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Review: Castle Hotel Windsor

Having a bad case of the January (and February) blues is a given. Following the overindulgence at Christmas, the next two months are excruciatingly painful and long to get through. But have you given much thought to finding a way to banish the glumness? I’m not talking about joining the gym but rather a short break away to perk you up. I did precisely that last week when I went to the historic and royal town of Windsor with my mum. I figured she needed a change in scenery and suffice to say, the prescription worked a treat. We took the

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Win a brew with Ahmad Tea

It’s Monday morning. Again. How did it come round so quickly? If like me, you’re looking for a caffeine hit to get you through the day, name your vice. I usually go for a latte with a shot of hazelnut or caramel syrup, however recently I started drinking tea. English breakfast tea. I know, right? I hadn’t touched the stuff since a one-off occasion during my childhood and this is despite being brought up in a home where tea was and still remains a need. Actually what trigged off the taste for it was when I went to a local cafe for breakfast and the waitress accidentally bought

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AromaWorks: Serenity AromaBomb Duo

The woes of winter after the Christmas spell is nothing short of miserable. There is just something about this bleak time of the year that makes you feel blurrgh. To help get through the first two difficult months of the year (because we all perk up as soon as we get to March), AromaWorks’ latest offering, AromaBomb is a fine duo of bath bombs with therapeutic properties to coax you out of your cave. There are four different bath bomb treats to choose from based on four key scents – Nurture (pink), Inspire (green), Soulful (lilac) and Serenity (yellow), each

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