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Review: Clarins BeautyBAR

As a beauty blogger, I should have a regime that runs like clockwork. In reality I am just like most people – normal. I am great at getting my brows threaded every 3 weeks without fail but lousy at having facials and massages. I don’t deem them as self-indulgent or

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Palettes for Christmas

I cannot believe how quickly December is going by; it’s like we are in fifth gear. And I have two things that I am dreading – my car insurance and my birthday. To keep my mind off those I have been distracted by a selection of my favourite beauty products: eyeshadow

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Clarins’ Melting Honey Hot Stones Massage

I had a week off recently (which now seems like a lifetime ago) and although I didn’t go on holiday, I hit the ‘pause’ button for some highly prescribed me-time. This called for a proper relaxation, completely switching off and forgetting about work so I booked myself in for a treatment

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Clarins Energizing Emulsion

I started running outdoors six weeks ago to improve my well being and strength and although I don’t have a fondness for exercise, the reason I’ve kept going (ha!) is motivation from fellow runners. I am part of a local running group and I run a couple of times a

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