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California Road Trip: Vlogged!

Two weeks flies when you’re having fun! Yes, Leanne and I are back from our epic US road trip across California (plus Nevada and Arizona). If you saw our snaps on Instagram, then you will have seen what we got up to in a fortnight. I also vlogged the entire trip and you can watch the first part below, which starts in Los Angeles. I will do my absolute best to edit and upload the subsequent videos though I apologise in advance if there is a gap in between as I’m only managing to edit after work and at the

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Clocking off for Cali

I’m signing off for the next 2-3 weeks as I’m off to California TODAY (plus Nevada and Arizona) for a road trip with the wifey. LA, Vegas, San Diego, Yosemite, Death Valley, San Francisco, Grand Canyon and a helluva lot more other places. I can’t recall them all – Leanne’s in charge of the itinerary, the playlists and the navigation – I’m going to be behind the wheel. It’s going to be wild – come on, join us! Wooooo! Seriously, we will be on the road and if you fancy seeing what we get up to, you can do so on our

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Making pizza with I Just Love It

This year marks the 21st anniversary of my oldest friendship. *sniff* She’s getting married this year as well so 2016 is going to be extra special. With such a long and lasting allegiance and practically knowing a person inside out, birthdays are a struggle (and her birthday is coming up next month). What do you get someone who’s grown out of bath stuff and perfume? The answer could be a personalised gift from IJustLoveIt.co.uk. This site is specifically geared towards customising gifts for all ages, tastes and occasions not just with names but messages, and the selection goes beyond the

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