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NYX Cosmetics Ombré Blush

NYX Cosmetics has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Now it takes pride displayed proudly in Boots and Selfridges – high quality make-up accessible and affordable to all. I’ve seen the ripples of excitement the nude Lingerie matte liquid lipsticks have caused though they haven’t done much for me. What has got my attention is the Ombre Blush. Could we just have a moment to marvel at these? *whimpers with joy* I first saw these on Miss Beauty Adikt’s YouTube channel and being the great enabler that she is, I needed these. I know I can trust Selina

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Rodial Sculpting Bar at Harvey Nichols

Contouring, sculpting…whatever you want to call it, it amounts to the trend that’s still holding fort in the art of make-up. If you’ve toyed with the idea but have been too nervous to try it for fear of looking like you’ve smeared mud on your chops, Rodial is here to guide you on the right path with its Sculpting Bar in Harvey Nichols’ beauty hall. Book an appointment with a Rodial make-up artist and learn how to sculpt out those cheekbones. I was convinced this was impossible on me since I don’t have razor sharp cheekbones but with some simple

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Beauty Bridge: The Balm Cosmetics’ Balm Jovi palette

The Balm Cosmetics has been making waves over this side of the pond with its eye-catching and retro-inspired packaging. Having achieved somewhat of a cult status amongst beauty junkies and gurus, the Balm offers an illustrious range of multi-purpose products high in quality. Cruelty-free, paraben-free and made in the USA, I’ve sampled a couple of things from the brand which do live up to the hype including the shimmery Cindy Lou Manizer Highlighter, which not only can be used as a highlighter on the cheeks but on the eyelids too. A lot of the Balm’s products favour the neutral look

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