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Hello, everyone! Just a quick post to tell you I’ll be popping up now and again on Grazia Daily with my beauty tips and recommendations, along with some of my favourite bloggers and beauty experts. So far we’ve talked about our current favourite beauty products and what to do if fancy getting a fringe (or bangs!). Hope you enjoy reading them.

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Clinique has a new mascara on the block. It’s not out till 1st August so I’m giving you the quick heads up on it as you may want to scurry along to your nearest Clinique counter.

The new mascara promises to give dramatic, voluminous lashes. It’s what every woman craves and never gives up on the quest, and neither do cosmetic companies!

I like a couple of things about this mascara. Firstly its distinctive looking over-sized brush. In one swoop I can cover the lashes rather than a make few attempts to get overall coverage like with most other mascaras. I find the smaller lashes in the inner corners the trickiest to get to and the dome at the end of the brush deals with this predicament pretty well.

Secondly the design of the brush is impressive, helping to effectively distribute product and at the same time separate and lift the lashes without clumping. As you can see, it’s not your typical chubby mascara wand with thick bristles but evenly short and sharp. Also I am rather lazy at curling them so every little lift a mascara can do to my lashes is not to be sniffed at.

Another thing I noticed is the consistency of the product. It feels light and effortless to use on the lashes and in one application gives a very full appearance. The science bit is that the formula contains polymers that help give lashes that va-va-voom thick coating. Suitable for contact lens wearers like myself and those with sensitive eyes, there are two shades available – Black and Extreme Black (the latter is what I’ve been using).

Any way below is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of how this mascara looks:

Naked lashes…

Boom! One coat only.

What do you think?

Clinique’s High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara can be found at Clinique counters nationwide or online at from 1st August priced at £17.

*PR sample*

Disclosure: I didn’t intend for my eyes to look ‘sad’, I think I was just tired. Also my brows might look a bit unkempt as they were at the awkward in-between stage. You know what I mean. You’ll be pleased to know they’ve been tidied. Good. I’m glad we got that bit cleared up.