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Firstly, apologies. I am really overdue with this post. There have been so many Nice Things to blog about in recent weeks that I have failed to publish this sooner. But at least you know that the items I’m blogging about at the moment are definitely tried and tested!

So. Here we have Nars’ Larger Than Life eyeliner pencils. I first caught sight of these back in the Spring when I went to the launch of the S/S 11 collection, and there were also a few samples of Autumn/Winter available for us to have a play with. I remember scribbling on my hand with one of these pencils and was amazed that it was still there the next day. Impressive.

I have been wearing kohl pencil liner for about 20 years now. It was one of the things that I could sneak into school and wear without getting told off. Lipstick and nail polish were a definite no-go, so my class contained a lot of girls with smudgy eyeliner (probably nicked from mum) and not a lot else. It remains dear to me and is still a daily part of my make-up regime. However, there’s nothing worse than a dry pencil, one that drags, or one that just melts or fades off after a couple of hours.

Nars’ Larger Than Life liners retail at £17.00 and come in nine or so different shades. I bought Via Veneto, the black liner, the moment it came out, and so have been using it for a couple of months. Rue Saint-Honore  (navy)was a more recent acquisition, from a Nars event that I attended a couple of weeks ago. All of the liners are named after famous roads in the fashion capitals of the world.

The liners glide on beautifully with no dragging or pulling. They don’t need warming up, and the nib of the pencil is so fine that they don’t really need sharpening all that often. The pencil twists up from the base by the way – don’t sharpen the plastic pencil or it will end in absolute disaster (as one blogger I know can vouch for!). Instead, the end of the pencil pops off ot reveal a mini sharpener that works a treat.

In my experience of using these, I definitely prefer them to a standard pencil. I always worry that a splinter or shard from the pencil will embed itself in my eye, and thankfully, the plastic casing here means that that worry is a thing of the past.

In the name of research, I look some photos at different intervals in the day, wearing Rue Saint Honore. This was first thing in the morning. <EDIT – Sadly

WordPress has managed to eat a lot of my photos and I don’t have them on me to re-load at the moment so you’re left with one from the beginning and one from the end of the day.

Finally, last thing before bed, after a couple of glasses of wine and a snooze in the garden. It’s a bit smeary and less sharp on the waterline, but still evident. Perhaps the hottest day of the year wasn’t the best one to pick to trial this for you but then again it is probably the greatest challenge that these liners are going to face. On an average day, they stay put in a much sharper line.

So, what do you think? I really am craving the khaki green shimmery shade, and I am hearing great things about the beige shade for opening eyes. Also, Nars are releasing two new pencils in the Holiday collection, a gold, and a really vibrant purple (to co-ordinate with their Daphne eyeshadow). Exciting!


*Rue Saint Honore is a PR sample. Via Veneto was purchased by me*

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