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Firstly, apologies for the delay in a follow-up post. I descended into the pit of over-indulging in unhealthy food over the festive period whilst at the same time, the cogs of blogging ground to a halt, not to mention I was at work during Christmas too. Any way! I know many of you are curious about my findings with using the Tria.

To recap, if you haven’t read my introductory post, it’s here. If you want it summed up in a sentence, the Tria is the first permanent hair removal device for home use AND it’s cordless.

I decided to focus on my underarms first. It’s less surface area to cover and personally the one area I am concerned about the most since I abhor fuzzy pits! I am also determined to eradicate the final bits left over from the professional laser treatment I had nearly five years ago.

The cooling gel is highly recommended when using the Tria at the highest level but if you are feeling hardcore then don’t let me stop you. (Ohh it’s a deep burn! Oh, it’s so deep. I can barely lift my right arm…)

I decided to watch a movie (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in case you’re wondering), smeared the gel on the skin and pressed ‘start’ on the Tria. The action kicked off on level 3 and once I was comfortable, I moved it up a notch to level 4 (5 is the highest).

The stronger the level setting, the more effective the results are said to be and the fewer treatments you will need. I found the sensation of the laser isn’t the same all over. It was more noticeable in the centre region of the underarms and on the outer, I didn’t feel a thing so I happily went over some patches repeatedly.

It took about 250 flashes to cover one pit which was around 15 minutes so not long. Fortunately I didn’t have a reaction or any redness from using the Tria. That said if users experience this, then it should dissipate within 24 hours.

As I had warmed up, I decided to do a patch on my left leg, which again took between 5-10 minutes and didn’t hurt. I estimate it would take an hour to do half a leg, maybe? I could power through the Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back. I’m not sure how long a fully charged Tria would last but possibly enough to cover both lower legs. Then again, if you’re an Amazonian goddess with legs up to your armpits, then the battery could die out sooner.

After one treatment two weeks later, I can see small patches of bare skin and some follicles that are very short (almost like stubble), perhaps indicating where the Tria has been successful. Bear in mind everyone’s growth varies in speed and thickness depending on their hormones.

With regular use I can see the hairs disappearing. Tria claims results will be significantly noticeable after 3 months…3 months is 12 weeks…12 weeks is 6 treatments in total (considering the Tria is used once a fortnight).

I have a hectic and sometimes messy life so to find an hour to myself for hair removal is asking for a lot especially when shaving takes a few minutes. However, you can use the Tria whilst watching TV for example. It’s not messy or complicated, and doesn’t require much concentration or absolute accuracy.

I should point out that laser is a different kind of ‘pain’ to waxing or epilating, the latter probably inflicts more hurt but I won’t bat an eyelid at putting myself through it. However, I do wince a bit with laser, I suppose it’s because it’s akin to an electric shock combined with a rubber band pinging on your skin.

It is difficult to distinguish which parts you may or may not have covered, so you do have to overlap.  However, once you invest in a Tria, the cost of it stops right there. The device has no limits or battery life so you can zap away to your heart’s content. To be honest, most people would be grateful to see a reduction in unwanted hair and a Tria is a far more worthwhile investment at £375 than thousands through a clinic or salon.

I’m going to do another follow-up post in 10 weeks with pictures. After one treatment, it’s too early to see any significant results. Many of you have sent me messages on Twitter enquiring about what the Tria is like to use and how I’m getting on so I hope this account has answered a few questions. Don’t forget you can post a comment below if you have any other burning questions.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is available from Space NK, Selfridges and TRIA beauty directly.

*PR sample

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If you know eyebrow threading, you’ll know who this lady is. Well, I do. Shavata Singh is the queen of brow shaping and a few weeks ago I had the honour of meeting her AND having my brows shaped by her too. I was beyond excited to say the least.

When I started having my brows threaded, it was considered an alien thing. Now the ratio of brow bars equals coffee shops – there’s one on every street corner and the temptation has meant I’ve developed an awful habit of sloping off to any brow bar simply for convenience. However after a visit to Shavata’s flagship salon, I realised I ought to stop neglecting my duty of care on my brows and treat them with the same respect as I do with my hair.

Your brows are an important feature. They define your face hugely. If they’re shaped wrong, it can add years on. If they’re not shaped evenly (as I’ve discovered in the past), it totally messes up the symmetry of your face. Eyebrow shaping is as much an art and skill as hair cuts and bikini waxing. But plucking them alone isn’t where the buck stops. It goes beyond that which is what I discovered upon meeting Shavata.

Shavata is a stunning lady. A slim pretty thing with a firm handshake. I like that. I don’t have time for anyone who does limp handshakes. Shavata has been on top of her game for 25 years. The grooming guru of brows used to be based in Harrods’ Urban Retreat but in the summer, opened a new salon a stone’s throwaway from the Knightsbridge store on Beachamp Place, which takes pride at being her flagship brow studio. It is two floors with the basement currently undergoing a change to introduce massage and treatment rooms. There are also 21 brow studios all over the country, including ones at Debenhams, House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols offering a range of beauty treatments including waxing and lash extensions.


Leanne having her brows threaded by Shavata

After being introduced to Shavata, I had a consultation about my concerns and what I was looking for with my brows but I had put my trust in her before I met her. I know this lady is amazing, why should I dispute her opinion? Besides if anyone understands brows better, it is ALWAYS an Asian. Trust me on this.

Shavata is the first person I’ve met who will use up to three different methods to shape brows. Leanne (a virgin to threading) also had her brows tinted. For me, Shavata went straight for a strip of wax before threading to further define the arch of my brows. It’s the first time I’ve let wax touch them. Terrifying! Then she advised me how I could enhance my brows more and fill in the gaps with a soft pencil and a highlighting pencil. I must admit this made a noticeable difference.

Shavata’s belief is to keep brows looking natural and to not look as if they have been ‘done’. No one should leave a brow bar with tranny brows. Clients of all sorts come to Shavata whether it’s someone with pale skin and red hair and Shavata will do something magical. She truly goes one step further.

I’m afraid the only pictures I got of my brows were on my phone but you can see how Shavata perfectly shaped and shaded them. I’m so pleased with how they look:

IMG_2365 IMG_2366

I left Shavita’s salon feeling like I had been pampered just as I would from a hair cut or facial. The next day, I bumped into a friend whilst out shopping and her immediate reaction was “I love your eyebrows!”. I haven’t heard that in a long time. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have heard that at all.

Prices start from £17.00 for brow shaping with a therapist, £25.00 with a senior therapist and £35.00 with Shavata.

Shavata Brow Studio is at 60 Beauchamp Place, London, SW3 1NZ, open Monday-Saturday. To find your nearest brow studio, visit

*I was a guest at Shavata Brow Studio

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Five whole years have passed since I underwent professional laser hair removal. I chose to have my underarms zapped and remember whimpering at handing over one lump sum payment for a course of six treatments – the clinic was very pushy!

Thankfully the investment paid off. It has reduced the growth drastically (I would say it’s 90% gone). The regrowth is sparse and finer too, and to get rid of any stray (short) hairs, it’s a quick razor job.

Despite this, removing unwanted body hair is still a chore (as I am sure it is for plenty of women) so it was as if my prayers had been answered when this retro looking device was delivered to my house.  Meet Tria.  She is is the first and only cordless hair removal laser available for home use.

Tria’s portable device guarantees permanent results. It’s the only product on the market that uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists to deliver permanent results at home. This upgraded model comes with an exclusive new Pulse Counter so you can keep track of progress.

Until now, laser hair removal was only reserved for the salon or cosmetic clinic and it still remains to be very expensive. If you wanted something at home, the next best thing was IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which has flooded the market for personal grooming.

I’ve tried an IPL machine that was the size of a Dyson vacuum cleaner and the  design of that alone was a ball ache. Hey, while we are on the subject of IPL, I would like to straighten out one thing here. Laser is permanent and IPL reduces hair growth.  So that IPL machine you bought last Christmas is not going to leave you fuzz-free. It will just be less hairiness to deal with. It also as a limited life-span. There are only so many flashes it comes loaded with before you have to get it recharged/refilled when it runs out. Honestly, it’s so much effort and it’s not permanent!

But back to Tria. The device looks like a retro hair dryer. It even comes in limited edition colours which bears no meaning other than it makes it look oh so purdy.  (Mine is coral pink!) The regular model is in white. What I’m excited about is it’s A) cordless and B) you don’t wear protective glasses to use it as professional laser hair removal requires you to and some IPL devices too. It’s also extremely light-weight to hold but by no means is it inferior in power. In fact, if you whack it up to the top setting, it does hurt!

First you have to prep the skin by cleansing, shaving and towel-drying. This will allow the laser treatment to be most effective since the Tria laser works on the hair inside the follicle that’s under the surface of the skin.

Switching on and operating Tria is easy. It has a safety lock which will only be released when the skin sensor on the base is placed on the area you wish to treat. If skin is too dark, it won’t unlock. Instantly Tria bleeps a fanfare and is ready to use.


Then you set the level of power which ranges from 1 to 5. The higher you go, the faster and better the results will be and the fewer treatments you’ll need in the long run. Level 1 is virtually non-existent, level 3 feels like a sharp rubber band snapping against your skin and level 5? Well I admit I get my lady garden butchered with hot wax but surprisingly I am too scared to go that hardcore. Everyone’s pain threshold is different plus depending where on the body the device is used, the reaction will differ. There is a cooling gel available that will help prep the skin against the stronger settings although I may try a frozen packet of peas. (Ice is fantastic for numbing the pain – it’s what gets me through the bikini waxes!)

To use you just place the laser tip on the spot you want to zap and press the handle. If it beeps twice, you’ve made a successful zap. If it does a sort of Family Fortune type wrong answer buzzer sound, the laser tip wasn’t touching the skin at the correct angle.


It is advised you slightly overlap the areas you treat to ensure maximum coverage. Once lasered, you should avoid waxing or plucking or the hair follicle will be stimulated and grow again. The laser is actually killing the hair at its root and by removing the excess with shaving, it will target the area directly and thus be effective.

The folks behind Tria recommend you use it once a fortnight and after the first two weeks, apparently the results are noticeable. In between sessions, if or when hairs grow back, you’re meant to shave it off. Because Tria doesn’t have a battery life, you can carry on using it till you’ve killed every bastard hair follicle. And that’s how it works. It’s safe to use on legs, bikini area, back, stomach, face (not the eyebrows), arms and for both men and women.

Now that I’ve explained how Tria works and given you some background information, I should let you know I’ve started using Tria, notably on my underarms, which is super quick to cover. Although I had this area lasered previously, I would like to treat it further to eradicate the remaining stray fuzz. I’m also going to use it on my legs, which will take some time but at least I can watch the TV at the same time.

In the past, I tried IPL but the fact the results aren’t permanent put me off and I wondered if the effort of undergoing what is effectively quite a different kind of pain to waxing and epilating was worth the hassle. I have strong hopes for Tria so fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint. I will report back with my findings in a couple of weeks so make sure that you check back to see how I got on after the first treatment. In the mean time, if you have any questions about using this hair removal laser device, do post them in the comments box below.

Tria’s Hair Removal Laser 4X is available from Space NKSelfridges and Tria beauty directly and is priced at £375.

*PR sample

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