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Sleek: Garden of Eden

It has been a long while since I’ve ventured towards Sleek. I guess it’s because nothing jumped out at me or perhaps they were eclipsed by the explosion of Make-up Revolution duping every palette, left, right and centre. So it was a surprise when I was wandering around Superdrug and I spotted their limited edition palette, Garden of Eden. The latest instalment in the high street friendly brand’s i-Divine eyeshadow palettes, Garden of Eden is a mixture of earthy greens, browns and plum tones and you know, I get like my cat when he gets a whiff of Whiskas’ Temptations

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Bourjois Colorband Eyeshadow & Liner

Bourjois can do no wrong. I’m sure I’ve said this countless number of times before but if not, I would just like to put that out there. In neon lights. Their new ColorBand Eyeshadow and Liner Crayons* are shadows on a stick. Quick to apply straight onto the lids and easy to blend with your ring finger, they are the epitome of high street beauty chic – affordable without compromising on quality. I have the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow sticks (which are £19 each) and in direct comparison, Bourjois’s come in at £5.99 each. We have six flattering shades to suit

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