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Honey really is good for you, not just to cure ailments and to enhance the taste of food, it’s also a great beauty ingredient whether it is a moisturising face mask or in sugaring for hair removal. It seems like we take the humble honey bee for granted and after realising the truth behind the golden nectar, I’m certainly going to value every drop of it.

Limited edition for the autumn, the Body Shop’s latest collection, Honeymania aims to enrich you on the outside. It’s my favourite range from them so far because each product is mesmerising and it’s a Community Fair Trade collaboration so every purchase will benefit the honey farmers in Ethiopia where the honey is produced from.

When you think of honey, you usually imagine sweetness except this collection isn’t, which was my initial assumption when I got wind of The Body Shop bringing out a honey-themed set of products. I’m relieved it isn’t as the usual honey scent would result in a rather sugary overload.

The honey used in these products is organically sourced from the remote Sheka rainforest in Ethiopia but what makes this kind of honey different from the rest is its distinctive, floral aroma all because of the fragrant rainforest flowers the bees harvest the nectar from. It’s the scent alone that immediately hits you as soon as you as you open a tub of the scrub, bath melt or body butter. Honestly it’s a gorgeous smell and it lingers subtly on your skin.


The Body Shop’s Honeymania collection is made up of the classic Body Butter (£13), Bubble Bath Melt (£8), Body Scrub (£12.50), Shower Gel (£4), Eau de Toilette (£8.50), Lip Balm (£4 and Soap (£2) – price wise it’s all too good to resist. The shower gel has made its way into my kit bag for post-running showers and has me sniffing my arms because it smells so divine (sorry for the almost half empty bottle in the picture – I couldn’t wait).

The scrub is a corker.  I don’t like half-arsed scrubs that don’t do anything or ones that are more like a lotion with a few rough bits. This cream body scrub is the bee’s knees. It’s a thick, creamy texture that combines to exfoliate and moisturise. I’ve tried other scrubs from the Body Shop and this one is totally different and far superior.


I also adore the Body Butter which comes as no surprise as the Body Butters are always good. Honeymania’s Body Butter looks good enough to eat – smooth, creamy and sweet on the skin.


Those are my key favourites from Honeymania and ones I’ll be stocking up on. All in all it’s a very cute collection that floats like a butterfly and not sting like a bee. My only disappointment is it’s limited edition. Why must you do this, Body Shop, why??? *sobs*

The Body Shop has a fantastic offer online right now – buy 8 items or more and get 50% off. Go, go, go!

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I never thought I would see the day I would use FemFresh.  There you go, I’ve confessed. Well who admits to using a ‘feminine hygiene’ product? And what’s the point of it? If you keep yourself clean every day, you’re not likely to be aggravated ‘down there’, are you? And if you are, well sometimes the reasons are beyond your control and that’s when a trip to the GP or chemist is in order…or have I misunderstood the need for this product?

FemFresh, which has been repackaged and relaunched in a choice of 3 scents (the one above is enriched with cranberry oils), is safe enough to wash with so your lady parts won’t be agitated, which can often be the case with some soaps and gels that are highly perfumed. However the emphasis with FemFresh now is that it’s not just limited for ‘down there’, it is  a  shower cream for all over…so that’s less embarrassing.

It’s a very plain and simple wash, subtly scented but doesn’t linger on the skin. I reckon this product would be ideal post-pregnancy or indeed for anyone super-sensitive and at £3.49 for 250ml a  bottle, it will last a long time.

FemFresh also has a travel size available and interestingly wipes, which would be perfect for festivals although they should do handbag sizes for emergencies. How many times have you gone to the loo and there wasn’t any toilet roll? Precisely the case on South Beach when I was bursting to release the bladder. Too much? Sorry.

Come on then, do you use femine hygiene products or do you reckon it’s all a load of…?

For further information visit

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Rituals Sunrise


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I love indulging in scrubs (as I do with lip glosses, eyeshadows, blushers, foundations, serums, creams…oh, the whole shebang!) I am not sure why…maybe it’s because a scrub exfoliates and makes you feel really clean. Your skin certainly glows after the dead skin on the surface is removed, which reminds me, I must book myself in for another Turkish hammam…

It is essential you use a facial scrub at least twice a week but you shouldn’t also neglect the rest of your body. Apart from removing dead skin, a good body scrub will eliminate in-growing hairs and rejuvenate blood circulation.

Rituals recently sent me Sunrise Scrub (£8.90/150ml), their latest product to test. Enriched with sweet orange and Cedar, the subtly scented citrus fragrance infused is just the thing you need to wake you up in the mornings.

The scrub also incorporates a cream to cleanse and nourish the skin and it feels luxurious to use. Some scrubs can leave your skin feeling sticky and greasy – usually it’s sugary based scrubs. I realise sugar is an effective ingredient in exfoliation but it can also be a nuisance if the product itself isn’t formulated well.

As far as scrubs go, this one is very gentle though some may expect a more rigorous and effective scrub, which this is far from. I would say a gentle scrub such as Sunrise can be used a few times a week.

How much it costs is another factor, and £8.90 is considerably more than other similar products on the market. There is also a Sunrise Foaming Shower Gel Sensation (£6.90/200ml) available.

I am new to Rituals so if you have any recommendations of other products from their extensive range that I should try, please let me know. Often I pass their shop in St Pancras International station but don’t know what to go for.

Sunrise is available from Ritual stores,, selected House of Fraser stores and John Lewis stores nationwide.

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