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GOSH Black Passion


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I haven’t heard a lot about GOSH recently. Perhaps because I have moved slightly further out of town and so I don’t spend every Saturday prowling the aisles of Superdrug like I used to – these days it is a little bit more of an effort to pop down to the high street so I only tend to go once every few weeks now.

So aside from reading blogs, I haven’t seen any new GOSH colours for quite some time now. Have there been any?  Either way, I’ve got an older one here for you today. I’m not sure if Black Passion was a limited edition shade – can anyone confirm? I’m not usually this vague but it’s 8am on a Monday morning and I haven’t quite woken up yet.

Black Passion is a jellyish polish that, as you can see, is a black base that has silver veining and shimmer running through it. It’s more or less a dead dupe for Chanel Noir Ceramic that came out a few years ago, which I absolutely adored. I still have a very old and gungy bottle of Noir Ceramic somewhere, which I might dig out as I have the urge to swatch all my Chanel polishes for the blog.

Anyway, this is about GOSH, not Chanel. This is a nice polish. Perhaps a little too jellyish for my taste as it did take awhile to dry, but nothing that a good dollop of quickdrying topcoat couldn’t handle. It’s nice, wintery but nice. I do like the fact that the black didn’t engulf the silver shimmer as can often happen with these types of colours.

So what do you think? Do you like this one? And have I missed out on anything exciting from GOSH lately?



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