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benefit_theyrereallinerI think I have finally mastered the cat’s eye flick and it’s thanks to Benefit’s much talked about They’re Real push-up liner.

The hype say it makes the dreaded eye lining task a breeze with its unique applicator and blacker than black formula. I was rather dubious of it but my curiosity was driving me mad so I waited for the madness to calm down before I gave in.


The mascara of the same namesake did nothing for me (and I have huge lashes), however with the liner I’m a sucker for new gimmicks and refuse to give up on a tiresome journey to find the perfect one.  It’s the only thing I can do to enhance my eyes when I’m short of time during the working week. One false move though and the whole thing goes tits up and that is very annoying.

Well, I am pleased to confess since biting the bullet and parting with £18 I haven’t stopped using the Push-Up Liner. Mind you, it has taken numerous practises to find the right way to use it but now I know what makes for the perfect close finish with zero chances of messing it up.

The liner is designed like a pen which you press at the top to push the formula out through the slanted rubber nib.

It does take getting used to and the trick is to not press too much or there will be too much product – a tiny amount is enough to line your eyes because the formula is very pigmented. Also it helps to wipe the rubber tip before use so you don’t get crumbly stale bits.


I find stretching the eyelid across makes for a smooth and easy application. The rubber tip glides close to the lash line with absolutely no dragging (yeah, I didn’t believe that at first but it’s true!) and the formula is ferociously black. More often I am pretty cack-handed with the eye liner but Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner makes my efforts look perfectly pro.

There is a special remover available from Benefit because apparently it’s so tough to get off. Of course this is a load of nonsense as the liner is easy to remove with an oil-based make-up remover or something like coconut oil. Why would you need a special remover just for the eyeliner? A complete waste of money and utterly pointless.

Any way, I applaud you, Benefit – for the Push-Up Liner, I mean. This might just be your new hero product. It certainly is for me. Now would you just admire the flick (and the cat too)? See what I did there??


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Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is 20 years old this year. The film that revived John Travolta’s career and made Uma Thurman über cool thanks to her portrayal of Mrs Mia Wallace (backed up by one of the best soundtracks ever), is the inspiration behind Urban Decay’s new limited edition Pulp Fiction collection* – a complete change in direction for them too. 

I had a framed photograph of Mia Wallace on my bedroom wall for years (the famous shot used in the poster of the movie). That iconic black bob, blood red lips and nails to match still remains classic, understated and criminally gorgeous.

What started off as a lipstick and nail polish then grew into a sizeable collection to include an eyeshadow palette, lip pencil and eyeliner and it’s fair to say Urban Decay pays a mighty fine homage to Mia.


The eyeshadow palette (£17.50) unfolds to reveal five neutral shades, three of which are completely new. The shiny case features the fateful Ezekiel passage from the Bible recited by Jules Winnfield, from which the eyeshadows take their names.

From top to bottom we have:

Righteous – a light cream matte
Tyranny – a warm brown matte
Vengeance – a deep taupe-brown matte-satin
Furious – a white satin
Anger – a black satin with slight tonal sparkle

Each shadow is nothing short of the quality Urban Decay is famous for – velvety soft, pigmented and dead easy to blend. I love Tyranny – the colour reminds me of a chocolate fudge gelato and Vengeance is equally delicious. Helpfully there is a ‘Get the Look’ card with a step-by-step guide included on how to recreate Mia’s look.


Unusually a glitter liquid eyeliner has been thrown into the mix. The heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Gunmetal (£14) is a clear base with black and silver glitter. It’s a water-based, buildable formula with peach and cucumber extract to condition the skin and carrot extract to smooth and soften. The product is also paraben-free.

urbandecay_pulpfiction_linerIt’s the only item I would skip buying as it doesn’t excite me greatly and it’s not something I would reach for repeatedly. If I am in need of a glitter eyeliner (which I’m not as I find them pretty pointless), I can find cheaper alternatives in Superdrug.

urbandecay_pulpfiction_eyeLipstick Mrs Mia Wallace (£15) joins the series of Urban Decay’s brilliant Revolution lipsticks with a matching 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil (£13) with the same namesake. I have a few of Revolution lippies so I am familiar with the rich, creamy formula and the slick bullet that makes for easy application. I cannot get enough of Mrs Mia Wallace – it’s my kind of deep blood red.

urbandecay_pulpfiction_lipstick urbandecay_mrsmiawallace_lipstickswatchesMia’s nails also get attention and I have a feeling I will have to buy back-ups because it’s THE red I’ve been missing for years. I was in love with Miss Selfridge nail polishes when I was at school and Trash was my absolute number one choice – a deep burgundy red with a gold shimmer until that (and the entire range) was discontinued. Well it’s been reincarnated in the form of Mrs Mia Wallace thanks to Urban Decay and I, for one, could not be happier.

urbandecay_mrsmiawallace_nailpolish urbandecay_pulpfiction_nails2The formula is excellent with opacity in one coat though you ought to layer on a second for optimum colour. I kept this on my nails for three days with no chipping. However I struggled with the brush as it’s really thin, which means the risk of picking up too much product to speed up the process and making a mess. Still, I can let that one slip when the colour is stunning.

If you were too young to remember when Pulp Fiction came out, I hate you. Having said that, there couldn’t be anything better to introduce a new generation to a cult classic (and for fans to revisit the movie) than this brilliant and clever collection. Let me know what you think of this, honey bunnies.

Urban Decay’s glorious Pulp Fiction collection is available from Debenhams and House of Fraser in store and online, Selfridges Birmingham and at and to name just a few.