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Orly Bon Bon

Good morning, everyone. Any news or gossip?

Today I have a rather confusing polish for you. Orly Bon Bon. I’d seen this on a few blogs and really rather liked the shade, and on various websites the bottle shot looks like a murky greyed out lavender. Just my kind of colour. In fact, we painted our bathroom walls something very similar.

However, I’m really sorry to say that Bon Bon just didn’t work for me. I found it to be super watery and runny, which is unusual for Orly as their polishes are normally of amazing quality. But I struggled here. What I was hoping would be a lovely thick, opaque creme was a runny, unpigmented goop. It took about 6 coats to effectively cover my nail, and then it was really thick so I had to turn to the old stalwart, Seche Vite, to sort it out and get it dry this side of Christmas.

This makes me sad. The colour is actually very pretty. Although you can see at the tips that it wore away really fast, mainly due to the thick application of Seche Vite. It didn’t shrink back from the tips like often occurs with Seche, but more that it just faded off and dissolved, leaving the tip of my nail exposed. Really odd. I know that Seche is full of nasties and that Orly is proudly Big-3 free so maybe that is why, that the recipes were just not compatible, but who knows?

Either which way, it saddens me to post this review as I am a big fan of Orly polishes but for some reason Bon Bon just falls short of their usual quality. Maybe I have an off bottle? Can anyone confirm?

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“Orly Bon Bon”
  • Oh, dear.
    I have always fancied Bon Bon but no longer…

    Oh, and I just don’t get on with Seche. I’d say it shrinks MOST of my polishes. Unlucky as I bought 2 bottles.

  • That’s such a shame. This looks like the potential to be a beautiful colour but it needs to be a nice thick creme formula- you can see the formula looks on the thin sidexx

  • You’ll probably get a few more comments from me as I’m working my back through a month or so of your posts, as I have been ultra busy since the start of the year (buying a new house etc), but am now on holiday and have a bit more time…

    Anyway, my comment here is on Seche Vite. I use it all the time, and consider it utterly essential, but I find it doesn’t work well with most Orly, Zoya or OPI, so I use other topcoats with them.

    As for Bon Bon: 6 coats?!?! Nothing is worth that.

  • I had exactly the same trouble with this shade, thought it opaque and was rather dissapointed when after 5 layers my nail tips were still showing through. Next time I will try a white base…

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