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ColourNation Hairdressers

Oxford Street and its surrounding area wouldn’t normally be my first port of call for a cut and colour. Oxford Street is usually the place I go into battle with when it comes to dodging tourists for the shops but off a quiet side street on Winsley Street there is a peaceful hair haven and it’s strictly for ladies only – ColourNation. Actually I know Winsley Street for an entirely different reason – I used to work in Mappin House directly opposite. Talk about taking a stroll down memory lane… From outside, ColourNation is rather unassuming but step over the

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Pimps & Pinups

I have a sad story to tell. My hairdresser has uprooted from London and moved up north. It’s as if someone’s cut off my electricity, water and broadband in one go. OK, that’s being melodramatic but you know how attached I was to my stylist (and colourist who has also gone with her). Five glorious years… I mean, it’s not over but it’s not going to be easy to visit them as often as I did when they were in London. This means I on the hunt for somewhere closer to home for the in-between, oh-God-it’s-an-emergency-and-I-need-someone-to-fix-my-hair and I reckon I

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Aquis Hair Lisse Luxe Hair Towel

This year’s humidity levels have been a bitch for my hair. Exasperated at the state and rate of frizz with my barnet, I have been trying to find a solution to my woes. After reading reviews of Californian brand Aquis Hair’s Lisse Luxe Hair Towel from Cosmetic Candy and Beauty Queen UK (two ladies who are profoundly honest in beauty blogging), I took a deep breath and paid £30 for a special towel that beats frizz down with a stick. Let’s just pause for a moment here: £30 for a towel that is big enough to wrap around your head.

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