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Ciaté Jelly Bean


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Hello, everyone. I figured I should do more nail posts but do think it’s not the same without Helen. I hope she returns soon! In the mean time, this is Jelly Bean by Ciaté, which I’m in love with.

It’s a glorious fuschia pink glossy polish with lovely blue shimmery undertones. I’ve worn it twice and have found it to be a smooth and easy manicure to apply every time. The picture does not do it justice, it’s actually a little more richer than in tone.

What else can I say? It’s a perfect pink – buy it!

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Diptyque first came to my sense of smell at a P Diddy press conference many years ago (when he was known as Puff Daddy *cringe*). Their candles burned softly, releasing a hyponotic scent while his lordship Combs struck daft poses in front of the world’s media.

Since that day I’d always only known Diptyque for their candles until I dropped into their London boutique store for a preview of their summer must-haves a few weeks ago and clapped eyes on their illustrious range of unisex fragrances and toiletries. (If you happen to be strolling along New Bond Street, I’d advise you to take a detour to Diptque’s store on neighbouring Brook Street.)

If you’re thinking about venturing towards Diptyque, then the ideal way to sample their delights is with their Art of Body Care collection. It contains travel size products in a cute draw-bag. You get a Smoothing Body Polish (50ml), Revitalizing Shower Gel (50ml), Fresh Lotion for the Body (50ml) and the Luxurious Hand Balm (50ml).

Well I’ve not had an excuse to go travelling but I’ve put it in my gym bag and the guy who works there remarked that I smelled nice. I hope he wasn’t flirting. (I’d like to stress we were standing at least a metre apart when he made this acknowledgement – no nibbling of earlobes thankyouverymuch.)

The shower gel is enriched with almond and wheat extracts. It also tones skin with peppermint essence, leaving it with the fresh, fruity and refined scent of bergamot. I am not keen on using it on my hair as I am fussy about what I use to wash my locks with but as a shower gel, this is divine.

I also love the body lotion with its orange blossom water, organic sweet almond oil and macadamia nut ingredients, which makes for a gorgeous smell that lingers on the skin – might explain the reaction from the fella at the gym.

Not forgetting the body polish which is treat with jojoba and silica microspheres to exfoliate and pomegranate seed oil, jasmine floral water, peach butter to give you silky smooth skin.

Finally the hand balm will have you salivating with apricots, almonds and tonka beans. I say! Altogether this is a delicious bouquet and a great introduction to Diptyque’s range for a remarkable £35.

Are you a fan of Diptyque? What do you recommend I should try next?

*PR sample*