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About five weeks ago I shared some news with you about True Tone*, Dove’s innovative and pioneering skincare product which promises to erase dark marks on the underarms. 

Keen to put it to the test, I’ve been trialling True Tone for a month, applying it every night. There has been the odd day where I forgot to use it but in general, I have managed to use it regularly.

My underarms weren’t in a terrible way but I do feel self-conscious of some discolouration. After four weeks I have noticed a positive change with my skin tone appearing marginally clearer. It has motivated me to continue using the cream and inspect the outcome at the two month mark by which then I will most likely have run out of the stuff. When this happens, I am hoping True Tone will be available in Boots because currently only Selfridges is exclusively selling it and Selfridges is a trek to get to for me.

I am not surprised erasing dark marks is a slow process, as is anything which you desperately yearn for (longer hair, hair growth, permanent hair removal and so on.) However, for as long as you shave, the discolouration will be a threat for which you will need to continue using True Tone. It is £20 for a precious 30ml size bottle. By Dove’s usual price points, it seems steep but then I would be cynical of a wondrous cream that does something no other has done before if it cost £3.99.

If you have tried this, I would be interested to know if it’s worked for you. For me, the results are heading in the direction I had hoped.

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have picked up on how I’ve become besotted with a cat. This beautiful boy turned up on my doorstep three months ago, returning day after day and begging to be let in and fed. To cut a long story short, he wasn’t collared or microchipped, and he wasn’t neutered either. All that has been sorted and he now lives at Cassa Shaikh. My mum has named him Sonu, which means ‘beautiful’ in Punjabi. He is Sonu Shaikh and will forever be known as.

Now Sonu has taken the liberty of owning every room in the house…and every window sill he can climb onto, and every corner he can deposit himself in. This is why he features in the picture of the latest new collection from the house of L’Occitane. Ha, and I’ve just noticed the eau de toilette bottle is the wrong way round! Oh well, never mind…

Frisson de Verveine* is such a fresh and invigorating collection, bursting with citrus notes and perfectly light to wear for the summer. The unisex limited edition fragrance blends the best of citrus, green leaves and fresh fruits with extracts of Cucumber, Musk and Ceder Wood.

There are six items in total:

♥ Fresh Shower Gel (250ml/£14)
♥ Cooling Body Gel (250ml/£20)
♥ Refreshing Body Mist (50ml/£12)
♥ Bath Salts (300g/£16)
♥ Ice Gel for Legs & Feet (50ml/£20)
♥ Hand Cream Gel (30ml/£8)

In the sweltering weather we’ve been having, the Ice Gel for Legs & Feet with its rolling ball has been blissful to use on the back of the legs and the soles of the feet – definitely my favourite of the three samples I was sent to try.

L’Occitane’s Frisson de Verveine will be available in boutiques nationwide from July.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the rest of the pictures weren’t any better…like this one:

loccitanefrisson2It’s OK, he’s not being rude, he’s just catching some rays.