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Christmas wrapped up

Hey, I’m sorry for the radio silence. I returned from Hamburg on my birthday and then endured the slowest working week (3 days, can you believe it?) before a mad dash at the weekend to the supermarket to get all my ingredients for the roast I’ll be doing on Christmas Day. It’s crept up really quickly, hasn’t it? So did my birthday, come to think of it… I don’t doubt there will be a surge on Christmas Eve for those who have left buying presents to the last knockings. If you’re one of them, then here are a few suggestions

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Front Cover: Smoulder Eyes

If you are planning to give someone make-up this Christmas but feel overwhelmed about where to begin, go straight for Front Cover. They have a marvellous choice of kits that cover all essential bases which are fool-proof and the quality is outstanding too. Each one comes with a very simple ‘how to’ guide and pictures to inspire you but it will also suit hardcore addicts just as much as beginners. I was sent their Smoulder Eyes kit, which is four palettes in one, allowing you to achieve four contrasting and original smokey eye effects for every possible occasion. It includes: Smoulder

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Auf wiedersehen

Well it’s not quite goodbye – just off to Hamburg for a few days for my birthday. Normal services will resume next week. Have a good one, yourselves!