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Venus & Olay Razor Product Shot RRP £10.99

Summer may be over but I’m not quite done so I am going in search of some more sunshine in Barcelona for a few days. That means the pins and pits have to be kept fuzz-free. Rather than pack my usual razor and shaving cream, I’m taking Gillette Venus and Olay Razor instead.

My favourite Gillette’s Venus range has joined forces with skin care Olay to make a super razor that moisturises and gives you a close shave at the same time with the shave gel bars it’s fitted with.

Now I have had one experience with a razor with shave gel bars and it was years ago. I wasn’t impressed because the results weren’t great and annoyingly the bars washed away quickly. Granted it was another brand but overall, it put me off such razors and I felt they could not compare to using a shaving gel.

When Gillette sent me the results of their love affair with Olay, I thought I would give the concept another try.

It is really easy to use, the blade glides over the skin smoothly with no nicks and cuts, and it gives a clean finish every time. The flexibility of the blade means it can reach the difficult areas like behind the knees and the skin is left feeling silky smooth and moisturised.


The only snag with these kind of razors are the bars disintegrate at a rapid rate so before you know it, you are reaching for the shaving gel. However for travelling, they are fantastically convenient. Less baggage and less weight with great results.

The Gillette Venus & Olay Razor is currently on offer in Boots for £5.49 (usually £10.99) with 3 replacement heads priced at £10.99.

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I’m writing this with my tail between my legs. Why? Because nearly two months ago I wrote about the new IPL Hair Reduction System from Gillette Venus and I was supposed to document my findings in a video.

In spectacular fashion, plans fell by the wayside with juggling other product trials and reviews on top of a full time job. However, I am still committed to sharing my experience with using this IPl device and will be filming a video for it very soon.

By being truthful with the frequency of my use of Gillette Venus’s IPL system, I hope the results will be reflective and accurate. I believe the outcome will depend on the individual and how often the device is used, and to be fair, it is difficult to stick to a timed routine with the day-to-day things we all have to deal with – plus with it being winter, leg hair removal is usually the least of any woman’s worries!

I have used Gillette Venus’s IPL device twice since the beginning of November and it’s enough for me to get an understanding of how it works and its results.

Over the years and possibly due to a combination of hormones slowing down and other hair removal methods used (including IPL sporadically), my hair growth has slowed down substantially. So much that I can get away with shaving once a week and the regrowth is very fine. I realise not everyone is this fortunate, but in the past I had to deal with hair growing back after 3 days from underarm waxing done at a salon and leg hair sprouting up every day after shaving.

To use the Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL system, you’ve got to first shave the areas you plan to treat. This is to allow direct contact with the IPL and the hair follicles for effective results. I should point out this device is not suitable for everyone depending on your skin tone. Generally speaking it will work best on dark hairs on lighter skin and there is a chart included to colour match against.


Then you must check the level to set the machine at with the light sensor reader by pressing it against your skin. This will differ depending on which part of your body you wish to use the IPL device on and more importantly your skin tone will define the strength. It’s so simple and straight-forward – an IPL I had tried once was extremely complicated with various settings according to your skin tone, which was really off-putting. This device is very light, is powered at the mains and comes with a long cable, which is brilliant.

While the machine fires up, apply a thick layer of Activating Gel the kit comes with over the area you wish to zap. The gel increases the effect of the IPL working plus it cools your skin down at the same time. If you go to a clinic for laser hair removal, they will blast the treated area with ice cold air (or use an ice pack) during the process so this is very similar.


When you’re ready, look away or close your eyes whilst holding the handset at a 90 degree angle. Then press the button and there will be a big flash of light and a warm sensation. I know it’s a big, blinding flash as once or twice I forgot to look away. Don’t do this!


It is important to hold the handset correctly (with the window of the laser pressed on your skin) or it won’t work. The IPL will re-set itself in seconds and indicate when it’s ready so you can move on.

It doesn’t hurt I’m surprised to say, it just feels like a little shock or sometimes ticklish. The machine isn’t noisy either and you could do this while you’re watching Eastenders.

It took 45 minutes to do one lower leg and coverage with one tube of the gel would cover both legs fully for one session. However, it’s really tricky to do the back of your leg whilst trying to hold the handset at the correct angle.

I also tried it on my underarms, which didn’t hurt at all. The IPL was more noticeable on the legs especially on the bone near the ankle.

It is a really easy and painless IPL system; I am pleasantly surprised. I have used other IPL devices which were bulky, complicated and painful – and I have a high pain threshold.

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been consistent in using this device. However in just a couple of sessions I have noticed regrowth is finer and sparse. On some parts of my legs, I have just patches coming back. If I stick to this regularly then I am confident it will reduce hair growth substantially, maybe even completely.

I’m off to power up this baby for a long overdue session and I will bring you a video next time and very soon, I promise.

The Gillette Venus Naked Skin is available from Boots and currently priced at £449.99.


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