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Boots 17 Magnetized nail polish

I have a confession to make. I have had one of the holy grail L’Oreal Star Magnet nail polishes in my collection for about two years. Untried! The shame, the shame. And I call myself a nail blogger. Well, untried isn’t strictly true, but I did do one nail with the stuff, get thoroughly irate with the fiddliness of the cap/magnet combo and shoved it back into the untried box for a later date. And it would appear that trends caught up faster than I did, as here we are on the precipice of another nail trend.

Thankfully, technology has moved on a little bit since the original magnetized nail polishes and some bright spark has come up with the idea of making the magnet detachable. Excellent work. No more faff. So, here we have one of the four Boots Number 17 magnetized nail polishes that are coming to Boots stores near you on the 21st September. Available in four shades (grey, blue, green and purple), I was sent the latter one to try out.

Application was an utter breeze. I don’t know if it is the magnetic elements in the polish that make it thicker and creamier but this was absolutely perfect to apply. Smooth and pigmented, it covered in one coat. I almost didn’t want to apply the magnet as it looked so good. A really pretty metallic purple shade that is actually rather unique.

So then the science part. You need to use the magnet whilst the polish is wet. So I had to do this one by one, as by the time I’d painted all ten of my nails, the polish on the first one would have been dry. The magnet is on the detachable lid, and also has a little curved rest on it that you use to line up on your cuticle and make sure you’re positioning it in the correct place. This again is such a simple idea that was missing from previous magnetized polishes, where the placement of the magnet would be, well, somewhat arbitrary.

After leaving the magnet hovering over the nail for about 15 seconds, this pattern emerges. Wiggly lines, kind of like tiger stripes. Isn’t it pretty? I did find that the magnet sucked some of the polush from the surface of my nail so you don’t need to hold it there much longer, and I did need towipe the specks of pinged back polish off the magnet between uses but it was no big deal.

I really like this effect and have been wearing it for three days now – the polish itself is really hardwearing. Do you remember those rulers you might have had as a child, which had plastic pixels in them that made the image look like it was moving when you shifted it slightly? (I haven’t explained that vey well). This is what the magnetized polish reminds me of, as when you move your hands, the purple catches the light and shifts slightly and makes it look as though it is really three-dimensional and interesting against the black.

So what do you think? I can’t wait to see what other shapes and colours we are going to get over the coming months. I am glad that crackle / shatter / quake nail polish is over. Well, maybe not over, but certainly taking a back seat at last. This means that we can welcome the latest entrant to the nail gimmick stage, and thankfully, I’m a lot more interested in this one. It’s interesting and quirky and doesn’t look like a skin complaint. I have had so many compliments since wearing this that I can tell that this is going to be a best-seller.

These polishes launch on 21st September and will retail at £5.99.


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