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Everyone knows Bioderma – everyone and their dog. It’s that big bottle of miracle which looks and feels like water yet magically wipes away even the toughest eye make-up in one sweep. It’s amazing how one bottle has crossed the English channel and had such a profound effect on the duties of make-up removal…and that’s my point, it’s one bottle. The one with the pink top. Well did you know Bioderma’s Micelle Solution comes in other variations?

The pink one is for sensitive skin (otherwise known as Bioderma Sensibio H20) but there is also a green (for imperfection-prone skin) and a blue one. I want to discuss the blue one, which is specifically for dehydrated skin. It was prescribed to me as my skin gets dehydrated a lot.

Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Micelle Solution* is an extremely mild alcohol-free solution made with a patented ingredient called Aquagenium®, a biological complex that locks essential moisture in on the surface of the skin. How this works is it stimulates the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and helps it to maintain balance throughout the cleansing process.

Now I strictly use Bioderma to take my make-up off and that is all. If you’re new to Bioderma then don’t be persuaded by the instructions to rely on it as a complete cleanser and to use twice daily. You need a cleansing product to go beneath the surface and draw out the final traces. Bioderma is for taking off make-up which it does marvellously. I don’t think I’ve found a make-up removing cleanser that rivals it.

The only difference with Hydrabio is it is lightly perfumed so if you are super sensitive, it may be best not to use it on the eyes. It does however leave the skin hydrated and so I am inclined to choose this over the sensitive one as it’s better for my skin.

A 250ml bottle costs £9.99 and is available from Escentuals.



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This really needs no introduction if you’re a beauty addict. For those who don’t recognise this bottle, then this is the elixir of make-up removers. And it’s found in French pharmacies.

My friend at work went to Paris last weekend and very kindly got me my first bottle of Bioderma. Upon my advice, she wisely picked up one for her daughter too (who hopefully won’t be rushing to buy a very expensive cleanser she had her sights on after she’s tried this).

So this is the mother of all make-up removers – gentle, quick and effective at tackling the most stubborn cosmetics without causing irritation or making a mess. It looks like water, feels like water, is fragrant-free…and my first impression is you beauty fiends were absolutely right. The micellar water-based a make-up remover lifts off even the most stubborn of cosmetics in seconds and you don’t need much of it either. What is ‘micellar’? It’s the combination of oil and water that we are starting to see a lot of in similar products and together they break down the particles in make-up.

There are variants of Bioderma depending on your skin type though this has meant me referring to my French A Level skills to translate some of the words emblazoned on the label. I’m not sure what ‘crealine’ means but I am pleased I’ve not forgotten the French for ‘face’ and ‘eyes’.

Now some beauty bloggers like Beauty Geek have confirmed Bioderma will be available in the UK from April. How’s that for the strong influence of social media and to a certain extent, blogging?

Other bloggers have told me you can purchase Bioderma through Harvey Nichols and some online places, the latter which whacks on a hefty delivery charge. I think it was 13 euros for this 250ml bottle (I know there is a jumbo sized one at 500ml). I hear about £10 is the price point proposed for the UK. Will it be sold at Boots? I hope so!

I’m really pleased this cult beauty product is coming to the UK – about time too. The ladies will go mental for this and the French won’t know what’s hit them.

Until Bioderma sets foot in the UK, I am hoping this supply will last me until then.

Are you excited about trying Bioderma?