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There are countless hair styling sprays that promise you glossy looking tresses and protection against styling tools but it comes at quite a price for me. In truth there are one or two that truly work but equally there are many which don’t.

Ever Riche Oil Precieux (ooh, fancy French words!) from L’Oréal has been worthwhile because it’s free of parabens and sulphates, which just make things messy. Eliminating these additives means less stress and burden on my hair especially when my fine locks are so porous to serums and sprays.

Ever Riche Oil Precieux is a lightweight nourishing oil mist that you spray on dry hair but it can also be used before blow drying to prep and it’s perfect for very fine hair (that’s me!) The mist gives a brilliant shine but also your hair feels lovely to touch. Like cashmere as L’Oréal reckons? Well maybe not quite but I do find myself running my fingers through my hair quite a bit.

The scent is lush too – oriental jasmine – so not only does your hair get a kick but your sense of smell also does.

L’Oréal’s Ever Rich Oil Precieux costs £11.99 for 150ml.

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glossappealOne of the complaints I have about my hair is I can never create that glossy finish unless it’s the hairdresser. Mind you, living in London I suffer from dull, lifeless hair from the hard water so it’s a massive shock when I get shiny locks outside of the city.

To alleviate dreary looking hair, I have been using a serum and an instant shine top-coat spray from Kérastase’s heaving Couture Styling collection. Couture for the hair…well, it was only a matter of time someone would come up with that concept.

In eye-catching purple packaging, these two products give shine and sleekness to tiresome locks without a greasy residue whilst padding on protection from styling tools, etc.

The purple pair smell amazing of course. I use the high-shine polishing serum - Kérastase Touche Finale (which is anti-frizz) sparingly because with my hair a little bit definitely goes a long way.

Kérastase Gloss Appeal is an instant shine top coat spray and does exactly what it says – a top coat to give a gloss finish to your hair. I’m not comfortable spritzing it liberally as the instructions say because even though this claims to be a lightweight formula, it feels like there is something sticky on my hair if I overdo it. That stickiness is more likely to be one of the key ingredients which is silicone and it’s why I reserve using this product for occasional use.

Both items are available from various online retailers with the serum priced at £19.50 (30ml) and the spray at £21 (for 150ml).

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I’m awash with new shampoos and conditioners to review lately, which means my tresses are super shiny and clean. John Frieda’s Full Repair range is new and very affordable, addressing the common concerns of overworked, damaged hair from styling tools and such.

It boasts a strengthening formula with the exotic sounding Inca Inchi Oil and it’s rich in omega-3, which apparently reverses the look and feel of damaged hair to give bouncy, shiny locks and…oh, you get the picture.

Full Repair is on my carousel of hair stuff that I have on rotation and I admit it’s taken me by surprise. There is always that hesitation of using shampoos that promise the world for a few quid. Fortunately Full Repair has left my hair feeling nourished, very soft and shiny to run my fingers through and without that awful feeling of hair suffocating at the roots. It’s quite rich for my fine hair which is why I reserve use of it once a week. I am also trying not to become too dependent on sulphate and sodium chloride filled products.

I don’t believe there is any shampoo out there that magically repairs split ends though. Any brand that makes such claims is being plain silly. Only a regular trim will keep them at a low.

The John Frieda Full Repair Repairing Oil Elixir is something I use sparingly because I am nervous of adding hair oils when my hair goes greasy every other day. It’s basically a product to give a boost to shine and smoothness. It’s not a product I am likely to repurchase (unlike the shampoo and conditioner) because I don’t think I would get much use out of it. Besides, I am not Rapunzel.

The shampoo and conditioner are priced at £5.89 with the oil at £9.99 and are available at such retailers as Boots.

*PR samples

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