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When it comes to fashion, I don’t have a healthy relationship with Topshop. Most of it falls into hipster territory, which terrifies me and truth be told, a lot of it is ridiculously overpriced. Occasionally there will be a piece I will purchase but generally, I don’t get Topshop fashion.

Their make-up range, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. The cute packaging (I love polka dots), the endless range of polishes and lip products – it outperforms against the average high-street cosmetics brand for which I applaud Topshop for because quite frankly, others have been too quick off the mark to slap their name on some make-up only for it to be dreadfully mediocre.

I’m pleased to see Topshop has played it hard and played it cool and even though I am considerably late to the party, I’m liking what I’ve tried from Topshop’s make-up.

I know that was a rambling introduction but it had to be confessed. Now. Let’s move on swiftly to two new colours I was kindly sent to try.

First up is Teal My Thunder*, which is a bloody marvellous name. (Yes, I know my cuticles are parched – let’s just gloss over that and concentrate on the product, shall we?)


Secondly, but not least, is the deliciously blackcurrant pastel Prestige* (“Worldwide!”). I’m sorry, I added the extra word in quotation marks as a nod at Stepbrothers. (If you have not seen the movie, we can’t be friends.)


These creme polishes are opaque in one coat though I went for double for good measure. The formula is wonderfully rich in colour and bone dry in minutes. It’s also a breeze to apply, when normally I am quite cack-handed with nail polish jobs.

I heard rumours that Topshop polishes were the bomb and now my first hand experience with them confirms it. I can’t wait to try more! Do you have any favourite shades from Topshop nails? Please post them in the comments box below and I will probably add them to my shopping list.

Topshop nail polishes cost £6 each and are available in stores nationwide and online.

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There’s a new budget beauty brand that’s landed on our shores  and it’s made quite a splash. Hailing from Germany, Essence is a dream come true for the beauty junkie with a kaleidoscope of products at very affordable prices. Opinion is strong from what I’ve picked up on and that is Essence does not compromise on quality.

I’ve only dipped my toes (or should that be fingers?) with their nail polish called Roller Coaster* from Essence’s Colour & Go range, a stunning sea green with a subtle shimmer that is opaque in one coat. It comes with a large flat brush that makes for such an easy-peasy and neat application in one stroke. The proof is I didn’t clean up after (as I usually do with most nail polishes) – what you see is how I managed to paint my nails.

(That’s my cat’s fluffy tum, not a rug by the way.)


There is a total of 43 shades in the collection, which I am highly intrigued to explore on the back of how impressed I am with Roller Coaster. I wouldn’t rely on Essence’s website however because it gives no indication of what the shades truly look like – or their other products in fact – but at £1.99 each, it’s going to be tricky to resist filling up your shopping basket.

Essence is available nationwide in Wilko stores with two stand-alone mini stores in Westfield London and Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre.