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Twitter is amazing. A random conversation between Nora of Dollymix Diaries, Milly of Pearls & Poodles and Yinka of Vex In the City about how to make hair grow strong and healthy led me to get my hands on a bottle of this.

I’ve made no secret of the fact I’ve suffered hair loss severely over the past 6 months and although things have returned to normality with my health, I have always been nagged about my hair from my mum, who is blessed with luscious, thick hair as are all my aunts and cousins. Waaaa! I also thought I’d write this post for anyone going through a similar experience because losing hair is very distressing.

Mum advised me to use coconut oil but is a very slow process which takes years for results to show (take mum who had been using it since she was a young girl until she got married).

Also it is helps massively if you live in hot climate country where my mum grew up though over here, it is best to wrap a towel around your head to retain the heat. Nevertheless I find using coconut oil pointless for thickening hair, it’s far better as a conditioner for making your locks beautifully shiny.

So! I tracked down a bottle of castor oil from a local Afro Carribean shop (Yinka pointed out I should get Jamaican black castor oil in its purest form) and massaged a spoonful of it into my scalp, leaving in it overnight to wash the very next morning. I also made sure I covered my pillow with a towel. The oil is very thick compared to coconut oil but doesn’t smell as strong and absorbs into the scalp and hair effortlessly.

Maybe it’s my imagination but my hair did look fuller (not limp and fine like it usually does) after the first day. Two months on and I can see a positive difference – my hair has stopped falling out and that’s every day breakage from brushing and shampooing. Normally my hairbrush would have to be cleaned every week but now I have very few hairs stuck in the bristles. Also when I shampooed, a fair amount of strands would come apart in my hands and clog up the plughole in the bath. Not any more!

My hair dresser has noticed a substantial improvement in my hair growth since my previous visit just before I started using the oil and consequently, I have been using fewer chemically based products because the castor oil acts as a very good conditioner to give my hair shine and makes blow-drying effective too. Friends, family and colleagues have also remarked at how healthy my hair looks.

I admit I used the oil every night for the first 4-6 weeks but I’ve since reduced it to 2-3 times a week, which is probably more sensible.

It’s nothing revolutionary to use castor oil to strengthen hair as I discovered with discussing this on Twitter but it is big news to me and I wish I’d known about it sooner!

I can’t stress how brilliant castor oil has been for my hair and I strongly advise anyone who is suffering from hair loss or has very fine hair to give this a go. It is an organic product and you will see remarkable results in a short space of time. It is also ideal to use on your brows.

You can buy castor oil online (this cost me £5.49 from the shop and will probably last me up to 3 months).

If you’ve been using castor oil for your hair, I’d love to know your thoughts.

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You can always rely on Bourjois to inject fun and cuteness with a touch of chic in their make-up. I think that’s why are always on the ball with chasing trends and making it more accessible and appealing to the masses at very affordable prices.

Well last weekend I dropped in at their headquarters for a peek at their Autumn/Winter 2012 range. Among the delights that will be filling up stands nationwide in Boots and Superdrug is the 2-in-1 Applicator Tweezer designed to make applying and removing false lashes a breeze.

It’s double-ended with a wide and curved shape at one end to grip the false lash and hold it in place and on the opposite end a soft angled tip to gently press the false lash on the lash line. It certainly looks a hell of a lot more stable and safer than actual metal tweezers.

I’m curious to see how I get on with these tweezers as sometimes I would like to wear false lashes but applying them is so difficult. Any way, I wanted to share something pretty lovely with you so let me get straight to the point here.

From next week there will be a new range of falsies on the shelves from Bourjois and they are fashionable with a big, fat ‘F’. The Faux & Fabulous range is a wardrobe for your lashes with 5 themeed lash styles: Rock Chic, Smoky Eyes, Lady in Black and More Volume. The fifth design – Miss Couture – is the one to look out for as it’s a collaboration with Paperself, the world’s leading paper art lashes.

These lashes are beautiful with a lace design for the very height of fashion and have the versatility to be worn in various ways – cutting a section of the lash and wearing on the outer corners of the eye or simply wearing the entire strip along the top lashes.

Make-up artist Sally O’Neill was on hand to demonstrate how Miss Couture can be worn on the lovely Rachael and then I stepped up to have a go…before nearly every passer-by on Oxford Street gawped at me on my way home.

Make-up artist Sally O’Neill

How fabulous are they? Perfect for dressing up the eyes. At first the sensation was weird and I could feel something was stuck on my skin but after a few minutes they felt very light and I forgot I was wearing them.

You’d think with paper being the main source of material these would be very fragile and easily torn but they’re pretty strong and hold their shape extremely well. They are also reusable on average four times although you would need to be very careful with storing the delicate small pieces of Miss Couture (gently peel them off if you want to reuse them).

Faux & Fabulous and the 2-in-1 tweezers will be available in Boots stores,, Superdrug, and from 15th September.

Miss Couture is priced at £10.99 with the other falsies costing from £5.99 to £7.99 and the tweezers are only £3.49. Easy on the purse and easy on the eye. Mwah, love you, Bourjois.

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