EOTD with Vivo


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Vivo is the new affordable cosmetics range exclusively available from Tesco. It may be old news to some but for me it’s a new discovery. We are spoilt for choice with more affordable make-up on the market, and the ‘cheaper’ ones are definitely giving the high-end established brands a run for their money. Why fork out £11 for an eyeshadow when you get an excellent dupe for no more than a couple of quid?

I picked up these two single eyeshadow shades on a wander round my nearest large Tesco. One is matte (Slate) and the other is pearl finish (Golden Leaf).

Slate, as its name suggests, is a dark, murky greyish shade although it looks like a sludge-like marshy green to me, which is why I teamed it with the olive greenness of Golden Leaf.

Vivo individual eyeshadows are an incredible £1.50 and the quality does pack a punch. Pigmentation is rich and the size and quantity of the product is generous.  The picture above is how my make-up looked after a long night so not bad holding power for the shadows for what they’re worth. Have you given Vivo a shot?

To see Vivo’s selection online, you can visit their official site www.vivocosmetics.co.uk.

OPI Maine-iac Mauve


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I’ve very nearly finished showing you all of the older photos in my collection. Well, the ones from this folder any way – I suspect there may be a load more lurking in the hard drive on my laptop, which I have to be honest, I haven’t gone anywhere near since I received an iPad for Christmas. Lucky me. In all seriousness though, I don’t know how I ever got anything done over the last few years. All I seem to have done is take endless photos of my hands.

This is a rather old OPI. It is one of those that looks utterly beautiful in the bottle but I don’t really think that the colour does very much for me personally.

I have an inkling that this one was a tad sheer and took a while to build. The finish is nice in that you can actually see the gold frosting that is so prominent in the bottle.

However, this is neither what I would term maniacal, or mauve. A classic case of OPI thinking up a name before creating the polish, perhaps?

Would this have room in your collection?