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The Fragrance Shop’s Discovery Club

The market for beauty subscription boxes may be a little saturated but one I’m not familiar with yet sounds like a great idea is The Fragrance Shop’s Discovery Club*. This month the high street perfume retailer is celebrating two years of the club with a bumper box of 10 classic favourite fragrance samples plus an additional gift in the form of a 7ml miniature bottle of Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse. If that’s not enough, there are vouchers totalling up to £60 worth of savings for full size purchases. Make-up and skincare won’t always suit everyone but fragrances are generally straight

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Is the pen mightier than the sword?

I go quiet when I have to talk about my age or I will avoid the question when asked as blogging is steered and dominated by 20-something year olds (women in my age group or older are few and far between for a number of reasons), but in this post I will have to come out about the age thing. I’ve been writing for a very LONG time, since the age of 16 in fact, which is like 50 dog years ago. It’s been a passion ever since I could remember wanting to write at junior school. I put together

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