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kikki.K opens in London

There’s a new shop in London Town that is going to shake up the stationery porn industry: Swedish design brand kikki.K has just opened its doors of its first UK store in the heart of Covent Garden with a pop-up shop in the Opera House Parade. Already a massive hit in Australia as well as Singapore and New Zealand, kikki.K’s fun and visually pleasing designs is taking the stationery obsession to the next level – basically it’s a crack den for stationery addicts. The pop-up shop itself is strongly influenced with a Scandinavian feel – bright, spacious and stylish with an illustrious range of

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New YouTube video: London vlog

Hello, just a quick one from me – I’ve added a new video to my YouTube channel. I will be creating more vlogs as and when it’s possible. Also there has to be something worth filming because you really don’t want to see what goes on in an average week of Sheenie Shaikh…or maybe you do? Any way, I hope you enjoy it – it’s only a few minutes long so shouldn’t bore you to tears too much. 😉 [powr-social-media-icons label=”Enter a Label”]

Batiste repackaged

Batiste Dry Shampoo has had a bit of a make-over. The cult classic dry shampoo has been repackaged on the outside but what’s inside hasn’t changed. Did you know Batiste has been refreshing hair for more than 40 years? It’s no wonder it’s the UK’s number one dry shampoo to use between washes, banishing oily roots but also for adding volume and texture to freshly washed hair. There are now seven different Batiste Dry Shampoos to choose from: Original, Blush, Tropical, Cherry, Fresh, Oriental and Floral Essences at £2.99 each for 200ml.W hich one are you a fan of? Find

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