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I like Rituals. I especially like the last two collections, the Laughing Buddha and Indian Summer, but I think this time Rituals has outdone itself with a makeover of their Hammam collection*. I’m not familiar with the original but the new collection is nothing short of divine and it’s right up my street as I bloody love hammams.

To me a hammam is the ultimate cleansing and beautifying treatment. It’s a tradition that has stood the test of time, centuries old yet undisputed and thankfully still part of local culture in countries like Turkey and Morocco (which I am envious of).

Fortunately Rituals’ new look Hammam collection brings a taste of a hammam to your private bathroom. The Hot Scrub is now available in a bigger, transparent jar to keep skin smoother and softer for longer, while the Hammam Body Mud has been reformulated with mineral-rich Rhassoul Clay, to nourish and revitalise.

There are nine products in the range of which I’ve been indulging in four. Hammam Olive Secret (£8.50/150ml) is a shower paste that is the same colour and consistency of Vicks Vapour Rub but that it cleanses and prepares the skin for exfoliation. It contains eucalyptus so be weary if you’re not keen on the smell. I love it and it’s just what is needed as the days are getting colder.

The Hammam Hot Scrub (£19.50/250ml) is a favourite of mine as I love a good scrub and this certainly lives up to my expectations.  It contains natural purifying sea salt, warming ginger and eucalyptus. The scrub is quite potent, allowing the scent to boost your mood and unblock your sinuses if you have a cold but it’s also of a gritty texture which makes for an effective treatment.

There is also a foaming shower gel courtesy of Hammam Delight (£8.50/200ml), which is enriched with eucalyptus (yep, that again) and rosemary, and Spark of Hammam, a nourishing body lotion (£12.50/250ml).

I am keen to try some other bits from the vast range such as the scented candle, fragrance sticks, bath oil and the body mud, so I will be hot-footing it down to my nearest Rituals shop and filling my basket.

The renewed Hammam collection is out now at Rituals stores and online as well as selected House of Fraser and John Lewis stores.

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rituals_summerltdeditionEvery year we hope for an Indian summer and it’s fair to say this year is turning out to be not too shabby. One such brand is very optimistic about the English weather sizzling and that’s Rituals with its new limited edition collection inspired by the flowers of India.

Giving flowers is an old ritual in India. It symbolises love and devotion be it to humans or gods with the Lotus in particular signifying absolute beauty, purity and enlightenment. Based on this Indian tradition, Rituals has created five products designed with White Lotus and Bergamot for a hypnotically beautiful and sensual collection with intricate Indian floral designs on the packaging too.

These are the Lotus Shimmer Body Cream* (£18.50), Flower Power Foaming Gel* (£8.50), Summer Bliss Shower Oil* (£8.50), Indian Blossom Fragrance Sticks* (£24.50) and Lotus Secret Scented Candle* (£19.50).

Flower Shower Foaming Gel joins the rest of the foaming shower gels and is refreshing on the skin, leaving it soft to touch afterwards. It’s also become my favourite foaming shower gel from Rituals so I will be stocking up on this for my bathroom cabinet.

Lotus Shimmer Body Cream comes with a twist – it’s a rich, whipped body cream with a touch of shimmer to give you that all important sun-kissed glow. The shimmer is very subtle and very nice. It’s got me longing for a holiday in a scorching climate so I can get bronzed up and slather this all over my arms and legs.

If it’s a soak in the tub that you’re after then Summer Bliss Shower Oil, which transforms into silky soft foam when in contact with water, will leave your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

This brings me nicely onto the Lotus Secret Scented Candle, a truly wonderful accompaniment to the collection and one which creates a calming ambience in your home. I don’t usually burn candles in the summer (preferring to reserve that ritual for the colder months) but this one has changed my mind. The box in which it comes has been designed in such a way to resemble a Lotus flower opening up – really clever and cute!

Finally (and not pictured) there is the Indian Blossom Fragrance Sticks, an alternative safe choice to the candle (for my mum any way as she is freaked out about burning candles in the home) which has a refreshing scent to light up any room in the house.

The entire collection is a hit for me. Often you can pick and choose a favourite but this one brings out the greed in me – I love ALL of it. Rituals, I reckon this is your finest yet.

Rituals Summer Limited Edition Collection is out now in Rituals stores and in selected House of Fraser and John Lewis stores as well as online but jaldi! It’ll be gone soon (much like our summer).