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9 Travel Tips Everyone Should Know for Paris

I’ve just returned from a short break across the continental pond to Paris. It was my fifth visit and although I don’t claim to know the city like the back of my hand, I have grown more familiar and attached to the place each time. Beauty blogging has played a significant part in spearheading an interest to the romantic city thanks to the lure of the French pharmacies but I still believe its charm lies in its history and architecture, and if you plan carefully then it needn’t be an expensive trip. So, with my renewed knowledge and experience fresh in my

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Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micelle Solution

Everyone knows Bioderma – everyone and their dog. It’s that big bottle of miracle which looks and feels like water yet magically wipes away even the toughest eye make-up in one sweep. It’s amazing how one bottle has crossed the English channel and had such a profound effect on the duties of make-up removal…and that’s my point, it’s one bottle. The one with the pink top. Well did you know Bioderma’s Micelle Solution comes in other variations? The pink one is for sensitive skin (otherwise known as Bioderma Sensibio H20) but there is also a green (for imperfection-prone skin) and a

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