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Illamasqua sure is popping new things out a rapid speed. If you’re still basking in the delights of Once then roll your sleeves back for the next instalment, Facets.

The name and its meaning is simple. Facets reflects many sides of the same alluring beauty like a jewel, which Illamasqua has adorned with two Limited Edition Multi Facet Palettes, Semblance and Aura for the 2014 Holiday collection.

In short, these are a pair of neutral palettes that hold everything you need to make up your face in one place: a blusher, highlighter, eye liner, eyeshadows and contour. It’s also out in good time for Christmas because I am sure these will be found in many stockings come 25th December.

I was sent Semblance, which shade-wise is better suited to my skin tone. Aura looks like it’s designed for pale beauties.

Now these palettes don’t feature any new products, they are in fact a combination of existing Illamasqua hero essentials. They are housed in a sleek compact, which I should point out has moved away from the recognisable curved, concave sides and to a conventionally square shape. This does dishearten me slightly as the concave sides of all their packaging was a defining feature. The name is imprinted on the front but glancing at it quickly and you’d be mistaken to think it could be a compact from Avon or Boots.

OK, so let’s move onto what’s inside. Semblance includes Gleam Cream in Mirage (Highlight), Powder Blusher in Hussy, Eye Brow Cake in Thunder, Cream Pigment in Hollow (Contour) and Powder Eye Shadows in Slink (Base), Dizzy (Colour), Tango (Define) and Obsidian (Eye Liner).


Some of these I already own but a first for me is Eye Brow Cake in Thunder. As you know, I’ve only recently embraced the art of filling in my brows (I believe Pretty Green Eyes worships this particular product) but I was somewhat concerned at the sludgy light brown shade of Thunder, wondering if perhaps it may be totally wasted on me.

I was wrong. It blends in beautifully with my naturally dark brows without looking obvious and is easy to apply so I guess I have been introduced to something new here.

The Cream Pigment in Hollow is something I have in its full size and I use it as a base for my eyes but essentially it is a contouring product for pale white girls in this palette – it doesn’t show up one bit on me.

Hussy is a soft pink blusher that works nicely, and I am a fan of Powder Eye Shadows Tango and Obsidian – not so much with Dizzy as I tend to steer clear of anything that is a light lilac. However the shades do work well together.

I put Semblance to the test yesterday as I was going out but was running late so you’ll have to be kind and overlook the shoddy work. By the way, I used Skin Base in case you were wondering.

illamasqua_facet_Semblance3 illamasqua_facet_Semblance4And there we have it. This is Facets. Actually I tell a little lie. Facets also includes two Glamore lipsticks in Starkers and Salacious (£18.50) as well as a Limited Edition Mini Brush SEt (£55) and Make-Up Bag (£20).

The palette is handy and light enough to fit in your handbag and God only knows the love for neutrals is always alive but it’s not going to trigger off an earthquake really. I’m hoping Illamasqua is working towards that for 2015. However the palettes could pull in a new crowd, which I am guessing is what Illamasqua is aiming for. I just hope the brand doesn’t lose its way and its identity by playing it too safe.

Semblance and Aura Multi Facet Palettes are out now, priced at £45 each and are available from Illamasqua‘s website, free-standing Illamasqua counters and the flagship store in London Soho’s Beak Street.

Illamasqua: Once


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There are two things to be happy about: it’s Friday and Illamasqua’s new collection Once* is out today.

Three new products define Once with a blusher – Naked Rose reissued from the 2012 Naked Strangers collection but there isn’t a lipstick in sight. Instead the main focus is on the eyes (always my favourite part which Illamasqua caters for spectacularly) with a subtle nod at the lips, cheeks and nails.


There are two new shades of their Sheer Lipgloss (£16.50) to coo over – Opulent (rainbow beige) and Exquisite (pink oyster). They shimmer beautifully and smell like candy.


One nail colour also features and it’s a stunning antique teal with very fine old gold glitter called Melange. It’s my second favourite from the collection, pipped to the post by the debut of three Vintage Metallic Eye Shadows (£16.50) in perfect autumnal shades.



Courtier is a dusky rose, Embellish is a rich cocoa and Bibelot is a rustic golden teal. I would best describe the Vintage Metallics as a cross between Illamasqua’s cream pigments and liquid metals as they give a fantastic shimmer yet have a cream-gel texture.


The packaging is identical to the Precision Gel Eye Liner pot, which enhances the look and feel of the product. In fact it looks premium with the rose gold lid, which perhaps is a sign that Illamasqua is moving in that direction.


Evidently these are my pick of the bunch and I have strong hopes this will be the start of a new line for the brand. I can picture a rich jewel colour like a deep purple or garnet – those would have me keeling over.

I won’t dwell too much on the blusher Naked Rose (£21.50) because for a brown girl like me, it’s wasted as it’s far but pale beauties like Do Not Refreeze and Tales of A Pale Face will love it.

Once is a thing of beauty and I believe it will have longterm lovers of the brand flocking towards it. Mind you, it’s not too obscure to frighten newcomers, I’d say it’s a gentle collection to lure you into the world of Illamasqua. And with that thought, I’m going to leave you with these incredible images.

Once_promo1 once_promo2 once_promo3 once_promo4Once is available online and at all Illamasqua counters nationwide as well as the flagship store on Beak Street.