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Staying Cool This Summer: 7 Tips

I am optimistic that we will start to see some warm weather this year…no, honest! If like me you’re trying to remain positive or if you’re a realist and are about to jet off to sizzling climates then here are some tips to have you prepared for a heatwave…  When

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DHC Cleansing Oil

We are a nation obsessed with purifying skin. To pander to our needs, the market is awash with several types of products that claim to offer you the best method of cleansing against make-up, pollution and other impurities so how’s about I throw one more on the heap to inject some

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Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Elemis has sprung into spring with the arrival of their Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. And it’s anti-ageing. Yay for those like me who aren’t fresh faced teens! It’s much more than a cleanser though, it’s a luxurious balm rich in oils and waxes that melts away make-up and daily grime. Made up of precious starflower, elderberry

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Crystal Clear Intense Anti-Ageing Serum

Stop what you’re doing (unless you’ve paused to read this post,  in which case, carry on). I’ve been using an anti-ageing serum which vows to reduce wrinkles with snake venom. Before you squirm with horror, it does not contain actual snake venom (I’d pity the poor person whose job would

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