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Rituals’ Hammam collection

I like Rituals. I especially like the last two collections, the Laughing Buddha and Indian Summer, but I think this time Rituals has outdone itself with a makeover of their Hammam collection*. I’m not familiar with the original but the new collection is nothing short of divine and it’s right

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Rituals’ Indian Summer

Every year we hope for an Indian summer and it’s fair to say this year is turning out to be not too shabby. One such brand is very optimistic about the English weather sizzling and that’s Rituals with its new limited edition collection inspired by the flowers of India. Giving flowers

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Rituals: The Laughing Buddha collection

Happiness. Is that too much to ask for? Well Rituals has a new collection that may help channel positive and happy vibes. It’s called the Laughing Buddha, which should raise a smile on its name alone. The Laughing Buddha was a famous monk in ancient China who brought happiness (natch!)

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Christmas wrapped up

Hey, I’m sorry for the radio silence. I returned from Hamburg on my birthday and then endured the slowest working week (3 days, can you believe it?) before a mad dash at the weekend to the supermarket to get all my ingredients for the roast I’ll be doing on Christmas

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Rituals Sunrise

I love indulging in scrubs (as I do with lip glosses, eyeshadows, blushers, foundations, serums, creams…oh, the whole shebang!) I am not sure why…maybe it’s because a scrub exfoliates and makes you feel really clean. Your skin certainly glows after the dead skin on the surface is removed, which reminds

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