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OPI Queen of West Web-erly

A return to a very old post today. I realised that I took these photos a while back and wanted to re-post them with the original review for you. Just a couple of notes on this – I don’t watch Beverley Hills 90210 any more (it just wasn’t the same) and my

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OPI Double Decker Red

So, it’s jubilee weekend. Unfortunately we aren’t doing anything special for it as there don’t appear to be any street parties where we live, which is a shame. Still, it’s  nice to have a long weekend and at least watch some of the festivities on the TV. Here’s my contribution

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The Vale

Last weekend was amazing. I know you will all agree with the sunshine we had but for me, it was extra special for a different reason. Why? Well I met my friend Rhian from Pretty Green Eyes for a spa weekend…and it wasn’t just any old spa but at the luxurious

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A Letter To Asda

Apologies for the break in normal programming but I’ve decided to use this platform to let you know about some really rather shoddy customer service I’ve experienced recently. A year or so ago we decided to stop shopping in the supermarket and turn to online shopping instead, working on the

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