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Illamasqua Semblance Multi Facet Palette

Illamasqua sure is popping new things out a rapid speed. If you’re still basking in the delights of Once then roll your sleeves back for the next instalment, Facets. The name and its meaning is simple. Facets reflects many sides of the same alluring beauty like a jewel, which Illamasqua has adorned with two Limited Edition Multi Facet Palettes, Semblance and Aura for the 2014 Holiday collection. In short, these are a pair of neutral palettes that hold everything you need to make up your face in one place: a blusher, highlighter, eye liner, eyeshadows and contour. It’s also out

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Illamasqua: Once

There are two things to be happy about: it’s Friday and Illamasqua’s new collection Once* is out today. Three new products define Once with a blusher – Naked Rose reissued from the 2012 Naked Strangers collection but there isn’t a lipstick in sight. Instead the main focus is on the eyes (always my favourite part which Illamasqua caters for spectacularly) with a subtle nod at the lips, cheeks and nails. There are two new shades of their Sheer Lipgloss (£16.50) to coo over – Opulent (rainbow beige) and Exquisite (pink oyster). They shimmer beautifully and smell like candy. One nail

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