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Waaaa! Last week was bloody busy and exhausting, and to add insult to injury, my weekend was marred by an attack of the common cold. I’m still feeling grotty, snotty and sneezy but having a soak in the tub with Kneipp’s Cold & Sinus Relief Mineral Bath Salt* in Eucalyptus has hugely improved my condition.

They are rather plain looking bath salts and when added to water, don’t do anything spectacular like sparkle and fizz but when you feel absolutely pants and want an effective remedy then no other does the trick but Kneipp.

Eucalyptus is the ultimate remedy for decongesting colds and blocked noses and coupled with mineral salts makes for a highly effective and relaxing treatment. Before my bath I was feeling pretty lousy and achey, but emerging from it 20 minutes later I immediately noticed the difference. I felt reenergised and the potency of the Eucalyptus had unblocked my sinuses. The aches in my back had also disappeared and all from a short spell using these incredible bath salts.

It’s the season for colds and flus, and I highly recommend having one of these bottles in your bathroom cabinet. Those pretty bath crumbles or bombs you have won’t kick your cold to the curb. Kneipp will and all its products are medicinal and pure. They also don’t cost the earth.

I wrote about Kneipp about five months ago and it’s fast become my go-to product for alleviating aches and pains, and relaxing the senses and body. The bath salts are my favourite and work so effectively and quickly, which is ideal for someone like me who can’t sit in a bath for longer than 15 minutes. Truly amazing, you won’t realise how good Kneipp is till you’re desperately in need of some relief.

Kneipp’s Cold & Sinus Relief Mineral Bath Salt in Eucalyptus costs £8.95 for a 500g jar (which will last you AGES) and is available to buy online from Graftons Beauty.

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I had a week off recently (which now seems like a lifetime ago) and although I didn’t go on holiday, I hit the ‘pause’ button for some highly prescribed me-time. This called for a proper relaxation, completely switching off and forgetting about work so I booked myself in for a treatment at Clarins’ Skin Spa.

Clarins’ is recognised for its skincare and cosmetics range, but it also has a sterling reputation for face and body treatments in its amazing spa facilities. Previously I had tried a Rebalancing Massage with Relax Essential Oils, which you can read about here. This time I was looking for something just as effective but a totally different experience altogether.

Skimming through the treatments Clarins’ specialises in, my eyes fell on the Melting Honey Stones Massage*. It’s described as a deeply relaxing and uniquely personalised hot stone massage that gently releases tension, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins and calms the mind and body. Add to that the use of heat-releasing marble and slate stones, intensified by a melting honey massage gel that’s rich in relaxing aromatic essential oils and I was already floating on a cloud before I had walked into the spa.

Late one afternoon I met my therapist, the truly lovely Charlotte at Clarins’ Skin Spa in Brent Cross, north London. Charlotte is a delicate and beautiful flower. Blonde, petite and softly spoken, she has an aura about her that endears you towards her, yet she is quite the assassin in disguise. Apparently she can make big, burly blokes weep. Well, OK that is an exaggeration but she sure can pulverise the hell out of anyone regardless of shape and size and she’s bloody good at it.


Before Charlotte led me to the treatment room, she explained the course of the treatment I was having. I sort of stopped listening half way because I was too excited and wanted her to get on with it.

Then I was asked to disrobe (not in front of her of course), pop on a flattering pair of paper knickers (Kudos to Charlotte for ignoring the lumpy rump) and slip under some warm, fluffy towels on the heated treatment bed. This part always freaks me out because I feel like I’m against a clock before the therapist returns and I have this fear of being caught mid-way mounting the bed in the most undignified manner. Fortunately I managed to compose myself before Charlotte returned to a dimly lit room.

I was asked if I wanted to feel relaxed or energised after my massage. Since I had no plans but to go home and do as little as possible, I opted for the former.

Charlotte began by applying honey gel to my body in sections to help relax and release tension. My feet, legs, hands, arms, shoulders and décolleté were expertly and harmoniously swept along before Charlotte introduced the hot stones. The temperature was soothing and I could feel the tension slipping away and my body relax as she used her hands and the stones on the soles of my feet, my legs, my hips, the palms of my hands and my back. You forget how neglected your feet and hands are when they are abused the most.

I have no idea how Charlotte was weaving her magic, I only had my sense of touch to go by but it felt like she was conducting a symphony which built up to a mighty crescendo when she got to my hips and lower back. That’s when her assassin side came out. Charlotte pushed and prodded with force to undo the heavy knots. It was a pretty excruciatingly uncomfortable experience as I tried not to clench my fists and tense up (and howl!), but at the same time it was necessary and a clear indication of the tension I carry heavily on my shoulders which travels down and rests literally on my laurels till someone like Charlotte beats it out of me. I sit at my desk for long periods so sadly my posture suffers terribly and it was precisely this that I was being squeezed out of me agonisingly. *sobs*

The entire treatment lasted over an hour, and thankfully it didn’t whizz by and I felt like a huge weight had literally been lifted off me. I wanted this sensation to last for at least six weeks but I knew it would evaporate out of of me by the following Monday when I returned to work. *sobs again*

After, Charlotte gave me some helpful tips (popping a bean bag on each shoulder to keep my posture straight) and recommended some products to continue my treatment.


Their Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate with Essential Oils* (£19) can be poured in the bath or used in the shower to alleviate the aches and invigorate the body. I tend to use this just before I go to bed to help relax me.

The Energizing Emulsion* (£26) is a clever lotion that can be massaged into the feet, legs and thighs at any time of the day.

Finally the Relax Body Treatment Oil* (£39) is a divine cocktail of pure plant extracts including Geranium, Petit Grain, Camomile and Basil to help relieve stress and fatigue whilst soothing and relaxing aching areas like the neck, back and abdomen, which is all three in my case. I keep a bottle on my desk for easy reach when I start to feel the tension creeping up on my shoulders and within seconds I feel the herbal concoction wind me down.

I’m quite the spa queen, having tried a number of treatments and spent time in beautiful spas but not every place achieves the high level of consistency and professionalism as Clarins does. The service is flawless, their treatments are exceptional and you will always leave more than satisfied and wanting to come back again.

New Visage_2013

The Melting Honey Stone Massage is certainly one treatment I would like to revisit. Then again all the treatments I’ve tried at the hands of Clarins are worth another try. This massage costs £62 for 65 minutes plus a consultation, which equates to less than £1 a minute. I’m definitely going to book myself in for my birthday in December.

To find your nearest Clarins Skin Spa and to book this treatment, or to see what else they offer, visit