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Well this is awkward. A picture of half-empty products for a beauty blog post but look at this way, it’s proof it’s been tested thoroughly, and in this case, lovingly tried.

I’ve not used Decléor’s skincare before but what I do know is it is the bees’ knees. The Aromessence Mandarine Smoothing Super Serum (15ml/£49.50) is designed to combat the signs of ageing and diffuse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a dinky little bottle and as you can tell, I’m half way through it since I started using it approximately eight weeks ago.

For the first time, Decléor has introduced a new ingredient in the form of the fruity mandarin. When I saw this, I was expecting it to have a very strong fruity scent which would have put me off a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love citrusy smells but I much prefer lemon and lime than the sweetness of a fruit from the orange family.

So why has Decléor chosen mandarin as the main component in their new Aroma Lisse collection? Their research has found the properties in mandarin essential oil protects and detoxifies skin cells from damage caused by free radicals. Furthermore it repairs DNA damaged by UV radiation. Additional ingredients from hazelnut and sunflower oils helps with deep skin hydration so collectively this super serum packs quite a punch.

Thankfully the scent is very delicate with a tiny hint of mandarin, and it is (much to my relief), a lovely one. A drop or two is enough to cover the neck and face, and I have been using this twice a day. I can see it’s smoothed out my complexion and given my skin luminosity.

I’ve also been using the Aroma Lisse 2-in-1 Dark Circle and Eye Wrinkle Eraser (15ml/£32.50). This aims to correct and brighten the eye area, smoothing and filling fine lines and wrinkles while the yellow pigments in the gel-cream limits the appearance of dark circles.

I don’t have fine lines and wrinkles to be worried about but I do suffer from dark circles and I don’t think there is a product out there that can erase them totally or reduce the appearance by half. Honestly I didn’t notice a substantial difference with using this gel-cream although I can be assured it has helped to protect the eye area. Whoever can come up with a magic potion to eradicate dark circles will be a very rich person. Truthfully the only things that do help is plenty of sleep and water and no cream out there can replicate that!

This year marks Decléor’s 40th anniversary with the advent of the Aroma Lisse collection. Other products from the range include a Smoothing Night Balm (which I would love to try) and an Energising Smoothing Cream, and are available from Decléor’s website as well as other online retailers and QVC.

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