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Remington’s Keratin Therapy Pro Hair Dryer & Straightener

When it comes to hair maintenance, I am a salonistic snob. Is there such a word? Probably not. I My hair is very much a big part of my appearance so I like to make sure it looks its best with regular salon visits for cuts and colour. In between I can’t manage without blasting it with a hair dryer and keeping it slick with straighteners. This is the perils of having a bob. Sure, I give my hair hell with exposing it to these appliances several times a week but I can’t manage without the two if I don’t want

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Remington Vintage Glamour Evening

Last week Remington invited a group of bloggers to vintage clothing boutique Lucy In Disguise for an evening of hair and clothing dressage. Remington Session Stylist Chris Appleton and his team were on hand to show us how to create on-trend retro styles with the latest Remington styling tools in the boutique’s very own parlour and I’ve got to say, it was a brilliant evening. Having short hair, I am usually quite limited in options. Most of the other girls had lovely long tresses to create glamour-puss Rapunzel hairstyles. However when my stylist Evie took one look at me, she squealed and

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