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As something of a loyalist, I sometimes like to challenge myself to try out new brands and products that might not normally catch my eye. One such brand is New CID. I’ve heard good things about the products from other bloggers, and knew that they had won QVC’s “Best Newcomer in Beauty” 2011 award, s0 when I was offered an opportunity to roadtest some items from their range, I happily agreed.

Rather trendily, most of the products are named “i-something”. Not sure why, it just is. The range of lipsticks, for example, are called “i-pout”, the powder is “i-powder”, the bronzer is “i-bronzer” and so on. You get the idea.

First up, we have an i-Glow, which is effectively New CID’s answer to MAC’s MSF products.  A mineralised pressed dome, this is a really nice product. The packaging is a little bit clunky (although it smells really nice, like a new My Little Pony) but the mirror is sharp and the product is large and generous. A marbled mix of pink, white and golden tones, this comes together beautifully when swirled over with a large complexion brush.

It can also be used as a blusher but the pink tone is too light for me. However, when dusted lightly over the face after foundation, it creates a really soft glow (good old light-reflecting mineral pigments) and looks fantastic. I wore this to work today and received so many compliments from people saying how well I looked and that they couldn’t work out what was different.

 i-Glow retails at £19.99 and is available in Pink (seen here), Coral, and Gold. I want them all and would happily pay the best part of £20 – not only would they last for ages, you can’t put a price on looking good!

I have also been having a play around with i-Smoulder. This is a neat little idea, inspired by New CID’s make-up artists being asked on a regular basis how to create an easy smokey eye.

So what we have here is a flat slab of pencil, which winds up (no need to sharpen, hurrah) which is angled at the tip to enable you to draw on a thick line across the lid. This can then be blended in to create the smokey effect.

pencil fully extended

The other end heralds a little pot of highly pigmented shadow. There are several colours in the range so you can create pretty much any coloured smokey eye to suit your mood. I have a niggly suspicion that Ruby & Millie did something similar once though – can anyone confirm?

The fact that it is all in one place is very appealing, making it really easy to take this product away for a weekend (I mean take it with you when you go away, not treat it to a hotel break). I found that it was easier to draw on the pencil line first as whilst it is nice and pigmented, it didn’t show up as well over the eyeshadow.

So, here we have Sapphire (blue) and Amethyst (purple). Sapphire is definitely my favourite – mainly because I have been desperately trying to create a smokey navy blue eye (that looks navy and not grey on me).

It was 6.45am, ok!

Amethyst is lovely, but applies very pink on me. A pink smokey eye is all well and good and it’s a nice look, but when I wore this again I couldn’t resist blending in a darker shade into the crease for a contrast.

But I really do love Sapphire….

Sapphire i-Smoulder with Pink i-Glow

I like the idea of these. And the finished look is great. However, I am going to give up with the sponge applicator that dips into the powder. In order to be able to screw the powder-filled cap onto the end, the applicator is spring loaded. This means that every time I pressed it onto my eyelid, it retracted and bounced back, not really making for the most accurate application. It was pretty frustrating to be honest. Also, the sponge tip quickly got grimy as I was using these i-smoulders over a cream base.

The finished effect is great though. I have received so many compliments whenever I am wearing these and I love the idea of an all-in-one piece of kit. It really does create a fab smokey eye, and the pencil (which is very long and sturdy) glides on with no dragging. I’ve also played with using the powder wet and this works really well. My only worry is that the powder depository is tiny. I could use it up in a week, and for that reason alone, I’m not entirely sure that the i-Smoulders are worth the £18.50 that New CID are charging for them. I wonder if a refill is available? I’d definitely buy Sapphire in a loose powder form.

So what do you think? Is New CID a brand you’re familiar with? I think they are great products and interesting ideas and am looking forward to perusing the rest of the range. Products are stocked principally in Debenhams, and you can also order online and see all the rest of the products here.

And here’s a gratuituous kitty photo. She looks huge, doesn’t she?!


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