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When it comes to hair maintenance, I am a salonistic snob. Is there such a word? Probably not. I My hair is very much a big part of my appearance so I like to make sure it looks its best with regular salon visits for cuts and colour.

In between I can’t manage without blasting it with a hair dryer and keeping it slick with straighteners. This is the perils of having a bob. Sure, I give my hair hell with exposing it to these appliances several times a week but I can’t manage without the two if I don’t want to look like I come from Frizzville.

Taking my concerns into careful consideration, Remington very kindly sent me their hair dryer and straightener from their Keratin Therapy range to try. I can see the market is flooded with straighteners but so far, all that distinguishes a lot of them is what colour they are and as for hair dryers, consumers tend not to be too fussed so long as it does its job.

The Keratin Therapy collection vows to reinstate shine, vibrance and health’ into our hair through the keratin infused plates. There are several tools in this collection including curling tongs.

Let’s look at the AC8000 Keratin Therapy Pro Hair Dryer first. Solidly built with a long cord and beautifully designed, it comes with 2 different sized concentrators and a diffuser. It has ionic and ceramic technology to ensure sleek tresses without frizz. There are 2 speed settings with 3 for heat settings for hot air and for cool shot which are easy to control.


The beast is a whopping 2200 watts and I can blow-dry my bob in 5 minutes flat with a smooth finish. Noise-wise, it’s pretty quiet and I have to dispute the negative reviews which knock it for drying time, weight and the end results. I have had no trouble using this dryer especially on some hair extensions I had added recently either.

The S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener has varied temperature settings (160°C – 230°C) and comes with a guideline for heat and hair types from very fine to thick. It heats up in 15 seconds and sounds a beep to let you know when it’s ready. It will also shut down after an hour if left inactive.


The device has plates that are infused with Keratin and once the straightener heats up, the keratin is transferred to the hair and locked in. The keratin is said to last the lifetime of the straightener as well.



The straightener also comes with a Heat Protection Sensor embedded in the top plate that detects moisture levels in the hair and optimises temperature to protect from damage. It comes with a lengthy swivel cord making it easy to handle the straightener.

I have really enjoyed using this straightener for the past couple of months. It gives my hair shine and locks in the frizz. There is minimal damage on the ends which is expected when I’m using heated tools almost daily and they glide through my hair extensions absolutely fine.


I own both GHD and Cloud 9 straighteners so I’m in a good position to pass judgement. I know often the decision is down to personal choice, and what feels good on one person may not necessarily translate to another. However what Remington has done to make hair styling tools more accessible in terms of performance and affordability is commendable, sitting mid-range.

Interestingly, my very first straightener was by Remington with a little water reservoir for steam. They’re incredibly sophisticated and slick now, and the gap between high street and high end is tight. Salons favour the expensive tools otherwise what would set them apart? But using Remington’s Keratin Therapy hair dryer and straightener has regained my trust and confidence.

The Keratin Hair Dryer retails for £49.99 and comes with a 5 year guarantee and the Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener normally retails for £89.99. I would shop around as I have seen the two on special offer for £30 and £60 respectively by some retailers.

What are your thoughts? Do you own anything from this collection? I’d love to know what you think of the other styling tools from Keratin Therapy.

For more information on Remington’s Keratin Therapy range, you can find videos and more on their microsite here.

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Last week Remington invited a group of bloggers to vintage clothing boutique Lucy In Disguise for an evening of hair and clothing dressage.

Remington Session Stylist Chris Appleton and his team were on hand to show us how to create on-trend retro styles with the latest Remington styling tools in the boutique’s very own parlour and I’ve got to say, it was a brilliant evening.

The fabulous Gemma from London Beauty Review going for a 1920s pin-up style with the help of Chris Appleton

Having short hair, I am usually quite limited in options. Most of the other girls had lovely long tresses to create glamour-puss Rapunzel hairstyles. However when my stylist Evie took one look at me, she squealed and knew exactly what to do with my barnet.

She went straight for The Bardot, explaining my length was just perfect for this style.

With a spot of back-combing from the roots and loads of hair spray she held my hair in place with hair-pins and finished off my fringe with a lift from Remington’s Keratin Therapy Pro Volume Brush (£29.99) from their Keratin Therapy range designed not only to style hair but also protect.

Remington’s Keratin Therapy Pro Volume Brush

Et voila! Party hair!

I had no idea I could do something like this and so easily (in about 5 minutes) – that’s less time than it takes to run a straightener through.

No one sees me with my hair up so I surprised quite a few including my work colleagues (yeah, I managed to sleep in it and the style remained intact!)

Feeling confident, I attempted it for a night out on Saturday and although the back was a little messy, I think I did alright.

You too can have fun recreating a classic hair-do with Remington’s styling video.

To find out more Remington’s Keratin Therapy range click here. I’ll be bringing you my verdict on some of the collection soon.