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Introducing BoxDelux

There’s a new subscription service on the scene. I know what you’re thinking…not another one! Well BoxDelux is geared towards high end luxury and it’s not just about beauty but health, refreshment and homely pleasures too.  The folks at BoxDelux have teamed up with leading brands including Illuminum Perfumes, Skin Salveation, Teapigs, Nakd Bars and NUYU skin clinic to bring top brand luxuries direct to your door every month.  Some of these names might sound familiar to you so it’s a great opportunity to sample such delights. To maintain exclusivity, there will be a limited number of boxes available each month

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17 Holo nail polish in silver

Are holographic polishes yesterday’s news? I hope not. You see, Boots’ 17 has one to contend with the others and unlike Make-Up Store (and possibly GOSH to a certain extent), this doesn’t need a special base coat for the holographic finishing to show up in all its glory. Granted the comparison is not identical, but it ain’t a bad alternative and it’s only £3.99. *PR sample

The London Brush Company: Brush Shampoo

As you may have read on these pages, a couple of weeks ago I attended the United Make-Up Artists Expo where I met Siân Richards, the mind and force behind the London Brush Company.  Apart from creating a fantastic brush range, she also has a brush shampoo that’s been flying off the shelf since it went on sale. I went with my instinct and bought the large tub, ready to put it to the test when I got home. Hand-made in sunny California, it’s a solid product in a pot made of natural ingredients (goat milk, essential oils and organic cleansers) and

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