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Jo Malone is a brand that has been simmering under my radar for a little while. Of course I have heard about the candles, omnipresent in various diva’s dressing rooms, but for some reason, I hadn’t actually got around to trying the products for myself. Don’t know why as I’m a sucker for a scent.

The latest offering in the Jo Malone collection is Wild Bluebell. Touted as  “a fresh new scent with the shimmering sweetness of vibrant sapphire blooms…” containing “bluebell and clove topnotes with lily of the valley, eglantine, and jasmine, plus white amber and musk as the base notes”. That’s quite a complicated cocktail.

It smells beautiful. I’m not much of one for floral fragrances but this is floral with an edge. Sweet and fresh yet musky and really quite unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before.  Whilst the spring-like Bluebell may seem an odd choice for an Autumn/Winter release, this is because Jo Malone has made a donation to the Woodland Trust to preseve this quintessentially English flower that is sadly under threat of dying out.

Wild Bluebell is available in a range of formats, including 30ml and 100ml cologne (£36.00 and £72.00 respectively), a 250 ml body & hand wash (£30.00), a 175ml body creme (£48.00) and the famous home candle (£38.00).

Another release from Jo Malone that is geared towards a good cause is the Red Roses Body & Hand wash. You may have read on here the other day about Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign that runs during the month of October. The theme of the campaign is for people all over the world to join together to spread a message of hope and togetherness. Jo Malone London will be donating £5.00 from every bottle of Red Roses Hand & Body Wash, which will go towards essential funding for breast cancer research.

The hand and body wash itself is such good quality and smells divine. Like I say, I wouldn’t ordinarily pick a floral perfume from the shelf but Red Roses has perfectly captured the scent of a brand new bunch of roses. Close your eyes and sniff, and you wouldn’t know it was a cosmetic fragrance you were inhaling at all as it smells so natural. From what I can remember anyway – nobody has bought me roses in a very long time (hint to the Mr there).

Red Roses hand and body wash retails at £30.00, but don’t forget that £5.00 of that will be donated to the BCA Campaign. For more information, and to shop online (with worldwide delivery), please visit the Jo Malone website

What do you think? Do you have a favourite Jo Malone product?


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