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20 Questions with Beautywowza

Damn! This week have I got a hottie for you on 20 Questions. In fact, I can’t cope! It’s Priya of Beautywowza, mistress of two blogs – the aforementioned and also style and fashion blog Portrait of a Dreamer. Priya is one of my all-time favourite bloggers and I have the pleasure of getting to know her outside of blogging too (oh my!) so pay attention to her because I don’t just pick any one for 20 Questions for the heck of it… Why did you start your blog? I started Beautywowza after falling extremely ill and being diagnosed with

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Bourjois cream blushers

By now you will have got sucked into the hype of Bourjois’s four new cream blushers – a first for the Parisian beauty brand. Is it worth the fuss? Hell, yes! The pretty little round pot powder blusher epitomises everything that is Bourjois, and these cream blushers are rightfully something to get excited about. It’s amazing to believe Bourjois is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary this year. Creamy in texture, they set to a soft, velvet finish and are packaged in Bourjois’s unique rounded pots. I also love the fact they are lightweight, sleek and easy to slip into a little make-up

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