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OPI Edin-Burgundy

I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment with these OPI British polishes. I don’t know why – they just seem to be at the top of all my unposted photos. Here we have Edin-Burgundy, which is jut a fantastic name. I’ve been to Edinburgh a couple of

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OPI Party In My Cabana

Well this is a frustrating scenario. Do you ever find that your tastes change over time? When I first bought this polish, I decided that I didn’t really like it. I think I wore it once and then opted to dispose of it in a blog sale. Fast forward a

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EOTD with Vivo

Vivo is the new affordable cosmetics range exclusively available from Tesco. It may be old news to some but for me it’s a new discovery. We are spoilt for choice with more affordable make-up on the market, and the ‘cheaper’ ones are definitely giving the high-end established brands a run for their

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OPI Maine-iac Mauve

I’ve very nearly finished showing you all of the older photos in my collection. Well, the ones from this folder any way – I suspect there may be a load more lurking in the hard drive on my laptop, which I have to be honest, I haven’t gone anywhere near

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