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OK, we are hurtling towards month number 3 of the year (a quarter of the way through!) but I wanted to debut a long-awaited look with my hair – kinky curls.


My first cut and colour of 2014 is taking an exciting step forward with me embracing the natural waves and curls all because my hair is getting longer. This also means giving my hair a break from the heated styling tools used nearly every day and letting me have an extra hour in bed, not to mention the fraction of the time it will take to get ready.

However, I did have a little help with the new style from The Wand by Cloud Nine. My stylist Georgia introduced me to the wonders of the Wand when I popped in for a cut and colour at the weekend. She was confident using it on me would guarantee long-lasting natural curls. Well I wasn’t so sure. I have had my hair curled with other styling tools including straighteners and they always fall out after a few hours. But almost 12 hours later as well as battling through gale force winds, my curls with the Wand are still holding up as I type this.



I’m not sure if it’s because the curling wand is ceramic (therefore kinder to the hair) or that it’s temperature controlled or simply that it’s Cloud Nine which can do no wrong but I do know it took less time than blow-drying. Georgia’s advice? Don’t look in the mirror when styling with the Wand and don’t focus on trying to make it look symmetrical or it will frankly look crap.

I’ve had a yo-yo of a journey with my barnet, trying to grow it but then having to chop it off to regain strength. I know I sing the praises of the salon I’ve been going to for three solid years but The Chapel has been with me every step of the way including the low points. An excellent salon will nurture your hair so if you’ve found the one, don’t let it go.

Thank you, Georgia and Billie, I’m thrilled with my new hair and I’m definitely going to try to recreate the look too.

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My favourite haircare folks, Alterna have only gone and made a CC Cream for hair. It’s not a lame gimmick or a case of jumping on the double lettered beauty bandwagon. In this exception the product in question delivers.

The Caviar CC cream (for Complete Correction) is a leave-in hair protecting treatment and styling product in one, and here’s the biggie – it does 10 things: moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, UV protection, manageability, strength, anti-breakage, heat protection and light hold. (I did utter that in one breath, by the way.)

I adore Alterna’s shampoos and conditioners because A) they’re free of parabens, sulphates, parafins, gluten, mineral oils and petrolatum (which mess with your follicles in the long run) and B) the results are outstanding so the expense is a worthwhile investment for the condition of your hair.

Mind you, I approached the CC cream with trepidation as I do with any styling product. In the forefront of my mind, I automatically believe a cream formula should be used carefully and in moderate amounts. I discovered with Alterna’s cream it absorbs almost instantly, feeling like a very thin veil so I never know exactly how much is too much. I have been using about three pumps of it on damp hair before blasting with the hair-dryer, which seems to be an adequate amount without weighing down the hair. I suppose there is no danger of that when the formula is very hair-friendly.

The cream can be used alone or as a kind of primer for layering on other styling products and also to finish off after styling so I have continued to use my other products in conjunction without any conflicts.

Living in London, my hair is exposed to a lot of damage like the weather, pollution and hard water and it ends up looking dull but the Caviar CC cream by Alterna has given it a polished look and my hair is so soft to touch. I battled against the strong winds at the weekend and my hair remained beautifully conditioned and frizz-free too.

It’s definitely a product I am keen to purchase because I am enjoying the benefits of it and my hair doesn’t feel icky and sticky either.

A 74ml tube of Alterna’s Caviar CC Cream retails for around £24.95 and is available online at such stockists as Look Fantastic.

Have you given Alterna a try? Let me know what you think.

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There are countless hair styling sprays that promise you glossy looking tresses and protection against styling tools but it comes at quite a price for me. In truth there are one or two that truly work but equally there are many which don’t.

Ever Riche Oil Precieux (ooh, fancy French words!) from L’Oréal has been worthwhile because it’s free of parabens and sulphates, which just make things messy. Eliminating these additives means less stress and burden on my hair especially when my fine locks are so porous to serums and sprays.

Ever Riche Oil Precieux is a lightweight nourishing oil mist that you spray on dry hair but it can also be used before blow drying to prep and it’s perfect for very fine hair (that’s me!) The mist gives a brilliant shine but also your hair feels lovely to touch. Like cashmere as L’Oréal reckons? Well maybe not quite but I do find myself running my fingers through my hair quite a bit.

The scent is lush too – oriental jasmine – so not only does your hair get a kick but your sense of smell also does.

L’Oréal’s Ever Rich Oil Precieux costs £11.99 for 150ml.

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