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Front Cover: Smoulder Eyes

If you are planning to give someone make-up this Christmas but feel overwhelmed about where to begin, go straight for Front Cover. They have a marvellous choice of kits that cover all essential bases which are fool-proof and the quality is outstanding too. Each one comes with a very simple ‘how to’ guide and pictures to inspire you but it will also suit hardcore addicts just as much as beginners. I was sent their Smoulder Eyes kit, which is four palettes in one, allowing you to achieve four contrasting and original smokey eye effects for every possible occasion. It includes: Smoulder

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My Winter Make-Up

If you follow fab make-up brush brand Japonesque on Twitter, (read my post about them here), you’ll know that the are currently running a competition to win a fantastic travel case packed with brushes and other tools of the trade. All you have to do is tweet them a photo of your winter make-up. Seeing as I really, really want to win this (competitive instinct kicking in), I thought I’d do a real-time post (yes, I’m publishing this as I write it) featuring a winter make-up look that I did this morning. Might as well make the most of finishing work early

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