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I’ve been told countless times I have very good nails. They’re strong and they grow mighty quickly. I wish the same could be said about my hair.

It’s very fine, which in my culture is perceived as a sign of inferiority while thick locks is a thing of beauty. From a young age I had been singled out for having thin hair, which is not my fault! Unfortunately I couldn’t devote years of massaging coconut oil into the scalp to stimulate thick hair as my mum did when she was growing up in Pakistan. She has amazing hair – so jealous! Over there no one bats an eyelid if your hair is cooking in coconut oil, in fact it IS a cultural tradition and even men indulge in it (although some look slimey!) but here it’s just not easy to incorporate into everyday life.

To this day, only black castor oil has helped significantly with encouraging hair growth but it’s greasy and the process is very slow. A couple of months ago I came across Grow Gorgeous’s Hair Serum in Boots when I was actually looking for its 12-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner.

This serum costs £29.99 for a 60ml bottle which sounds like a lot when you see the size of it but with the realisation it’s a concentrated tonic, seems justifiable. 

I can’t talk about the product without commenting on the packaging first. Grow Gorgeous prides itself on being kind to the hair with no sulphates so it’s cute that their packaging is resourceful and practical. The outer packaging is entirely made of recycled card (with no cellophane) and opens to reveal the bottle securely sitting inside. 


Now onto the actual and all important potion. It’s an advanced formula containing a complex blend of 7 technologies to make visibly longer, thicker and fuller. It’s all listed on the back of the box with explanations in a non-geeky science way. All I want and all I hope for is that it delivers on its research.

The serum comes with a pipette and the instructions are very precise: 20 drops to be daily to the scalp either in the morning or evening and massaged evenly and thoroughly until the serum has been absorbed – and you will feel this. It is imperative to use this every day for results to show months later. Yes, it’s slow but hair growth generally is.

I use it mostly on the crown as that is the most troublesome area. The hair above my neckline is actually very healthy and thick because it doesn’t have as much pressure inflicted on it from styling tools.

The serum is very cooling on the scalp, which feels therapeutic and it’s not greasy either. It also smells gorgeous, like boiled sweets and the colour of the liquid remind me of cola cubes. The bottle claims to last two months on the basis it is used every day though it ran out for me after six weeks. 

I have been using the serum daily (bar the odd off days) for almost two months. Apparently results show after four months, which makes sense since it takes 3-4 months for hair to grow significantly.  Although I have just reached the half way mark, my hair does appear noticeably fuller especially in the patchy parts.

The serum is far less messy than a hair oil though an oil can also deep condition. I love the Cleansing Conditioner from Grow Gorgeous and so far, things look to be heading in the right direction with the serum. I am going to report back in two months when I’ve reached the four month mark and will see if my hairdresser notices a difference on my next appointment. Have you tried Grow Gorgeous’s Hair Serum? If so, how are you finding it?

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Reverse hair-washing seems to be the latest hair trend. Does it really work or is it just a ludicrous and daft idea? My hairdresser and I seem to think so and the idea of using a conditioner first before shampooing is making my scalp itchy.

Something which claims to be kind to your hair and effective at removing impurities is Grow Gorgeous’s Cleansing Conditioner. It’s an 11-in-1 multi-tasking system combining foamless cleansing and deep conditioning in one step to rebalance the scalp and restore hair. It replaces your shampoo, which means it subtracts the process of stripping your hair of its natural oils.

As someone who finds it unavoidable to go more than two days without washing, using the Cleansing Conditioner could be just what I need. It also saves a few minutes in the shower – handy when you’re in a rush in the mornings.

A clever yet complex blend of oils from Macadamia, Jojoba and Olive make up the Fractionated Cleansing Oil Matrix which combines with an Amphoteric Cleansing Complex to bind to impurities, so that they can be rinsed away, whilst the scalp and hair hold on to the balancing oils needed to remain healthy. I have no idea how the science of this formula comes together but the logics of it makes sense. I just can’t figure out a dummies’ explanation to it, that’s all.

Grow Gorgeous’s product is gentle enough to use daily, suitable for all hair types and it contains no harsh detergents or other nasties. That’s very good news for sustaining colour, preventing premature ageing and a deterrent to allergies to name but a few plus points.

Grow Gorgeous has recently introduced two new additions – blonde and brunette to sit alongside its original version and with the colour functionality, its properties are boosted to 12-in-1. I went for the brunette for obvious reasons.

The formula for the coloured conditioners feature prismatic colour technology in order to enrich colour and provide unrivalled shine. Tiny metal derived prisms bind to the hair and reflect the light, naturally enhancing the colour present.

Impressed by its promises and thrilled that it’s sulphate-free, I plonked the Cleansing Conditioner in my shopping basket.

The method to using this special conditioner is simple: apply a generous amount to wet hair (usually the same quantity you would use for your usual shampoo or conditioner), massage into the scalp before smoothing through to the ends. Finally leave on for 3 minutes before rinsing out. The product looks like a rich shampoo but doesn’t lather (no sulphates, remember?) yet it is very easy to work with. I also use a comb to ensure even coverage and to detangle the hair. 

The first time I used the Cleansing Conditioner, the results weren’t great. My hair looked alright but my scalp felt like icky and in need of a wash. The next morning it was limp and lifeless. However, I wasn’t going to write it off immediately so persevered. I suspect the problem boiled down to estimating how much is ‘a generous amount’ and I have a feeling I used too much the first time. So for attempt number two, I used enough to massage into my scalp before adding a similar amount and running it through the remainder of my hair. This is definitely the best way to do it. 

After a blast from the hairdryer, my hair looked super smooth and felt splendidly clean, conditioned and good…and I mean, really good.

The next day was the real test, however. I discovered I just had to brush it through and then I was on my way. My roots did not feel greasy, there were no kinks in my hair despite tying it up before I went to sleep – this pleases me immensely. 

This morning I used it after a break of two days from washing and managed to get to work on time. Often I will wash and go in the morning but this can often leave my hair feeling dry and unfortunately I don’t have the time to spare to apply a hair mask. I know I should wake up earlier but I want my precious extra minutes in bed more.

If you’re used to buying high-street shampoos and conditioners, then £19.49 for this product may sound very steep. The original is £17.99  –  the coloured version just adds a tint and prolongs coloured hair. I thought paying nearly £20 was a bit far-fetched till I remembered I have shelled out nearly £30 each for high-end shampoos and conditioners. What? My hair has diva tantrums, OK?

Having said that, perhaps Grow Gorgeous has managed to tame it. The Cleansing Conditioner works to give me manageable results and luscious looking hair, in fact it has surpassed my expectations. I’m also relieved I didn’t throw £20 down the drain. I will carry on using Grow Gorgeous’s Cleansing Conditioner and hopefully it will have a long-term positive effect on my hair.

Grow Gorgeous also has a Hair Growth Serum which has generated a lot of interest. I am currently trialling this daily and will share my thoughts on Just Nice Things.

If you are interested in giving this a try, Grow Gorgeous’s Cleansing Conditioners are available online at Boots and in stores in 190ml sizes.