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Recipe: One Pot Wonder Red Curry Pasta

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter ‘H’. ‘H’ is for ‘hnnnnghhh!’, an expression coined by Leanne that epitomises damn good food. Head over to my Cook with Sheenie blog for a recipe to make the above work of art, inspired by Leanne’s One Pot Wonder Coconut Curry

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SmoothSkin Gold (final update)

Oops! Hadn’t forgotten about updating you all with the last part of the SmoothSkin Gold IPL trial by the lovely Helen (Casual Beauty UK). If you want to refresh your memory, you can catch up on the previous posts and videos. Here is the final instalment from Helen on her YouTube

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SmoothSkin Gold (part 3)

Hello, ladies and gentlemen (yes, we do have fellas reading this blog), there has been quite a significant pause since the last post. In short, I have been especially busy in my day job, I’ve caught the flu and I’ve been preoccupied with my birthday. The good news is I

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Saturday night with Madhen

My fashion posts are on the same level as my YouTube appearances – infrequent with an element of surprise (often I’m the one caught by surprise). But this time I feel the need to self-indulge a little bit for last weekend was something extraordinary. I was a guest of my friend, Rhian

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SmoothSkin Gold (part 2)

Hello ladies, about a couple of weeks ago I introduced you to Helen aka Casual Beauty UK who is trialling the SmoothSkin Gold IPL device. As promised, here is Helen’s next part of the 12 week trial she is undergoing. The advent of week three means that I am now a

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SweetEase Facial Wax Strips

Do you remember my friend, Helen (aka YouTuber Casual Beauty) who graced the pages of Just Nice Things a few weeks ago? Well Helen is back tackling another grooming product. Let’s see how she got on… Facial hair. We all have it. It’s just that some people are blessed with hair

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