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Models Own Colour Chrome

Spring is in the shops and if Models Own’ newest collection Colour Chrome* is anything to go by, it’s bang on trend to fit with the colour wash of pastels and brights that await us. (Please can someone press the fast-forward button on February?) There are 10 molten metal nail polishes housed in shiny metallic bottles that give a foil-like finish. I have Mauve, Gold and Indigo¬†– not particularly mind-blowing names but then why make something complicated when it’s so obvious? Mauve is a beauty but Indigo is my firm favourite – not indigo as such, more denim blue. Gold

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Orly Darkest Shadow

Oh my, oh my, oh my, Orly! How have you created this beauty? No picture can possibly do this shade justice or indeed capture its true identity. Darkest Shadow* is from Orly’s Smoky collection. There are six shades in total, with bold saturated colours inspired by the shades of the smokiest eyes coupled with dusty tones. Darkest Shadow wins hands down without a doubt. It’s an oil slicked black with a burgundy shimmer that sometimes looks orange, brown or ruby red as the light catches it. A rubber based lid makes it easy to grip and apply the polish neatly

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