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If you picked up on the hashtag #BSPRprojectX on Twitter recently or noticed beauty bloggers chatting about it, it was about a beauty product shroud in secrecy. On Tuesday night the identity was revealed in a basement under the London Transport museum in Covent Garden.

The buzz is Dr Jart+ Beauty Balms, the Korean skincare sensation that’s been cooking up a storm in Korea since 2004 and as of today is available exclusively in the UK through high street store Boots.

A total of 21 dermatologists are behind this cream described as a fusion of science and art and it is the best selling BB cream product line in Asia, which we all know is massive.

There are four versions available irrespective of your skin tone – Water Fuse, Premium, Platinum and Regenerating –  each one tailored to tackle skincare concerns of dryness, dullness, aging, moisturising, uneven skin tones, blemishes…oh the whole shebang!

I am a BB cream virgin. I’ve never so much even dabbled in it so the hype surrounding BB creams does leave me utterly clueless. What are they exactly? Do I really need one in my life? Is it a gimmick? I already incorporate a moisturiser, primer and concealer in my daily routine, can a BB cream act as a far superior subsitute? Sorry if I sound vastly ignorant about this hot topic.

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At the launch I was paired up with the Water Fuse Beauty Balm, the least expensive of the collection at £18 for 50ml, designed to cater for those with combination and dehydrated skin and with an SPF of 25. It’s been dubbed as a moisturiser, serum and foundation in one tube, leaving the skin with a natural, dewy radiance. I won’t harp on about the technical science bits because it’s wasted on me but I can tell you it contains Aloe which has brilliant properties in soothing the skin.

First impression of the Water Serum Beauty Balm is its consistency reminds me of Liz Earle’s tinted moisturiser. Second impression (upon application) made me look like a pale Janet (if you’ve watched Green Wing, you’ll get this joke). I wasn’t ready to leave the house with this on my face alone, so I covered it up with a small amount of foundation and some blusher.

My skin has yellow undertones (like a lot of south Asians) and this beauty balm has pale, pink undertones, which unsurprisingly makes me look washed out and grey. You can see the difference the cream makes against my natural skin tone in the swatches below. I also didn’t think it covered up blemishes.

with flash

without flash/ daylight

On the plus side, it feels light and as I like my skin to look dewy, works very well. The down side? Well I think we’ve covered that (no pun intended).

I appreciate why this range has done so well in its region of origin and why it’s expanding its business internationally but essentially the studies have focussed on a particular group, which to be fair, is not an accurate representation of all.

Have you tried Dr Jart+ Beauty Balms? I would like to know what you make of them.

Dr Jart+ is available from Boots priced between £18 – £24.

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So I’m late to the nail wrap party but I’ve had this post in the pipeline since last year.  LAST YEAR! As you may know, I’ve not been very well over the past 12 months, which has meant putting a lot of things on the backburner including this blog. 

Any way, that’s all in the past and things are thankfully back to normal as you may have picked up from recent posts. I’m also playing catch-up  so prepare yourselves for quite a back-log…

So where was I? Oh yes, nail wraps. One of many nail trends on the market for manicuring your talons. I’ve been curious about nail wraps since the whole Minx nails phenomenon kicked off, mostly how unusual some of the patterns and colours look compared to normal nail lacquers.

After speaking to a few ladies on Twitter and having read some blog posts on wraps, I approached buying them with caution (a few had warned me how tricky they are to apply) and chose to go with Rebel Nails.

I purchased a couple of foil wraps in silver and gold and the Union flag pattern (which I sadly did not wear for the Diamond Jubilee). The foil ones look amazing and though I’ve only tried one set, the wraps lasted over a week till I became bored.

So how do they work? Well nail wraps are essentially stickers for your nails. You pick the ones which match your nails in size, heat up with a hair dryer, press down on the nail and trim with a nail file. There is no gluing involved as the wraps are self-adhesive but the heat helps to activate the adhesive so the wraps are more flexible and easy to apply. 

For a novice I was surprised how easy they were to apply and what a smooth finish I achieved. I would say the whole thing takes about half an hour, maybe more. I did practise with a few spare wraps first, which is something I would advise anyone new to this to do.

The only tricky part is making sure the wrap doesn’t fly off from the power of the hair dryer so best not to hold too close.  When you’ve had enough, you just peel them off and discard them – no solutions, no cotton pads, no mess.

I was impressed they remained intact and unmarked from showering and my nails certainly drew a lot of attention. I’d certainly give these another go for a special occasion like an Asian wedding. It is all about the bling at these kind of do’s. 

There are 16 nail wraps to suit most nails but my only problem was the nail wraps for my little finger (or pinky) was too small so I used the wrap shaped for the forefinger, and had to compensate with a larger wrap on the aforementioned digit which resulted in some creasing. Annoying! I know these can be trimmed with scissors but I am not confident I’d get a clean finish.

To see the vast selection from Rebel Nails, visit  My silver foil set cost £7.99, a reasonable price for something that will last you about two weeks.