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Witch anti-blemishing skin clearing primer

Once the idea of using a primer was unheard of. Now more brands have caught on it’s a staple part of wearing make-up and I am pleased to see the gap is closing tight. Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer works brilliantly  for smooth make-up application and protects the skin from spots aggravated by some cosmetics with its witch hazel extract. As good as high-end primers it’s also gentle enough for sensitive skin and it’s super good value for money too. How it works is it preps the skin by mattifying and absorbing excess oils, providing a smooth, silky base for foundation

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Clarisonic Mia 2

I’m a Clarisonic virgin. I’ve just never got round to trying this little gadget that’s had beauty bloggers in a flutter for a good couple of years. Well the popular brand for sonic facial cleansing has just launched the latest model, the Mia 2. In a nutshell, Clarisonic created this device which gently yet effectively removes make-up and cleanses the face. You just slap on some cream cleanser, switch it on and away you go. A brush head rotates at a fast speed on the surface of your skin and unsurprisingly removes more make-up than manual cleansing (up to 6

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