OPI Dulce De Leche

I don’t deliberately try to be controversial, I promise. I really do think that MAC is overpriced and underpigmented. And I did think that Urban Decay were out of order for releasing a whole palette of existing colours, just branded as limited edition and badged up with the Alice in Wonderland theme.  Taylor Lautner really does have a strange nose that prevents him from being remotely fanciable. And I expect a whole load of rotten tomatoes and flaming pitchforks for this statement, but I really don’t like this nail varnish.

When I was at the height of my nail varnish buying frenzy, I kept returning to the pictures of Dulce de Leche online and thinking “I really like it”. But that’s kind of like me walking past a strapless dress, or pair of jeggings in a shop and thinking “I like it….but it would look terrible on me”.

This is exactly what happened here. I love the look of this polish. But it looks bad on me. Not as bad as a strapless dress or pair of jeggings would appear on me, admittedly, but still, really very bad.

Why the hype, people? It is a strangely orange toned nude that just made me think of salmon all day. In fact, the longer I looked at it, the sicker I felt. It isn’t often that a nail varnish induces nausea in me, but this was it. I actually could not wait to get home and paint over it with something better (one of the Nubar glitters, I think).

Application was quite nice actually – this polish is a good consistency, even if it is an odd colour. Three coats over some good thick ridge filler and it was opaque. It dried fine, the usual 20 minutes with some fast drying topcoat.

What can I say? People love this polish. It’s a best seller. It’s part of the OPI Classics collection, and gets 4/5 on Make-Up Alley. Not from me though I’m afraid.

Anyway, that’s it for today.  I’m off to play with my Urban Decay Alice palette whilst perving over Taylor Lautner. Not really.




  1. 19th March 2010 / 9:58 AM

    I’m not a fan (but I’m sure you knew that!) I’m actually quite surprised that this is a best seller, Even though I’m not a nudes fan, I’ve seen much better ones than this by OPI.

    Who is this Taylor?? You’ve lost me there!

  2. 19th March 2010 / 1:55 PM

    Who is Taylor Lautner?
    And don’t speak about jeggings…
    Mannequin, schmannequin…

  3. 19th March 2010 / 1:59 PM

    I would have my nose narrowed a tiny bit if I was Taylor Lautner. He is cute if you overlook the nose. Those abs and arms are something though! Now this shade I do love but on me. I bought this one years ago. I don’t even know why. Maybe I had cut all my nails off and wanted something to make my nails look nice. I don’t care for it on you but it looks nice on me! I had the perfect nude years ago that was by Revlon. I believe it was discontinued because I never found it again. I used to get many compliments on it. I bought many nudes to try and find that shade. So I have a lot of nudes that are close in color to each other. I never did find that perfect shade. I had to quit since the nudes were overtaking my drawer.

  4. 19th March 2010 / 5:54 PM

    You’re right – all I can see is dead salmon now! Isn’t that a Farrow & Ball wall paint colour?!
    I don’t know who Taylor whatsit is so can’t comment on his nose

  5. 19th March 2010 / 7:00 PM

    Ugh hideous what are you trying to do to me

  6. 19th March 2010 / 9:06 PM

    Helen, I’ve tried this several times but it’s just awful, like corpse hands. It looks far better on you than it did on me. I wanted to like this color so much but on my yellow-ish skintone- bleck!

  7. 20th March 2010 / 11:46 AM

    I agree with you on everything except Master Lautner’s nose 😉

    I prefer the pink/grey/beige nudes. I don’t like the peachy ones on me at all.

  8. 21st March 2010 / 1:30 PM

    I did the same exact thing! I wanted it forever, got it, put it on, and it looked soooooo bad on my pale skin. Boo.

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