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It’s fair to say I am hooked on primers. I can’t imagine not using one after I’ve seen what a difference it makes to your make-up. I’ve tried from high-end primers to more affordable ones and this new offering from Collection (who recently dropped the ‘2000’) falls into the latter but by no means is inferior.

I must admit when I squeezed the tube, I took one look at the product and thought of Smashbox. You know, that clear, silicon-like gel which felt, well, silicon on your skin? Collection’s primer looks identical in appearance and consistency. I did think Smashbox’s face primer was overrated and overpriced but at the time of its arrival, it was one of the first products on sale. Since then, many more have thankfully leapt onto the bandwagon and come up with far more superior goods.

But any way, back to Collection and I wasn’t feeling confident about using this product but it wouldn’t be fair to write it off without trying it. And I have been for many weeks. Yes, many weeks because I’ve been happily using it. Yes, it is a silicon based product but once you apply it and allow it to absorb into your skin, you’re left with a silky smooth surface to apply your foundation onto – not a silicon feeling surface. Clever, eh?  The coverage feels light and I am pleased that it didn’t react with my foundation (I use Illamasqua’s Skin Base).

Coming in at just £5.99 for 100ml, it’s a perfect travel size kit but most importantly it performs extremely well.  So it would seem appearances can be deceiving…and Collection have come up with trumps with a superb primer. Now you can’t make excuses for not incorporating one into your make-up routine. Honestly, it’s a steal at under £6!

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A little while ago these Collection 2000 Hot Looks polishes were all over the blogosphere, and true to form, it;s taken me a couple of years to get round to reviewing the one and only one that I have. Named after 80s cult classics such as Button Moon, Dynasty, Wham and Hoola Hoop, the most popular of the range (which I believe is still widely available) is this one, BMX Bandit.

I’ve never really tested out much in the way of Collection 2000’s offerings. I know their glitter gel liners are nice but I have to be honest, I generally stroll past the stand in Superdrug. I don’t even really know how this one came my way – I think I bought it when I was putting together some party bags for a hen do I was organising and selfishly decided that this one was too pretty to give away.

BMX Bandit is a bright and pigmented lavender creme. For a cheap polish, I was really impressed at the coverage that I got from this. This is two coats and I think it looks lush and shiny and all the good things that you want a creme polish to be. It’s certainly bright and eyecatching.

The snob in me isn’t really a fan of the bottle. I don’t like the shape, the handle, the typeface. None of it really. It looks cheap, but then again it IS cheap (£1.79) so I don’t really know what I’m complaining about.

I had to take the photos with a flash on to ensure full colour accuracy. I You can see from the red streaking on the bottle here that this does lean towards the purple side of blue. Sadly, I also think it gives me a touch of the lobster hands. Pretty though, isn’t it?