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I’m awash with new shampoos and conditioners to review lately, which means my tresses are super shiny and clean. John Frieda’s Full Repair range is new and very affordable, addressing the common concerns of overworked, damaged hair from styling tools and such.

It boasts a strengthening formula with the exotic sounding Inca Inchi Oil and it’s rich in omega-3, which apparently reverses the look and feel of damaged hair to give bouncy, shiny locks and…oh, you get the picture.

Full Repair is on my carousel of hair stuff that I have on rotation and I admit it’s taken me by surprise. There is always that hesitation of using shampoos that promise the world for a few quid. Fortunately Full Repair has left my hair feeling nourished, very soft and shiny to run my fingers through and without that awful feeling of hair suffocating at the roots. It’s quite rich for my fine hair which is why I reserve use of it once a week. I am also trying not to become too dependent on sulphate and sodium chloride filled products.

I don’t believe there is any shampoo out there that magically repairs split ends though. Any brand that makes such claims is being plain silly. Only a regular trim will keep them at a low.

The John Frieda Full Repair Repairing Oil Elixir is something I use sparingly because I am nervous of adding hair oils when my hair goes greasy every other day. It’s basically a product to give a boost to shine and smoothness. It’s not a product I am likely to repurchase (unlike the shampoo and conditioner) because I don’t think I would get much use out of it. Besides, I am not Rapunzel.

The shampoo and conditioner are priced at £5.89 with the oil at £9.99 and are available at such retailers as Boots.

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Discovering Alterna has been one of my favourite beauty highlights of 2013. The results of using a sulphate and sodium chloride-free shampoo has added longevity to the condition and colour of my fine hair, so it’s with much excitement that I was kindly sent their Bamboo UV+ C Vibrant Color shampoo and conditioner for colour preservation to try.

The Bamboo range is designed to make your hair stronger, smoother and frizz-free whilst protecting and prolonging its colour from its formula that relies on Fair Trade, certified organic, eco-certified Bamboo Extract and Kendi Oil. It is also packed with rinse-resistant Color Hold® UV+ Technology for the highest level of colour protection.

Another wonderful thing about Bamboo is the production and sale of these products aid in supporting the development of local communities while remaining environmentally friendly. More and more of us are concerned about beauty products that are ethically produced so it’s reassuring to know Alterna takes this on board.

In terms of use, Bamboo has no surprises (in comparison to the other collections I’ve tried from Alterna). It boosts shine, my hair is easy to manage and comb through and my colour remains vibrant and strong. It’s also worth noting I live in a hard water area which normally sucks the life out your tresses.

It is a very gentle product and is even gluten-free so ideal for those who have an allergy to it. It is, however, less expensive than the Caviar collection at around £16 a bottle online. That might seem like a lot to invest in a shampoo and conditioner but it outlasts the average on-the-shelf stuff because so little goes a long way.

I do prefer the luxury of Caviar more but Bamboo serves nicely for taming my unpredictable hair on a more frequent use.

If you’re looking for a refreshing and different brand of haircare products to try, give Alterna a go. It’s becoming a firm favourite of mine and you know how fussy I am about what goes on my hair…

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I’ve become somewhat of a shampoo snob vowing to stay devoted to sulphate-free shampoos after parting with my hair extensions last month. But by some strange coincidence, suddenly all these shampoos and conditioners which aren’t sulphate-free have emerged, tugging at my arm and I feel kind of dirty about going back to the dark side.

One name responsible for luring me back is Trevor Sorbie’s Straight range which has been put together in one helpful collection. It is specifically for those who are fond of maintaining poker straight hair (like me) and comprises of a 250ml shampoo, a 250ml conditioner, a 50ml Styling Smoothing Serum and a 50ml Straight Protect & Shine spray. In the name of research, I have been using all of these products to see whether it’s beneficial at all.

The shampoo and conditioner has a lightweight formula that apparently tames flyaways and helps to remove kinks and waves, the serum is for use on wet hair before blow-drying and the Straight Protect & Shine spray is designed to guard the hair against temperature of up to 230°C from styling tools.

Truth be told, I’m a little bit in love with this range. I can’t say I have noticed anything with the shampoo and conditioner claiming to take out any kinks and waves in my hair but they have left it feeling like I’ve had it washed and styled in a salon. Simple things such as brushing and blow-drying alone has made the arduous task of styling my hair easier and quicker. The heat spray is wonderfully lightweight and gentle without building up congestion on my tresses, which is a first for me as normally heat protecting sprays leave my hair feeling icky.

At this point I need to give the Styling Natural Hold Hairspray a special mention even though it’s not part of this collection. It is, however, the icing on the cake – invisible to touch, couldn’t even tell it’s there (you’ve no idea how elated this makes me feel) and it does its job to keep my hair in place with minimal disruption.


And here’s genuinely how my hair looks after the Sorbie treatment:


…like I just walked out of a salon! Super sleek and glossy. Hnnggggh!

Having taken on board the advice Ian Carmichael gave about making good use of styling products and embracing hair spray as a layer of protection against man-made and natural humidity, the Straight range by Trevor Sorbie works in harmony for me. I will be adding the heat spray and hair spray to my list of supplies to stock up on fo’ sho’.

Trevor Sorbie’s Salon Approved Straight Collection is currently available at Boots for a bargainsome price of £15. Each product from the Straight range is available individually with prices starting at £5.29.

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P.S: Happy birthday, Sheenie!

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