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EOTD from Passion Flower by Aveda

In October I brought you news of Aveda’s latest cosmetics collection, Passion Flower. Well here is an example of one of the Petal Essence Single Eye Colors in blue (Cerulean Bloom) that I thought I’d share. It is only the one colour swept across the lids with the light Callalily as a highlighter on the brows. Make-up artist Adam de Cruz used this shade one of the models at the launch although I do believe he used a blue eyeliner to make the colour pop more: I think a lot of people fear wearing blue as eye make-up (perhaps it’s because it brings back

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Invati Scalp Detox Treatment by Aveda

Hair thinning is a common problem – I myself have written about how I’ve been affected by this through illness and medication. Other possible reasons are linked to stress, pregnancy and hormones but the damage we inflict with using styling tools doesn’t help either. Aveda is now offering a new bespoke treatment in its salons which will help revitalise your hair. The Invati Scalp Detox Treatment stimulates hair growth and eliminates product build-up which can affect the health of the scalp.  This treatment is like a detox for your hair, refreshing your scalp through massage and the use of such ingredients as

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