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Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Paint


Cowshed definitely has the best names in its beauty range. Cheeky is the little sister and this season she brings a set of fresh, vibrant colours for your fingers and toes.

I was sent three playful shades to try which are right up my street: Flirt-ini, Flamin-go and Lemon Tart.


Flirt-ini is the most neon pink polish I’ve come across and it is gorgeous – perfect for your tootsies. It is thinner in formula compared to the other two (which are creme-based) but the finishing is super smooth.


Flamin-go and Lemon Tart are thick creme polishes that don’t streak. Flamin’go is just utterly gorgeous although I can’t decide between the three which one is my ultimate favourite.

All Cheeky polishes come with a wide brush to make painting easy and application neat, and the formula is smooth and pigmented as well. What’s there not to like?


Cheeky polishes are priced at a modest £7 and are available online at www.urcheeky.com.

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