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Redken Nature’s Rescue Refreshing Detox Shampoo

Sulphate-free shampoos is not a new thing, as I discovered recently when searching for a replacement. However it is a discovery for me since I got a few hair extensions in the new year. Although I’ve had to get used to washing my hair in an oddly different way, I’m now reluctant to give them up because they’ve made my hair easier to manage and style, and they look amazing of course. The individual human hair extensions by Racoon have been glued to my real hair and it’s because of these bonds I can’t use a regular shampoo and conditioner as the

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20 Questions with Hello, Polly

Hey, it’s Friday, it’s almost the weekend and this means I’ve got a blogger I want you to meet…welcome Polly from Hello, Polly. The lady loves red lips and writes a cracking fashion and beauty blog. Polly and I share a mutual dislike for First Capital Connect trains (the appalling rail service that runs from Bedford to Brighton) for which Polly regularly gives a blow-by-blow account of her journeys on Twitter. And not in a trainspotting kind of way.  Intrigued? Let’s see what Polly’s got to say for herself… Why did you start your blog? Because I can’t keep quiet about

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Brazil Nut Collection by The Body Shop

The humble Brazil nut. Enjoyed either plain or covered in chocolate. Except it’s a rather extraordinary nut, not just because it comes from the depths of the Amazonian rainforest, but because it takes an epic journey, which The Body Shop is keen to raise awareness of with its relationship with Community Fair Trade and the new Brazil nut collection. Last week I met Gaston Vizcarra, the founder of Candela and Community Fair Trade Supplier of Brazil nut oil at the unveiling of this new range. He struck me as the Santana of Brazil nuts (a compliment – honest). There is

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