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AromaWorks: Serenity AromaBomb Duo

The woes of winter after the Christmas spell is nothing short of miserable. There is just something about this bleak time of the year that makes you feel blurrgh. To help get through the first two difficult months of the year (because we all perk up as soon as we get to March), AromaWorks’ latest offering, AromaBomb is a fine duo of bath bombs with therapeutic properties to coax you out of your cave. There are four different bath bomb treats to choose from based on four key scents – Nurture (pink), Inspire (green), Soulful (lilac) and Serenity (yellow), each

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Come fly with Heathrow

I can’t believe I’ve been back from Barcelona for nearly two weeks. I do have a very bad case of the holiday blues and am chalking up where to go for some sun next year. No doubt many of you will be jetting off somewhere in the coming months. Well if you are looking for something to get you in the mood for going away, I’ve got something to tell you. For some, the holiday begins from usually propping up the bar in the airport departure lounge (I find it bizarre how people drink before midday) but after you’ve got

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AromaWorks: Body Brilliance Exfoliate

AromaWorks is a totally British brand which offers a range of natural, aromatherapy skincare and home fragrances. Entirely manufactured and packaged in the UK the products contain 100% pure essential oils and boast therapeutic qualities as well as clinical effectiveness. The extensive range of organic products include scented candles, body care and facial skincare and judging by their descriptions, I feel inclined to pour a small fortune into acquiring quite a few of them. The one I’ve been using recently is their Body Brilliance Exfoliate* – a gritty body scrub containing Himalayan sea salts, lavender, chamomile and sandalwood that detoxifies

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