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China Glaze Knotty

Today I have a polish from early  2010. Knotty was released back in the Spring as part of China Glaze’s Anchors Away collection. There were only thee or four polishes that really called to me from this range, and thankfully I found this one lurking away on a shelf in Sally’s.

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Ciate ASOS Sienna

A while ago, online retailer ASOS released a range of nail varnishes named (rather sycophantically) after their favourite British ladies of the moment. This gave me a bit of a dilemma as the only one that really caught my eye was this one, Sienna. I’m not a mad fan of

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OPI Purple-opolis

(EDIT: I cannot believe my nails were ever this long. What was I thinking?!) Ever look back on a photo with fonder memories than you were accidentally experiencing at the time? Like that snap of you on the beach in Portugal, where looking back at that Kodak moment, you’ve already

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Inglot 996

What do we think of this one? It’s green. It’s very green in fact. But it’s a fabulous green, if you’re into this kind of thing. Not only is it a really gorgeous shade of emerald green, this also has tons and tons of green sparkle included in the recipe,

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GOSH Metallic Purple

Ooh look at my nails. Doesn’t it look like they have been painted by a small, visually impaired child? (EDIT – and aren’t they long and horrid? You can tell I’m using up all of my scheduled posts that I wrote months and months ago). It appears that I didn’t

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OPI Suzi Says Da!

This was one of the first polishes I ever reviewed, back on the 9th April 2009! So, nearly three years on, I wanted to revisit this, as I only had really crappy photos of it (ie it was originally reviewed in the days before I discovered macro…the horrors!) , and

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