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Laser Hair Removal with sk:n

Hair removal is such a pain – in more ways than one. If you’re fed up with shaving and waxing, the long term solution is laser hair removal. As somebody who’s tried it and successfully undergone a course of treatments, laser hair removal is absolutely fantastic. It’s quick, virtually painless and crucially, it works, getting rid of around 80% or more of the hair. Let’s clear up one thing first though – laser is not the same as IPL (intense pulse light), which merely reduces the appearance of unwanted hair. Laser targets the root of the hairs therefore it is

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Review: VEET Professional Warm Wax

The change in weather always gets everyone in a good mood. Then you realise it’s that time of the year where the legs are going to have to come out of winter hibernation from the 40 denier tights (or trousers, if you will) and get defuzzed. When I learned VEET (who, in my eyes, are the pioneers of DIY hair removal) had brought out their latest waxing arsenal – the stripless Professional Warm Wax – I got excited. When has VEET ever let me down? I knew this would be good. VEET’s Professional Warm Wax* is a pot of microwaveable wax that

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Nair Argan Oil Salon Divine Body Wax ‘Bye Bye Pain’ Formula

Do you remember when I posted a photo of my hairy legs? Here’s a friendly reminder. That was over four years ago so I figured it was time to revisit the moment. Don’t be horrified – we all have hair on our legs (though thankfully not of the Yeti scale on my pins). Normally our legs go into hiding during the colder months and then we are encouraged to whip them out when the weather becomes warmer but I couldn’t take any more of the fuzz and so I grabbed a pot of home wax and decided to entertain myself

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