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Goodbye 2015…hello 2016!

Happy new year! How quickly did 2015 whizz by? If you’re reading this, thank you for sticking by. I feel like I’m drowning amongst the sea of blogs out there (What am I talking about?! It’s a bloody ocean) but hey, this will be my SEVENTH year of Just Nice Things so I can’t be rid of that easily. So what do I plan to do in 2016? Is there anything different I will do? Do I plan to experiment more or introduce something new? No. I will carry on doing what I always have for the past six years.

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Hylamide Booster Series

Maintaining a regular and stringent skincare routine is one thing, adding another product to the heaving regime is another so what do you reckon to using a skin booster? It’s the latest skincare addition, which as its name suggests, boosts the skin’s appearance depending on what your concerns are. Like your diet, your skincare changes through the year be it from the weather, hormones or stress so a skincare booster goes that extra mile. Hylamide Booster has a series of serums that tackle different needs and can be used as part of any skincare routine before moisturising and/or make-up. Over

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A sad note

My beloved Sonu passed away on the morning of 14th August. He was discovered on the side of a busy main road by a lady on her way to her job – we assume he was hit by a car. He was only in my life for just over a year and a half but the impact he’s had on myself, my family and the neighbours is indescribable. I never knew it was possible to love a pet so much and being my first it hurts a lot. I wasn’t sure about publishing this post but Sonu was adored by

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