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Tart(e)ing Up

A couple of days ago, I posted on the arrival of Tarte to British shores via the vessel that is QVC. Now I’ve had a play with the make-up. I used the Sultry Sunset palette, mascara, Amazonian butter lipstick in Rose and the pink coral hue of the Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Fearless. Foundation and gel eyeliner were non-Tarte choices. The make-up was applied at 10:30am (yes, I remember the approximate time) and these photos were taken around 7:30pm on the same day. I didn’t reach for a touch-up on the eyeshadows and blusher at all so what you see

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Tria Hair Removal Laser x4: first time

Firstly, apologies for the delay in a follow-up post. I descended into the pit of over-indulging in unhealthy food over the festive period whilst at the same time, the cogs of blogging ground to a halt, not to mention I was at work during Christmas too. Any way! I know many of you are curious about my findings with using the Tria. To recap, if you haven’t read my introductory post, it’s here. If you want it summed up in a sentence, the Tria is the first permanent hair removal device for home use AND it’s cordless. I decided to

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