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Gone away…be back soon

I am writing this in the future for when you read this, I will be in a land, far, far away. In fact I will be waking up in Dubai. Now I realise I have been dormant on the blog with the exception of a few posts, but the truth

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New year, same old me

It’s 2017 – how did that happen? I really do sound like my dad when I moan how time is zooming past. Any way, happy new year, everyone! As you will have twigged, I haven’t updated the blog for a good couple of weeks and it feels great! In fact

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House of Fraser: The Cocktail Wheel

Christmas is days away and while buying presents and preparing for the big feast is on everyone’s minds, it’s often the case that drinks fall by the wayside and we just slope towards safe choices. House of Fraser has created the Cocktail Wheel featuring much-loved cocktail recipes paired with the

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Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser

I’ve seen the name Tata Harper bantered between beauty bloggers and if anything, made me think the name and face behind it is someone from Fulham, Kensington or Chelsea. I know I’m stereotyping but come on, you were thinking the same thing too, weren’t you? Any way, Tata Harper hails

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Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix

I’ve not batted an eyelid over Nip+Fab until recently, having tried a couple of their products. Now I want to try them all. Hey, it is alright to be fashionably late to the party, ne’ l’est pas? Nip+Fab have a wide range of skincare products addressing different concerns, including a

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10 Things to Think About When Getting a Cat

I’ve had my kitten Jahangir, for six glorious weeks. During this time, he’s welcomed a new legion of fans on his Instagram as well as visitors, conquered every corner of the house (truly living up to his name) and survived the pain of me accidentally stepping on his foot when he

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