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Clinique Strappy Sandals

You may have picked up on the beauty grape vine about Clinique’s latest range of nail polishes. Safe to use for those with sensitive skins and allergy tested, the formula created helps reduce the chances that eyes will burn, itch or water with contact. Fancy! While I’m very fortunate to not encounter difficulties with beauty products including allergies, I appreciate many aren’t in this position. At the best of times nail polishes have a scent – or odour? – that stings the nostrils (along the lines of the cologne Sex Panther, I would imagine…). Clinique’s super-duper collection will be a

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Rituals: The Laughing Buddha collection

Happiness. Is that too much to ask for? Well Rituals has a new collection that may help channel positive and happy vibes. It’s called the Laughing Buddha, which should raise a smile on its name alone. The Laughing Buddha was a famous monk in ancient China who brought happiness (natch!) and good fortune wherever he went. For centuries, the ritual of rubbing his belly became a symbol of good luck and prosperity so feeling inspired by the Laughing Buddha, Rituals’ new range of products aims to evoke feelings of optimism, good luck, positivity and a touch of happiness to everyday

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