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Do you remember those hair mascaras? No? I do. They didn’t exactly take off but fast forward to now and there’s been an attempt at trying to revive this craze of temporary hair colour.

Enter Bumble & Bumble’s Spray Chalk. One of my favourite hair brands has brought out a set of limited edition colours that you can spray on your hair as a quick dry tint be it through a stencil or just sections. It’s spray paint for the hair in other words and it’s dead easy to wash out too. There are four shades to choose from – Cobalt (blue), Mint (pastel green), Lavender and Blush (pink).

At Bumble & Bumble’s party last week, I let the stylist curl my hair and spray a kaleidoscope of colours into my locks. If I squinted, I imagine that’s what I would look like with grey hair. Mind you, Leanne looked like Aslan from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe with her huge mane backcombed.


The spray chalks are fun and a chance for those afraid of venturing onto the permanent side or for those of us who fancy something edgy for a few hours. No harm done and no commitment.

There is also their Prêt-à-Powder, a product that’s partly a dry shampoo which gives an instant lift at the roots and volume. Ideal for oily hair, fine hair or for those days when you’ve not got time to wash.

Bumble & Bumble’s Spray Chalk are priced at £15 and are available in Boots now. For more information, visit Bumble & Bumble’s website.

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Surf’s up!

One of the things I miss dearly about having long hair is the low maintenance around it. I’m so hell bent on straightening my (now mid-length locks) that I forget it is naturally wavy. So as I’m in the process of growing my hair long again, I’m at that stage where it is nicely forming into loose curls, catapulted by the high humidity cycle going on right now.

This week Bumble & Bumble is launching a limited edition Surf Travel Kit which includes their Surf Foam Wash Shampoo, Surf Creme Rinse conditioner and their best seller cult favourite Surf Spray to recreate ultimate beachy wavy curls. It’s the beach bottled up for surburbia and a quick spritz over wet or dry hair will have you looking like you just spent the day at the seaside.

Unfortunately I cannot use the shampoo and conditioner as they contain sulphates which are poison to my hair extensions but I did make full use of the Surf Spray after the London Underground sabotaged my straightened hair  recently which took all of 30 seconds to do.


A mixture of sea salt, minerals and marine extracts lets this spray add body (great for fine hair like mine) and gives a lovely texture for a natural tousled look AND it smells divine. But for £20.50 it is pricey for a small bottle. Having said that, it’s a product to be used sporadically, and unless you’re fortune enough to live on the beach front, the next best thing for a beach babe look.

I much prefer this to a dry shampoo which does nothing to mask my greasy roots and I am going to embrace the waviness more. Anything which ensures I get more beauty sleep is a sure-fire winner in my books.

Bumble & Bumble’s Limited Edition Surf Travel Kit will be exclusively available in Boots stores from 18th July.

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