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Vashi Diamonds

There aren’t many things that I agree with Beyonce on but putting a ring on it is definitely one. I’m an old-fashioned girl at heart, however given the choice, I would choose my own ring than leave it to my beloved to decide. Call me picky but it’s a big deal. Then there is the dilemma of where to start because the choices are overwhelming when you are looking for that perfect rock. Thankfully help is at hand with Vashi, a luxury online diamond jeweller specialising in ethically sourced diamonds. Based in London’s Mayfair and founded by one of the

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Wrap Me

I’m the kind of person who takes pride in wrapping presents. I will go that extra mile and use double-sided sticky-tape as well as ribbons and bows and if I may be so bold to say, my present wrapping skills pretty sharp. I do believe it’s not just what’s inside the package that counts but what’s on the outside too, which is why I was thrilled to learn about Wrap Me, a new online service that helps you create personalised wrapping paper. All you do is log on https://wrap.me/ and follow the simple on-screen instructions.  You can then handpick up

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