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If the adjective ‘bold’ was defined by a colour, my guess is it would be red. Its meaning is a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous which is precisely how I would describe The Body Shop’s latest fragrance, Red Musk*.

It’s nothing like anything the Body Shop has done, in fact it’s a rarity in itself as it’s a scent that is floral-free. Yes, totally. So if you can’t stand all that whimsical nonsense with floating petals  and blooming buds then this might very well tickle your fancy. Quite ruthlessly it’s a sizzling blend of musk and spice.

Red Musk is the fourth addition to the Body Shop musk family and it’s unconventionally the naughtiest. Housed in a beautiful red gradient looking bottle it’s intensely satisfying from its smouldering blend of spiced musk flirting with notes of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco. Naturally the musk used is man-made cruelty-free, the pioneering ingredient that’s steered the Body Shop to establish its fine collection of musk based fragrances. Quite frankly I would go as far as to say it’s an audacious and erogenous concoction to suit both sexes.

I’ve been devoted to wearing it every day since I prised it out of its box. It’s such a profoundly alluring and clever arrangement and yet it does not have a heavy price tag dangling off it. A 60ml eau de parfum bottle is £20 and the whopper 100ml is £30. There is also an alcohol-free Perfume Oil 30ml bottle for £16.

I just know Red Musk will turn a lot of heads. There aren’t many fragrances which get me hot under the collar but I can’t help but be submissive to this one.

Red Musk will be available in-store nationwide and online from 4th November.

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Zanzibar. A part of the world I would love to visit. It also reminds me of a Tenacious D song simply because the name randomly crops up. “What on earth is she wittering on about?”, I hear you say. Don’t worry, I’m there.

Gingembre Rouge* is Roger & Gallet’s new summer fragrance, inspired by a stopover in the exotic island of Zanzibar. In case it’s not obvious from its name, ginger plays a prominent part as a main ingredient in this scent which is fresh, fruity and floral.

For a little bottle, this one packs quite a punch. The fragrance is a colourful explosion of fresh ginger complemented by mandarin and pomegranate with notes of ginger flower, lychee and crystallised ginger, which delicately lingers on the skin. Perfect for the warm weather!

For the fragrance connoisseurs, here’s a break-down of the ingredients…

Top Notes: Fresh Ginger, Pomegranate Pulp, Mandarin
Heart Notes: Ginger Flower, Lychee Flower, Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Crystallised Ginger, Cedar Wood, White Musk

Housed in a wonderfully handbag-friendly size bottle, Gingembre Rouge is £16 for 30ml and £32 for 100ml, available from Marks & Spencer’s beauty hall as well as online beauty retailers.