confident. I think looking after your skin is so important; your canvas needs to be perfect before painting a masterpiece. Women should not rely on make-up to fix their skin, it should be used to enhance what you already have.

What is your favourite beauty product and why?
My all time favourite is thermal cleansing balm by Omorovicza. It’s the perfect skin fix – melts off make-up, cleanses the skin like no other cleanser I have tried and you can honestly see the difference once you have used it. I often use it as a treatment cleanser when my skin is having a paddy and needs a little TLC. I couldn’t recommend it enough.  Who’s tried it?

What is your favourite nail varnish of all time? (yep, only one!)
YSL La Laque Couture – Beige Leger.  It’s the perfect nude nail!!!

Tell us about the best holiday you’ve ever been on.
My parents always encouraged us to travel and took us on such lovely holidays when I was little so I don’t have one favourite holiday, I have many.  Visiting my mum and dad’s home towns (in India and Africa) was amazing. My girly holidays are always amazing too. I love travel in general and learning about different cultures.

What would be your ideal day off?
I am the ultimate diva and I’m sure you all know this, so my ideal day off would consist of a spa day with some kind of man slave to be their at my every whim, fetching me a glass of champs (red wine…champs just sounds better), cooking me dinner and doing anything else I wish. LOL!

What is your favourite TV show?
Criminal Minds…I just LOVE starring at Shemar Moore.

What music do you enjoy listening to?
I enjoy a mixture of music, all depends on my mood and situation at the time. I’m definitely an easy-listening kind of girl.

What is your favourite food?
For a food lover this questions is just awful, I like pretty much all food but if I had to choose I would say Thai and Mexican are my all time faves.

Where would you most like to visit in the world? (money no object)
Fiji, it’s the dream.

Tell us a secret
I see dead people!

Thank you, Priya. How amazing does she look in red lippy? I am responsible for that, you know. Don’t forget to visit Priya’s blogs and you can also follow her on Twitter at @priya_sonn.


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