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New YouTube video

Hello, just a quick one from me – I’ve added a new video to my YouTube channel. I will be creating more vlogs as and when it’s possible. Also there has to be something worth filming because you really don’t want to see what goes on in an average week of Sheenie Shaikh…or maybe you do? Any way, I hope you enjoy it – it’s only a few minutes long so shouldn’t bore you to tears too much. 😉

New YouTube video: my first travel vlog

Hello, folks! I’ve made a return to YouTube after an unexpected break of a few months. I know I don’t have to justify my reasons for not uploading a new video regularly, I just feel a tad guilty and unreliable when I don’t especially when there are 83 subscribers hanging on. It is something I’d love to do more of given the fact I used to make videos at college for one of my A-Levels and in my free time for fun as I chased a future in media and broadcasting. So yeah, before most YouTubers could walk, I made

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1-Day Acuvue Define: Natural Shimmer

I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 15. I have tried them all – monthlies, coloured and dailies. Monthlies were an arduous chore to clean daily and disinfect once a week. Coloured contacts (also monthlies) were never naturally convincing but in my defence I was 17. Then my optician introduced me to daily disposable contact lenses and I’ve never looked back since. Daily disposables lenses are the healthiest way to wear contact lenses because, instead of storing and cleaning them meticulously, you wear a fresh pair each time and discard after one wear. They truly are low maintenance and

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