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Win a 17 Blow Out Mascara

17 has just launched a new mascara called Blow Out. It features an oversized brush that promises to sculpt and tease every lash from root to tip increasing the volume by up to 12 times, revealing bigger, bolder and bouffant lashes. It is also enriched with Vitamin E and Argan Oil to

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Boots Number 17 Peacock

Are we feeling summery yet? Hopefully this will get you in the mood! This little gem is from none other than Boots No 17. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – this is a much under-rated brand in terms of nail polish. I know that the

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Boots 17 Magnetized nail polish

I have a confession to make. I have had one of the holy grail L’Oreal Star Magnet nail polishes in my collection for about two years. Untried! The shame, the shame. And I call myself a nail blogger. Well, untried isn’t strictly true, but I did do one nail with

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Boots No 17 Royal Indigo

This nail varnish makes me very happy indeed. Not only is it just glorious, it is also a rare thing. A purple polish that actually photographs well. And for that reason alone, it deserves legendary status! Way too much of my spare time is spent leaning out of windows or

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