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EOTD with Vivo part 2

Last month I blogged an EOTD post on Vivo eyeshadows. Here are three more which were sent to me by the lovely Rukhsana of Walking In A Beauty Wonderland. Thank you, Ruksana!

From left to right, we have Espresso, Mink and Pale Gold and here’s how they look:

I found these ones not as good as Slate and Golden Leaf. The paler shade is not as pigmented as I expected a Vivo eyeshadow to be on the basis of my experience previously and I found Espresso and Mink to crumble easily with the brush but I can’t really moan when they cost £1.50 each. After all these are exceptional value for money.

I think I will use a cream coloured base next time like one of those colour tattoo pots from Maybelline or a pigment cream from Illamasqua to boost their pigmentations and prolong the wear.

What do you think?

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“EOTD with Vivo part 2”

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