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Illamasqua Gel Sculpt & Gel Colour

By now you’ll know I am not one to echo the whole Emperor’s Clothes thing when something is unnecessarily hyped up just because the majority say so. Fortunately with Illamasqua, I go all Ron Burgundy and want to ‘shout it from the top of a mountain’. That is pretty much how I feel about their new Gel Sculpt* and Gel Colour*. These new arrivals are revolutionising our fascination and curiosity with ‘normal’ contouring but what makes it stand apart from its rivals is its formula and method of application. It’s a water-resistant high-pigmented tint in a gel stick that offers subtle

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Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour & Highlighter

Clinique’s much talked about Chubby Stick Contouring Duo has been dubbed the easiest way to give you instant cheekbones and once you give this a go, you’ll ask yourself why the whole prospect seemed so terrifying in the first place. Contouring is not a new thing but it’s certainly become more mainstream lately. It’s a look (and a skill) that has been made complicated by the intricacies and angles required to achieve a polished and chiselled look. I ain’t got time for that shizz! With Clinique, you can achieve a subtle appearance, which let’s face it, is considerably better. It’s quick and

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