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A few weeks ago I attended the launch of Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing foundation and was given the chance to try the new base for myself.

There are six shades available and I was paired up with Tan. The remaining five shades are Ivory, Cream, Beige, Latte and Sable, with Tan being one from the last.

The scent is the first thing that grabs you about this foundation. It smells of roses because it contains rose stem cells for renewing and stimulating skin. It also has matrixyl synthe’6 to help enhance skin collagen, tourmaline for radiance and hyaluronic acid, for hydrating the skin. For a brand which prides itself on understanding the complexity of skin care, it is no surprise Dr Lewinn’s has ensured maintaining healthy and young looking skin is an integral part of this formula.

Coverage is full with SPF of 15 and gives a velvet like, soft powdery finish. This specially created foundation is supposed to help visibly smooth wrinkles and fine lines, leaving skin looking firmer and more youthful. It is also worth pointing out that it is a gel-like formula.

In a first on Just Nice Things, I am posting a picture of myself without make-up (apologies for not warning you in advance). OK, I have fibbed a tiny bit – I am wearing mascara and a bit of eye make-up but my face is naked so you can see my actual skin tone.


And here’s how I look wearing Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-Ageing Foundation:


Have you stopped screaming in horror?! I can’t decide which is more freaky – with or without make-up. You see, my usual choice of foundation has yellow undertones and Tan is pale in comparison, and slightly pinkish too. I have to admit that the difference is noticeable on the parts I’ve missed out on covering.

I appreciate how this foundation works brilliantly for others (I noticed how amazing London Beauty Queen looked wearing her perfect match) but we all have different skin types and tones, and it would seem on this occasion Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-Ageing Foundation isn’t right for me. It makes me look grey and washed out. I have been wearing this foundation a few times a week at work to see how it performed in duration and whether I felt differently about it in the day time but my sentiments remain unchanged. In fact I felt very conscious that others could tell my foundation didn’t match properly!

I suppose I could get away with wearing this in the winter though saying this, we have been in a permanent state of winter for about eight months so it’s not as if my cheeks have been flushed with colour!

It is a superb formula with no cracking or drying and it lasts all day but anyone with the same skin tone as myself or much darker will be disappointed.

Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-Ageing Foundation costs £25 for 30ml and is available from

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I am going to bombard you with stacks of skin products over the coming days/weeks/months. And while I’m on that subject, here is one I love.

I’ve been using Dr Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Super Hydrator for a month. I water my skin from the inside but this potion is for the outside. The skin quenches this like one of those super-sucking kitchen towels that don’t rip no matter what and retains the moisture.

It’s a clear, runny liquid and fragrance-free with a pump and there is a stopper that slowly rises so you can see how much you have left remaining.

I use a couple of drops twice a day after cleansing and before moisturising in order to hydrate and smooth out tired looking skin.

Working in an office I am exposed to air-conditioning and central heating like a lot of people and the super hydrator remedies this problem effortlessly.

It’s also oil-free, absorbs fast and gives me a bright and healthy glow.  My face definitely appears plumper and smoother (I had noticed frown lines appearing but these aren’t noticeable as a result).

After 4 weeks, I am a third of the way through which is a good indication of how long it lasts.

I am new to Dr. LeWinn’s but I really want to try other products in the range on the basis of this and of course the positive feedback I’ve heard from those who swear by this skincare collection.

Super Hydrator costs £41 and is available from Debenhams and I suggest you give this a try!

*PR sample*