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Clinique: Take The Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes

Make-up wipes. They’re frowned upon, right? We all know the kind of grief dished out with facial wipes – they’re not a substitute to cleansing your face, they sting (that’ll be the chemicals they’re saturated with), they dry your skin out if they contain alcohol and they’ll end up costing a lot if used regularly. But wipes have their uses and it’s when and how they are utilised that tips the scales in their favour. Clinique has introduced the latest addition to its make-up removal range, Take the Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes for Face & Eyes*. Towelettes? You mean

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Erborian Yuzu Skincare

I’m new to Erborian but from what I’ve learned about the skincare brand is it’s a relatively young one, having been established in 2007 by two ladies from almost opposite ends of the world: Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, and Katalin Berenyi, a beauty globe-trotter. Bringing together traditional South Korean beauty remedies with French luxury, it’s a name that has come leaps and bound, having launched the first BB cream in Europe in 2009 and in 2012, was taken under the wing of L’Occitane.  That’s a brief history on Erborian. What else can I tell you? Well Erborian has launched

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Review: Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer

This primer launched in February though I have intentionally held back until I had tested it ruthlessly. Considerably more expensive at £38, the difference is this primer is by a skincare specialist and one which knows a thing or two about promoting healthy looking skin. With Dermalogica’s sterling reputation, your trust is there from the start so how does this measure up? Well it’s a lightweight, non-greasy formula that targets minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. It also mattifies oily shine, leaving a silky, luminous finish and is suitable for all skin types though especially beneficial for

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