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Foundation Files (9): Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation

I have nothing but praise for Urban Decay’s eyeshadows. Every time they release a new palette it’s a guarantee I will buy it. When it comes to foundations, the relationship has been a little ambivalent and I think that stems from finding the right match, which in the case of Urban Decay isn’t as straightforward as you’d believe it to be. I gave the Naked foundation a go last year and at the time, was told more shades were coming. I was matched with shade 6  and although I got on really well with the formula, it eventually dawned on

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GlowwBox October

How quickly is October going? Well it may be all about Halloween but something you may not want to miss out on is the latest GlowwBox beauty box for darker skin girls. This time the theme is ‘dark and mysterious’, which ties in nicely with Halloween but also with the cold autumn nights. I have to say the boxes are getting better and better and October’s generously filled with unique products exclusively for women of colour. First up is a full size tub of Andre Walker Hair’s TKO Ultimate Moisture Conditioner (TKO stands for Total Keratin Obsession). It’s a name I’m not familiar

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Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet

It’s a very good day when a menagerie of Giorgio Armani’s latest lipwear lands on your doorstep. Even better is the fact they’re all wearable shades. Someone gets me! The Lip Magnet* is a liquid lip colour that dries to a matte finish. Matte! You know how much I love matte. One coat gives immense concentration of colour. That sits with me very well and it sits on my lips just as comfortably like a second layer of skin…and if I could put into words what an excited squeal would transcribe as, then these bad boys would hit top decibels.

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