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This was one of the first ever polishes I reviewed on Just Nice Things. Weirdly,  I can just about remember the order as well – or thereabouts. I know it was this, Suzi Says Da, At Your Quebec & Call, and an OPI DS one – the blue one…the name escapes me.

Anyway, my photos were absolutely shocking. I see bloggers starting out now with their DSLRs and knowledge of macro and white balances, and cringe for my early photos. Still, I was very enthusiastic and I suppose its grounding to compare yourself to previous efforts and see how far you’ve come.

Or not as the case may be, as I struggled like hell to get a decent photo of Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not (I can’t write that name without thinking about louvred blinds). It wasn’t even the fact that my camera was changing the colour, as often happens with purples. No, it was more that for some reason it just kept on coming up looking sheer, sticky and patchy. Humph. And look, I even managed to paint my entire little finger…

I mean, I know that this isn’t the easiest polish to apply. It is a tad patchy and can be streaky. This is three coats. You might have to take my word for the fact that it contains some very nice hot pink hidden shimmer here as well as for some reason it refused to come out to play in a single one of the eleventy billion photos I took of this polish.

From OPI’s landmark France collection, I do really like this shade. It’s just a total shame that it doesn’t really translate well to a photograph. Maybe I’ll try again in a couple of years and see if I can do better than this?


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Chanel Particuliere


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Can you believe that this nail varnish was originally released in December 2009? I honestly don’t know where the time goes.

You can read my original review of Particuliere here, but WordPress seems to have eaten my photos of it. So put the two together and you’ve got the full review!

I wanted to revisit Particuliere the other day for no reason other than the fact that I had a hankering for it. One of the good things about being a nail blogger is that at least if you get a sudden yen to wear something, the odds are you’ll have it (or something very like it) in your collection. Plus this is an expensive polish so I figured I might as well get some use out of it.

In my head, I’ve built Chanel polishes up to be something of a monster. You know, cost a fortune, last for about ten minutes. However, when revisiting Particuliere without having the novelty value of a new and sought-after Chanel shade, I was able to see that actually, it’s a rather nice thing. It applied perfectly in two coats and dried fast, to a shiny yet muted finish.

Whilst I haven’t forgiven Particuliere for just peeling off my nails after it had been worn for about 12 hours, I had better luck this time around. Yes, I had tipwear after a day, and the corners of my nails were looking like they were going to give in and chip any moment, at least there wasn’t any peeling this time. But, on balance, I’d still take the £3.00 Barry M Mushroom over this.

What do you think?

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Orly Bon Bon


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Good morning, everyone. Any news or gossip?

Today I have a rather confusing polish for you. Orly Bon Bon. I’d seen this on a few blogs and really rather liked the shade, and on various websites the bottle shot looks like a murky greyed out lavender. Just my kind of colour. In fact, we painted our bathroom walls something very similar.

However, I’m really sorry to say that Bon Bon just didn’t work for me. I found it to be super watery and runny, which is unusual for Orly as their polishes are normally of amazing quality. But I struggled here. What I was hoping would be a lovely thick, opaque creme was a runny, unpigmented goop. It took about 6 coats to effectively cover my nail, and then it was really thick so I had to turn to the old stalwart, Seche Vite, to sort it out and get it dry this side of Christmas.

This makes me sad. The colour is actually very pretty. Although you can see at the tips that it wore away really fast, mainly due to the thick application of Seche Vite. It didn’t shrink back from the tips like often occurs with Seche, but more that it just faded off and dissolved, leaving the tip of my nail exposed. Really odd. I know that Seche is full of nasties and that Orly is proudly Big-3 free so maybe that is why, that the recipes were just not compatible, but who knows?

Either which way, it saddens me to post this review as I am a big fan of Orly polishes but for some reason Bon Bon just falls short of their usual quality. Maybe I have an off bottle? Can anyone confirm?

*PR sample*

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