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OPI Honk If You Love OPI

We don’t really have bumper stickers in the UK, do we? Not like the way that the US do, with slogans and little comedy routines on the back of their cars and trucks. Instead, we get those tacky”small person on board”  / “Mum’s Taxi” / “Daddy’s little princess on board” / “tiny ray of sunshine on board” signs.  Like, I was going to casually drive into the back of your car but now I know there’s a child in there I won’t bother, thanks for the reminder. Now, I don’t have children, but I give you full permission to key

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OPI My Chihuaha Bites

Good morning, everyone. Is it still raining out there? Can you believe it? I was on the Tube the other day and there were some posters on the walls by the escalators basically telling us all to stop moaning about the weather as it could rain for another eleventy billion years and it still wouldn’t be the end of the drought. Keep calm and carry on, eh? So today I have another cheery little coral shade for you. This is one of OPI’s most famous shades I think, perhaps more to do with the name than anything else – its

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Priti Polish Coffee Bush

Did I mention to you that I’ve given up caffeine? Well over a year ago. I definitely feel better for it, and didn’t seem to suffer any withdrawal symptoms like so many people complain of. I “accidentally” had a caffeinated coffee the other day (thanks, Costa) and felt so unwell afterwards that I was really pleased with my decision to give it up. Any way, the reason for my rambling about coffee is because of the name of this polish. Coffee Bush. I’d heard of Priti polishes from years of reading American blogs, but just resigned myself to the fact

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