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Until recently I had failed to grasp the correct use of a hair mask. I know they should be used on a weekly basis in restoring hair’s moisture, softness and shine that’s been abused from excessive styling tools and products, but I could never achieve the same outcome as the salons.

Hair masks always leave my fine hair looking limp and lousy and this is despite using the smallest quantity possible. Not any more! I’ve found a special relationship with Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque and I’ve been enjoying it over the past few months.

The mask is for use on dry, damaged hair. It combines macadamia oil and argan oil along with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts to rejuvenate and deeply nourish the hair.

Each time I use it, the mask transforms my parched tresses into shiny, soft, frizz-free manageable locks that I cannot stop touching. It’s also given my hair body and texture.

After shampooing I scoop a modest amount on my finger, rub it between my palms before applying it to my hair and combing it through. The instructions specifically say to leave it in for 7 minutes. I don’t set my alarm by it but a few minutes is more than adequate before rinsing it out with warm water. Instantly my hair feels smooth and blow-drying is amazingly easy and quick. It’s so easy that there isn’t much need to use a hairbrush to style and dry, and instead I can just blast the hairdryer straight.

I skip using a conditioner as this mask is such a rich product so it would be excessive to use it on top of a conditioner especially when my hair is fine and more penetrative than thick hair is. Thankfully the mask is light-weight with a non-greasy feel and it will serve me well in between salon visits, not to mention prolong colour and condition.

It is advised the mask isn’t used more than twice a week as it’s such an intensive treatment. Let me tell you this is hard to resist but I am following the rules. I’m so pleased with Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque that I won’t hesitate to repurchase it.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque comes in a 250ml tub and costs £24.25 from Feel Unique. However it’s currently on offer at Beauty Bay for £15.58.



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I don’t like cheating. A sense of guilt washes over me and I’m left with a blemish on my conscience. I still did it but in my defence it was for something pretty wonderful. You see, I played away from my regular hair salon with the latest hair innovation HAIRCVT.

HAIRCVT is a website which allows you to pick a hair style you desire by linking you to the specific stylist or hair salon. So let’s just say you fancy a blunt fringe, enter in the search engine and the website will bring up matches with pictures of real people with real hair along with details of the specific stylist and salon responsible. Then you simply book your appointment directly with the salon and with the hairdresser behind the look you want. It couldn’t be any more straightforward.

It’s designed to take the fear out of going to a salon and not knowing what you are getting yourselves in for whether you don’t go unless it can’t be helped or if you’ve moved and are thinking of finding a new stylist. I will say one thing over and over again: it’s only hair and it will grow out so dust yourself down and let the shears do the talking.

I wanted to find a stylist who can cut a fringe. I’m downright fussy about my bangs so in my search on the HAIRCVT website, I found just the person based at a new and intriguing salon that happened to be close to me. It’s called Gro and it has branches in south and west London but recently opened a branch in West Hampstead, in the O2 centre but actually accessible from Finchley Road.

A great start to finding Gro was walking into a rival salon inside the centre and asking for directions. Gro is actually where a Chinese restaurant used to be. I have passed Gro so many times in my car but didn’t know it’s a salon. It does not look like your typical hair salon from the outside not to mention inside too.  Think industrial warehouse meets quirky boutique. It’s spacious, exciting and the decor is something special.


There are two floors with giant mirrors and comfy chairs, and interestingly enough the colour station is an enormous table that workaholic clients can sit at with their laptops.

My stylist was Serafina. Within a minute of speaking to her I knew I had made the right choice. For one, she looks so good in specs. I wish I looked remotely decent in mine. Secondly she loves cats but I know we are delving into a different territory here so I will refrain from going off on one.


We had an informal chat about what I wanted and what she planned to do, which was give my hair an intensive treatment using Kevin Murphy products (it’s been ages since I’ve used KM and I had forgotten how good they are), followed by cutting off an inch of my hair and getting rid of the split ends.

Finally my hair was blow-dried with a few curls added to give it more volume and body. I was pleased to see Gro uses a few favourites of mine like Oribe. High-end, luxurious products but so good – it’s like the cashmere of haircare. It’s also a great way to see how the products work in your hair before you think about committing to them.

Any way, I’ll quit my jibber jabber and show you the results:

gro_hair_hampstead4 gro_hair_hampstead5

gro_hair_hampstead1 gro_hair_hampstead2

The HAIRCVT site takes the chore out of hunting down a reputable salon and puts the client in the driver’s seat. If you don’t like your experience, just go back and find another. The service is entirely free, simply guiding you to a salon on the HAIRCVT network.

As it’s early days with HAIRCVT there are selected salons signed up to the programme dotted all over London though it is hoped the service will expand beyond the borders of the capital.

*I received a complimentary treatment and cut at Gro courtesy of HAIRCVT.