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L’Occitane’s Eau Universelle Citrus Cologne

Cologne. I’m not referring to the German city, nor is it a subtle nod at Anchorman. Perhaps it’s a forgotten format but thanks to the French house of L’Occitane the good old-fashioned cologne is experiencing a revival with the launch of their brand new collection of colognes this month. Inspired

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OPI Beige-Jing

A few weeks ago, my company moved offices. Not far, just across the business park, but as moves go, apparently it was quite a stressful one. We are now sat in our shiny new offices, with a whole host of meeting rooms that have been named after Olympic cities. So

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OPI Euro-Mazing!

This has been in my scheduled posts for an absolute eternity and its only now that it has risen to the top of the pile. Quite appropriate really, as I understand there’s some kind of football going on at the moment. Apparently this is a really old discontinued polish –

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OPI Edin-Burgundy

I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment with these OPI British polishes. I don’t know why – they just seem to be at the top of all my unposted photos. Here we have Edin-Burgundy, which is jut a fantastic name. I’ve been to Edinburgh a couple of

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