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Helen’s back!

Yes, that’s right! Helen has come back to the dark side of blogging with her personal blog, Helen JNT (Just Narcissistic Things). Exciting stuff! I strongly suggest you subscribe to it so she won’t stop posting. It’s a wild mix of real-life woes, tales and even some beauty thrown in. I speak for many when I say I have missed Helen’s writing and at times, I truly thought she had hung up her hat for good but what a relief she saw the light and came back. Looking forward to many more blog posts from you, Helen!  Welcome back.


I meant to publish a new post on Sunday, Monday and today. I’ve got the content drafted but I’ve only just managed to get to my computer. You see, I’ve been distracted since the weekend that’s just passed – distracted with this little fuzz ball: This is Jahangir, my kitten. I know that’s a difficult name to pronounce so Jengy is fine (along with a heap of other affectionate nicknames). The name means ‘conqueror of the world’ and is very regal, which I reckon suits him down to a ‘T’. He’s a cream and white exotic shorthair and he’s amazing!

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Say what?

Every now and then, a thought pops into my head and leads me to write a frank post such as this and I publish it without hesitation. Strike while the iron’s hot, you know. Over the past six months, I’ve been hacking my in-box to pieces, deleting a stream of irrelevant press releases that manage to sneak their way in on a daily basis. I’m talking about utter drivel like ‘5 ways to exercise at home’ and ‘get the prefect selfie hairstyle’ and I have no idea how the senders got hold of my address. I don’t even bother to

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