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Bath & Body Works: Golden Pineapple Luau

Walking into a Bath & Body Works store is overwhelming if you’re a tourist. With little time to spare and a restriction on baggage allowance, the feeling is a grim combination of agony and frustration. I was relatively unphased by Bath & Body Works last December in New York, only walking away with a couple of modest candles, some body creams and a bunch of PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gels. On this pretence I was confident I would not buy anything on my recent trip to the States. Leanne wanted to pop into a store when we were in San Francisco

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10 Top Tips for a US Road Trip

I cannot believe it’s been a week since Leanne and my epic west coast road trip. I’m still basking in the glory of it all…actually, I’m clinging onto it as I don’t remember the last time a holiday left such a lasting impression on me. Would I do it again? Yes, I want to…provided Trump doesn’t win the presidential election. But seriously, I do recommend it to anyone thinking about it. In fact, don’t dwell on it – just go for it. Here are my 10 top tips/advice for a US road trip. If you have any questions, please post

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Say what?

Every now and then, a thought pops into my head and leads me to write a frank post such as this and I publish it without hesitation. Strike while the iron’s hot, you know. Over the past six months, I’ve been hacking my in-box to pieces, deleting a stream of irrelevant press releases that manage to sneak their way in on a daily basis. I’m talking about utter drivel like ‘5 ways to exercise at home’ and ‘get the prefect selfie hairstyle’ and I have no idea how the senders got hold of my address. I don’t even bother to

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