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AromaWorks: Body Brilliance Exfoliate

AromaWorks is a totally British brand which offers a range of natural, aromatherapy skincare and home fragrances. Entirely manufactured and packaged in the UK the products contain 100% pure essential oils and boast therapeutic qualities as well as clinical effectiveness. The extensive range of organic products include scented candles, body care and facial skincare and judging by their descriptions, I feel inclined to pour a small fortune into acquiring quite a few of them. The one I’ve been using recently is their Body Brilliance Exfoliate* – a gritty body scrub containing Himalayan sea salts, lavender, chamomile and sandalwood that detoxifies

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Kneipp is a name I’ve heard nothing but good things about. It’s a German brand that offers natural products and remedies, including herbal bath salts and essential oil soaks, body washes, lotions and skin conditioners. It’s not a brand built around image or a high-end marketing campaign, it’s pure and unadulterated with therapeutic powers. And it doesn’t cost a fortune either. The name comes from Sebastian Kneipp, a Bavarian priest born in the 19th century who healed himself from a severe case of tuberculosis by taking short immersions in the freezing cold Danube. From this he began an intensive study of

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Honeymania by The Body Shop

Honey really is good for you, not just to cure ailments and to enhance the taste of food, it’s also a great beauty ingredient whether it is a moisturising face mask or in sugaring for hair removal. It seems like we take the humble honey bee for granted and after realising the truth behind the golden nectar, I’m certainly going to value every drop of it. Limited edition for the autumn, the Body Shop’s latest collection, Honeymania aims to enrich you on the outside. It’s my favourite range from them so far because each product is mesmerising and it’s a

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