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A frightening thought came over me a few days ago: if I were to empty out all my drawers, exactly how much make-up would I have? I dread to think. You see, for the past two weekends I have been rearranging my drawers ahead of new furniture I am planning to buy next weekend (for more storage of course).

Yes, I’m an addict and make-up is my vice. Fortunately I’m not alone and one such person who also gets a rush of blood to the head is Kat from Tales of a Pale Face. Kat is one awesome lady who writes a fantastic blog. She’s also come up with The Makeup Addict Tag and nominated yours truly to take part so…(*clears throat*) here I am, about to confess the things I’m in denial about.

  1. Which product do you keep still buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?
    EVERYTHING! Do you honestly have to ask? OK, I am rather fond of a red lipstick and have accumulated quite a few different textures, formulas and colours. My favourites are Icon by Hourglass (recently bought a replacement as I had finished the first), Lime Crime Velvetine’s Red Velvet and Urban Decay’s Revolution lipstick Mrs Mia Wallace from the Pulp Fiction collection.
  2. What’s the one product you couldn’t live without?
    It has to be a concealer to cover up the dreaded dark circles. I finally got round to trying NARS’ Radiant Creamy Concealer and it blows the regular concealers I was using out of the water. The creamy formula doesn’t crease and doesn’t need retouching either. This might be the holy grail of concealers for me.
  3. Favourite make-up brand?
    Ahhh…ummm…hnnnghh! OK, it’s Urban Decay. I always squeal excitedly at the sight of every palette they bring out and am eagerly awaiting for Vice 3 to drop. I love how easy their eyeshadows are to blend and the immense quality and performance of them. I’m also a fan of their Revolution lipsticks and have a number of shades with plans to pick up more (I know, I know!)
  4. How big is your make-up collection?
    Compared to the average beauty blogger, I think it’s perfectly normal and acceptable. Compared to the average woman on the street, I would probably be hospitalised.
  5. And how do you like to store it?
    Before beauty blogging, I had a hatred for IKEA and thought flat-packed furniture was the work of the Devil. I’ve obviously seen the light and count half my storage from the Swedish superstars of home furnishing. I have a small Alex drawer which was so easy to assemble. Unfortunately the large Alex drawer unit was too heavy for little old me to pick up so I begrudgingly had to settle for the former. I have a Helmer drawer unit too, which kick started the relationship with IKEA but the origins of my make-up collection began from Muji. I can smugly my first Muji drawers date back to before blogging. Today it stands as a tower of 18 drawers. *gulps* Any more and it will be touching the ceiling.
  6. How many items of make-up have you got in your handbag at the moment?
    *pulls out make-up bag* Approximately 24. This comprises of four different concealers (depending on my mood and which one I can grab first in a hurry), whatever shades of lipstick and lipgloss I managed to shove in there first thing in the morning, kohl pencils, a mascara, a blusher (and brush), a miniature bottle of perfume (that’s technically not make-up)…honestly, it’s a small bag and fits inside my handbag.
  7. If you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?
    I don’t have one as I can pretty much size up what they probably have and chances are, if I want something badly, I will go out and get it.
  8. How long does your usual make-up routine take and how many products do you use?
    I prioritise sleep over make-up and take less than 10 minutes to prep my skin, slap on some foundation, some bronzer, blusher, a kohl pencil and a lipstick or lipgloss. If by some rare chance I have an extra five minutes then I will go for a liner.
  9. Have you ever bought make-up knowing you wouldn’t use it?
    Never! I always buy products with the intention of using them. Granted some get shoved at the back of the drawer and momentarily forgotten about but then it’s a pleasant surprise to discover something I had all along. Buying for the sake of never using it would be torture. Or expensive if I bought two of everything.
  10. Tag a few other make-up addicts to do the tag!
    I choose Mixed GemsPretty Green EyesWalking in a Beauty WonderlandFashionicide and Kaushal Beauty. Do your worst, ladies!

Wifey Weekend


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This time last week it was wifey weekend. What’s wifey weekend? Well if you follow my wife, Do Not Refreeze and I on Twitter and Instagram, chances are you will know our wifey weekends have become somewhat legendary. ‘Legendary’ because they always revolve around one thing and one thing only – food. Quite possibly it brings us more joy and happiness than make-up. (Oooh, did I say that out aloud?)

This was our third wifey weekend. We rocked up to Smithfield meat market in the city of London at 3am to the sound of ‘Boats and Hoes’ and bought a colossal amount of animal flesh for consumption, we had a cheese and crackers session, we had steak and chips and we watched A LOT of Will Ferrell films. And one Ben Stiller flick.

Visiting Smithfield’s is one of those must-do things about London. Truly, it is. Everyone who works there is so friendly that you can’t quite believe you’re in London. As for the prices…unbelievable! We bought four huge sirloin steaks for £15 and Leanne bagged 18 chicken breasts for £18.

We also stumbled across Wild Garlic Yarg. HNNNNGH! It’s hard cheese wrapped in wild garlic leaves. If you haven’t tried this, we want to know why the hell not!

*sigh* If only every weekend was a wifey weekend. Happy memories…

By the way, this was all we managed to photograph. After all, we were pre-occupied with eating.

Have a lovely, long weekend! (If you’re in the UK, that is…)

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