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Clocking off for Cali

I’m signing off for the next 2-3 weeks as I’m off to California TODAY (plus Nevada and Arizona) for a road trip with the wifey. LA, Vegas, San Diego, Yosemite, Death Valley, San Francisco, Grand Canyon and a helluva lot more other places. I can’t recall them all – Leanne’s in charge of the itinerary, the playlists and the navigation – I’m going to be behind the wheel. It’s going to be wild – come on, join us! Wooooo! Seriously, we will be on the road and if you fancy seeing what we get up to, you can do so on our

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Review: Urban Beauty United’s Doll Face Dozen Foundation Sponges

Urban Beauty United (UBU) is a new and affordable beauty and accessories brand on the scene. With bright and vibrant colours, their make-up tools are probably the most eye-catching of all with an array of sponges and brushes to choose from. The Face Dozen Foundation Sponges* comes in a pack of multi-coloured square sponges for applying and blending liquid foundation. Made from hydrophilic foam (and not latex), it’s supposed to be more durable than conventional cosmetic sponges, absorbing and locking in water in order to make application a breeze. As with any cosmetic sponge, you wet it first (it will expand) before use.

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Review: VEET Professional Warm Wax

The change in weather always gets everyone in a good mood. Then you realise it’s that time of the year where the legs are going to have to come out of winter hibernation from the 40 denier tights (or trousers, if you will) and get defuzzed. When I learned VEET (who, in my eyes, are the pioneers of DIY hair removal) had brought out their latest waxing arsenal – the stripless Professional Warm Wax – I got excited. When has VEET ever let me down? I knew this would be good. VEET’s Professional Warm Wax* is a pot of microwaveable wax that

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