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Fountain’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food

Do you remember when I wrote about the holy grail of hair growth that is Jamaican Black Castor Oil? It’s done wonders by stimulating healthy growth to my hair and more importantly, strengthening it. The downside? It’s been really difficult to get hold of since I last reported. Many Afro Carribean shops near me have limited stock or have sold out, which has meant the price has been hiked up. So it was a blessing when Afro Deity kindly sent me Fountain’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food to use. Some aren’t keen on the smell of castor oil. I don’t have any issues with that

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Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Reduction System – part 1

I’m writing this with my tail between my legs. Why? Because nearly two months ago I wrote about the new IPL Hair Reduction System from Gillette Venus and I was supposed to document my findings in a video. In spectacular fashion, plans fell by the wayside with juggling other product trials and reviews on top of a full time job. However, I am still committed to sharing my experience with using this IPl device and will be filming a video for it very soon. By being truthful with the frequency of my use of Gillette Venus’s IPL system, I hope

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