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Zelens 3t Complex Essential Anti-ageing cream

I’m getting older. Rapidly. And it’s a scary prospect, so I am paying more attention to my skin. The funny thing is, my skin has never looked better in contrast to the state it was in 10 years ago. I certainly feel a whole lot more confident and no longer embarrassed to leave the house without any slap on. Or perhaps I just don’t care any more and prefer the extra minutes in bed than to decorating my face with a kaleidoscope of colours. I have realised the importance of healthy looking skin needs to be nourished on the inside (with a balanced

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George: Molten Metals in Pirate

It is very quiet without Helen, isn’t it? I feel I owe to her to do more posts on nail polishes – it’s almost a staple diet on this blog. Well, I have one beauty to share with you that I clapped eyes on at Asda’s big beauty event. One beauty amongst many from all the exciting new products they unveiled in fact. More on those later… For now feast your eyes on Pirate, one of four metallic shades from George’s Molten Metals collection. In its bottle it looks like a light purple but out of it and on the

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Denman Bebop Massage Brush

I’ll make no bones about this – I am really desperate to regain my hair after a considerable loss over the past 12 months from medication I was on recently.  While I’m aware my hair will grow back eventually, I am using all options available to help speed up the process. The good thing is, it has stopped falling out.  At one point I had clumps come apart in my hands just from running my fingers through my hair. One of the choices available is the Be-Bop Shower Brush from Denman which I was sent to try.  It claims to

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