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B.Fresh Cold Pressed Juices

Morning! If you’re reading this on your way to work and feel like it’s going to be a long day, I’ve got something that is better than that morning caffeine hit. Read on… Last year I gave up drinking fruit juices –not concentrated but so-called fresh juices. Why? Because they are saturated with sugar and preservatives.  I do feel a bit cheated that these juices aren’t quite as healthy as they are made out to be. A juicer is the safest and healthiest alternative but it’s just a faff to wheel it out and spend 10-15 minutes cleaning it for

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Win Body Shop Smoky Poppy goodies

(This post was originally published three days ago, however due to the blog being hacked, the site had to be restored and this meant losing new updates including this give-away.) So you’ve read the above and I can’t remember word-for-word what the original post said so here’s an attempt at salvaging it from memory. Thanks to the Body Shop, you can win a body lotion, body scrub and eau de toilette from the Smoky Poppy collection that I reviewed earlier this year. Here’s a reminder to jog your memories. Fancy it? Just follow the Rafflecopter link below to register your

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