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Nair Argan Oil Salon Divine Body Wax ‘Bye Bye Pain’ Formula

Do you remember when I posted a photo of my hairy legs? Here’s a friendly reminder. That was over four years ago so I figured it was time to revisit the moment. Don’t be horrified – we all have hair on our legs (though thankfully not of the Yeti scale

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Tart(e)ing Up

A couple of days ago, I posted on the arrival of Tarte to British shores via the vessel that is QVC. Now I’ve had a play with the make-up. I used the Sultry Sunset palette, mascara, Amazonian butter lipstick in Rose and the pink coral hue of the Amazonian clay 12-hour

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Tria Hair Removal Laser x4: first time

Firstly, apologies for the delay in a follow-up post. I descended into the pit of over-indulging in unhealthy food over the festive period whilst at the same time, the cogs of blogging ground to a halt, not to mention I was at work during Christmas too. Any way! I know

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Naked 3 uncovered

I think it’s safe to assume there were a lot of happy faces at Christmas with many of you finding a Naked 3 palette in your stockings. A part of me feels guilty for relegating 1 and 2 to the back in favour of this but it’s so fiiiiine. I

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Remington’s Keratin Therapy Pro Hair Dryer & Straightener

When it comes to hair maintenance, I am a salonistic snob. Is there such a word? Probably not. I My hair is very much a big part of my appearance so I like to make sure it looks its best with regular salon visits for cuts and colour. In between

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Toni & Guy Touch Control Dryer

For years the hair styling tools market has been saturated with straighteners, but a good hair dryer is very much a staple requirement for anyone who takes haircare seriously.  With that in mind, I should tell you about Toni & Guy’s Touch Control Hair Dryer which I’ve been using for a

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