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This really needs no introduction if you’re a beauty addict. For those who don’t recognise this bottle, then this is the elixir of make-up removers. And it’s found in French pharmacies. My friend at work went to Paris last weekend and very kindly got me my first bottle of Bioderma. Upon my advice, she wisely picked up one for her daughter too (who hopefully won’t be rushing to buy a very expensive cleanser she had her sights on after she’s tried this). So this is the mother of all make-up removers – gentle, quick and effective at tackling the most stubborn cosmetics without causing

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Balance Me’s Super Toning Body Oil

Ever since I was introduced to Balance Me last year, I’ve been nothing but charmed by their products and what they stand for. Their Super Toning Body Oil is another gem I’ve embraced. First created by Balance Me’s co-founder Clare in her teens, the moisturising oil is their cult product and I realise why. For use after bathing, it replenishes the moisture lost and hydrates the skin. The oil works brilliantly, absorbing into the skin fast without leaving any greasiness so you needn’t panic about your clothes blotting the residue. It is highly encouraged to circularly massage the oil into

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Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks

If lipsticks were edible, I’d devour this lot. Well we do consume a fair amount off our lips and Rouge Edition from Bourjois is nothing but deliciously enticing. You may well have seen fellow bloggers’ posts on Bourjois’s new spectrum shades of lippies. Well it’s my turn to give my verdict on them. There are 18 eye-catching colours to choose from with some wild shades for statement looks and each one is enriched with ingredients to keep lips hydrated and smooth. The range is divided into three on trend families – Preppy, Color Block and Night Out, and I had my pick of a dozen. Preppy

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