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Sister & Co Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Sugar Scrub

I believe it was supermodel Cindy Crawford who famously shrilled scrubbing coffee granules into her thighs rid her of cellulite. Hmm. This unassuming looking pouch could easily be mistaken for coffee but actually it’s a natural and organic scrub by Sister & Co and available from ASOS. It’s a scrub right up my street because it’s coarse and draws out skin impurities but it’s messy…really messy. Let me get that warning out of the way first as this scrub not only makes your bath tub filthy, it also stains your skin from the charcoal BUT it gives you super smooth skin and boosts the

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Rodial Sculpting Bar at Harvey Nichols

Contouring, sculpting…whatever you want to call it, it amounts to the trend that’s still holding fort in the art of make-up. If you’ve toyed with the idea but have been too nervous to try it for fear of looking like you’ve smeared mud on your chops, Rodial is here to guide you on the right path with its Sculpting Bar in Harvey Nichols’ beauty hall. Book an appointment with a Rodial make-up artist and learn how to sculpt out those cheekbones. I was convinced this was impossible on me since I don’t have razor sharp cheekbones but with some simple

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Lékué Microwave Steam Case

I loathe ready-made meals. They may be convenient but urgh, they taste awful. Even with so much choice, I get knots in my stomach at the prospect of eating one but now microwaving something in 3 minutes may not result in your stomach contorting with Lékué’s Microwave Steam Case* from Lakeland. It’s a soft, shallow case made of silicone that sends the old TV dinner concept into a 360 spin by perfectly steam cooking unadulterated and healthy meals whilst locking in nutrients and flavour. Spiralise some vegetables, add a fillet of salmon (other fishes are available), season and if you prefer,

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